The Leia Theory!!!!

Fan theories are the rage lately, and while a lot of them hold up, most don’t. Well, I actually think this one has quite a bit of meat to it. I’m proud to call the mastermind behind this genius Star Wars theory my friend. 


Star Wars fans everywhere are speculating whether its latest episode, The Last Jedi, will live up to the shock-factor of its predecessor, The Empire Strikes Back.  This debate took the main stage when the Japanese Star Wars poster surfaced, claiming that episode VIII will reveal the most shocking truth ever in Star Wars history!  What truth will be revealed and how will its shock level surpass the I am your father moment that changed the history of film forever?  We have a theory that seems so plausible that it should require a spoiler alert.  Readers: consider yourselves warned!

To set up the theory, first ask yourselves Truly why did Luke seclude himself on the island planet?  Is it hard to believe that there is more than guilt over Kylo Ren going to the dark side, after Luke trained him in the Jedi ways?