What “Friends” Would Survive “The Walking Dead?”


We had so much fund deciding who from The Office would survive The Walking Dead that we decided to give it another go.

The beloved characters from our favorite 90’s show grew up in the same world we occupy. It was safe, a little spunky, and somewhat predictable. No one gave death a second thought, and certainly no one had to plan an evacuation route in case of some sort of apocalypse, namely a zombie apocalypse. But, in the case of Friends, how would the characters reacted to the threat of a zombie invasion such as in The Walking Dead? Read on to find out.

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ABC Thinks You’re Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!


It’s just been reported that Tim Allen’s highly successful sitcom Last Man Standing has been cancelled, allegedly due to ABC not supporting the show’s conservative spin.

It’s no secret that funnyman and actor Tim Allen is a die-hard conservative. But never has it been reported that he’s shoved his views down people’s throats. (And really, I can’t find a person who dislikes him even in this liberal wasteland.) But he’s smart: he uses his beliefs to fuel his comedy acts and his sitcoms.

And it works.

Whatever side of the political aisle you’re on, you can’t deny that he’s a really, really funny guy.

Tim Allen has been a celebrity favorite of mine since childhood. I grew up watching Home Improvement and plan on showing all the DVD’s to my kids. Allen’s movies, though not necessarily Oscar-worthy, are delightfully entertaining, and just all-around fun escapes.

The issue here isn’t so much about censuring conservatives so much as it is allowing diversification. Honestly, I choose conservatism, but I still watch stand-up comedians like Louis C.K. and support liberal actors and filmmakers, and authors even though I vehemently disagree with what they stand for. Why? Because they’re funny, they’re talented, they do their jobs well.

And that’s what Tim Allen was doing. His beloved sitcom, Last Man Standing had solid ratings across the board, but apparently ABC decided they didn’t want their audiences swayed into a conservative mindset. Yup, you heard me: ABC thinks you’re stupid! ABC thinks you’re stupid enough to change you’re entire outlook on life and political beliefs based on a sitcom.

Let’s take politics out of it for a second here. What’s wrong with other views? What’s wrong with mixing things up? That’s what makes me mad. Hollywood is only allowing one side of things, when conservatives can be just as hilarious and talented as liberals.

Folks, we ALL have something to bring to the table. But Hollywood and television execs are keeping people – talented people – away because they didn’t give money to the Gay Pride movement or because they own a gun.

We’re no longer the melting pot. We’re becoming more the liberal sludge. Just watered down, rehashed, one-sided censored people. (If it were the other way around, I’d say we’re getting bored and tired of conservative entertainment.)

Unfortunately I can’t boycott ABC because I never watched it (I watch LMS on Netflix), but man, I hope their ratings suffer and they get a very clear message from WE THE PEOPLE that censoring is not okay by us.

The cancellation came as a shock for many fans considering the show’s high ratings. Deadline reports the sitcom was the network’s second-highest comedy this season and averaged 8.1 million viewers, just behind “Modern Family,” which averaged 8.7 million viewers this season and was recently renewed for two more seasons. It was also ABC’s third highest watched scripted series behind “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Modern Family.”

Which Dunder Mifflin Employees Would Survive the Walking Dead?


Being a huge fan of The Office and The Walking Dead, I not only found this hilarious, but totally believable. This article spells out what would happen to our beloved Office characters if they found themselves in a Walking Dead scenario. Some would survive (like Dwight, obviously), and many would come to untimely deaths (Meredith’s is pretty disturbing, but  completely believable).

Anyway, check this out. It’ll get you through the second half of hump day with a smile.

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How I Met Your … Friends?


So I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother for the first time ever. I’m halfway through season 4, and I love the show. Where has it been all my life? Oh, just right there on my TV but I never bothered to give it a try until Netflix decided to be awesome.

I grew up on Friends, and other than The Fresh Prince, that was my go-to show. (I actually secretly call it The Ross and Chandler Show since I seriously cannot get enough of those two. I mean, Ross getting a spray-on tan – classic.)

maxresdefaultIn many ways the shows are identical. You’ve got the group of friends nearly divided equally between guys and girls. Two side characters get hitched. One of the guys is a playboy who can land any girl he wants (and does). And then you’ve got the main guy on each show (face it, everything revolves around Ross as much as it does Ted), who wants nothing more than to settle down, but just can’t seem to find the time or woman to do it with (which is ironic, because there’s really not many guys like that, so you’d think the girls would flock all over them). There’s Central Perk vs. MacLaren’s; New York/New York (see what I did there?); the guys can’t fight; it’s all about sex; always guaranteed a good time (see what I did there, too?).

The biggest difference I see in the two shows is that the storytelling strengths are there in How I Met Your Mother as the endless laugh-out-loud moments overflow from Friends.

So unless Mother tanks next season (which most shows do around season 5, except for Friends, which held a fairly level streak through all ten seasons), I’m going to be forced to decide which show is better.

That’s like having to choose vanilla or chocolate. Or an eggnog frappuccino or a gingerbread frappuccino (I don’t like hot drinks).

It’ll be like having to choose a favorite child.

So! I want to hear from you all. Am I in for a good time for the duration of Mother, or should I brace for a crash-landing like so many beloved sitcoms tend to succumb to?

It seems to me the writers must have had the ending in mind when they wrote the pilot. Something to do with a yellow umbrella? So do me a favor and let me know what I’m in for, whether that be in the form of hyping or warning.

What Makes “The Walking Dead” So Great?


I know I’m late in the game by about six years, but thanks to Netflix I just got hooked on The Walking Dead. I don’t know why I’ve put it off for so many years, to tell  the truth. I like zombies, I adore suspense… maybe because I have yet to watch a major drama series that’s held my attention for more than a few seasons… I still haven’t finished Lost.

But, crap, I’m a couple of episodes into season 2 of TWD, and I am severely impressed, and officially hooked. The tension is thick enough for me to have to swim if I need to get up for a potty break. The character development is spot on, the pacing is never too slow or too fast.

But what makes the show great isn’t the gore or the horrific monsters wandering the earth. In fact, that’s probably why I’ve put the show off for so long, because I’m easily turned off by gore and blood and guts. And this show has tons of it, mind you. But I realized that it’s never there just for show. It’s there to serve a purpose for the greater story, and it serves it well. The way a war movie has plenty of guts and intestines in order to highlight the gravity of the war’s hell.

But what makes TWD captivating and a well-baited fish hook, is the show’s vast dynamics of characters. Each person from a different walk of life, contributing to a different demographic, representing different beliefs about God and the world as they know it.

No one is completely good or completely bad.

They’re all human. And they’re all just trying to survive this plague.

Sarabeth and I were just discussing the other night, what’s more important in a story? The plot or the characters?

I believe it’s the plot that reels us in. It’s the characters that keep us there. So they are both equally important.

As with The Walking Dead, I want to see how these characters will cope with the travesties heaped on them and how their relationships with one another will either strengthen or break them apart.

Are there any other Walking fans? Am I in for a continual good time to the end? And as you watch or read your favorite stories, ask yourself, “What is keeping me hooked?” Is it the story or is the characters?

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Behind Curtain Number 2


I’m sitting in the waiting room of Toyota’s repair/service section and the flatscreen TV is showing “Let’s Make a Deal.” And I’ve got to tell you, that’s an addicting show! This is why I never turn the TV on during the day when I’m at home.

You all know how the show works. It didn’t take long for me to realize two patterns:

1) The chosen contestants are required to act as loud and obnoxious as possible, and

2) The audience will always suggest opening the Big Box.

Even if the contestant is holding a $4,700 check in his hand, and he’s faced with the decision to keep the money or see what’s in the Big Box, the audience will go nuts pestering him to look in the Box.

I think that’s because they have nothing on the line and really, they’re just curious.

We’re all curious, aren’t we? The good thing about the Bible is that it lays it all out on the line. There are few secrets in the Bible.

But Satan keeps most of the world’s pleasures in the Big Box. And when we choose to see what’s in the Big Box, we’re forfeiting the truth of the Bible every time.

Today, you will be faced with many temptations and decisions. You will be given the choice of following God’s Word, or experience the promised sensation of keeping money that doesn’t belong to you, feel the so-called power of dominating your wife or kids, lie to a friend, or cheat on a test.

You should see the looks on these people’s faces when they exchange a $1,000 check with what’s in the Big Box and it turns out to be a platter of cheese. Or a giant stuffed green dinosaur.

Sure, the Big Box holds some great things sometimes, like an all-expense paid trip to Canada, or an entertainment set, complete with surround sound. But honestly, when I’m already holding a $1,000 check, I can spend it on anything I want. I might not need an entertainment set, or I might rather go to Spain than Canada (not to be picky).

So when you’re confronted with making a worldly choice, and you’re equipped with the priceless Word of God, it always comes down to foolishness when we disarm ourselves and choose what’s in the Big Box, no matter how glamorous or pleasurable it may be.

What Will You Be Watching This Fall?


It’s that time of year where everyone’s favorite shows premier and new ones take off in hopes of flying. Sarabeth and I usually only follow a couple shows at a time, but lose interest most of the time (or it just gets too inappropriate and we have to make an executive decision to stop while we’re ahead). The only shows we’ve followed religiously are The Office (yes, even through the last two seasons – but the finale was way worth the trouble), and Downton Abbey. But we don’t get to see the new season till January. (Thanks, BBC.) 

But there is one other show that I think stands above the rest, and of which I’ve never felt such a strong connection to the characters. The great Ron Howard produces the spinoff to his 1989 film, Parenthood. NBC puts it out, and its fifth season starts in just one week from today (September 26th).

It’s a show that focusses on the family unit. Adam Braverman, the lead character, is a role model for many husbands and dads. Mind you, he has his many slip-ups, but his actions aren’t followed by a laugh-track or a blooper reel.

Like all of the characters, the consequences of his actions follow him many many episodes into the season. It is a realistic show in that nothing is easily solved, or brushed under the rug. The family must learn to deal with their problems, and in many episodes it gets very ugly and may even hit close to home for many viewers, thus a little difficult to watch, as it is most of the time for Sarabeth.

There is a family unit for everyone to relate to. You have the grandparents who are trying not to interfere with their grown-children’s lives, and dealing with years of marital problems of their own. There’s the faithful middle-class couple with three kids: a college-bound young lady, an autistic adolescent, and a newborn. There’s the couple who can’t have a kid of their own, so they are struggling through the trials of adoption. There’s the wayward daughter who feels like she can’t raise her kids without a man in her life. And there’s the wayward son who’s learning how to be a father to his little boy whose entire life he missed out on.

I can’t recommend this show highly enough, though I strongly recommend watching it when the kids are in bed due to some intense scenes, and some sensuality. It will remind you that you’re not alone in your struggles, but you also can’t ignore them, either. It’s the only show I’m really anticipating this fall, and well worth the time to invest in.

Have you seen Parenthood? Share your thoughts! Are you pumped for season five?