A Blessing in Disguise?

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Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that DOMA is (Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional. As I followed my Twitter and Facebook feeds, the pro-gay activists couldn’t help but post their excitement and enthusiasm continuously throughout the day. The others, however, were silent.

More silent than I thought, in fact. Many posts were about people going on with their lives as though nothing has changed. And maybe, in a way, nothing has changed except that the Supreme Court acknowledged what most of the country has been yelling and shouting about for the last couple of months – or rather, the last several years.

Were Christians and Conservatives on my social media feeds just not surprised? Was yesterday’s decision just one more inevitable step toward an inevitable future? Or have they surrendered altogether?

Or, maybe they’re quiet because they don’t want to look like bigots, or become even more socially ostracized than they already are.

Personally, my stance on the whole subject tends to be: “We’ve accepted fornication and domestic partnership, so why not this?”

I’m not saying this is the right attitude and that we should throw in the towel on the subject. No, I’m saying we must dig our feet deeper into our faith because of the direction we’re going. I’m not going to influence the Supreme Court to change its mind. Dr. Albert Mohler isn’t going to convince the masses that their thinking and way of life is fanning the fires of Hell. John Piper isn’t going to convince the president that he is a wolf rallying and leading the lost to the slaughter. (He’s never made such a statement, so don’t quote him on that.)

In fact, here’s the hard truth we all must face: There is no moral argument that we can make against homosexuality outside the Gospel of Christ.

I confess, the question I ask myself repeatedly is this: “How can we effectively argue our case against homosexuality without bringing up Jesus?”

It doesn’t take much explaining to show someone that stealing is wrong. Why? Because it hurts others.

People generally understand that adultery is wrong. Why? Because it hurts others.

Murder? Yeah, that’s pretty bad. It hurts others.

Abortion, even, can be argued without stepping into religious realms.

Homosexuality, on the surface, doesn’t hurt anybody. It’s seen as progressive, and brings happiness and inspires parades.

Just like you can’t convince a non-Christian to stop cursing because it’s wrong, we can’t convince people that homosexuality is wrong. They’ll want to know by who’s standards.

We can’t effectively have a discussion about homosexuality without addressing who’s standards we’re living by. 

I do not agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday, but I do believe it could be a blessing in disguise. Feigning a neutral stance on the topic is less an option today than it was Tuesday night. We can no longer hide behind the safety and conventionality of an anti-gay culture. 

Here’s the blessing: When it comes up – and I assure you, it will – that you do not support gay marriage or transgender lifestyles, you can give absolutely no other reason than “because God is against it.”

You receive either a cold shoulder, a punch in the face, or an invitation to share the Gospel.

And actually, according to God, any of those is good, simply because you stood firm.