Why the Unicorn Frappuccino is Voldemort’s Doing


So I tried the unicorn frappuccino drink from Starbucks today. Below is the link that’ll show you the video review with my daughter laughing at me in the background.

What’s not in the video is that by the time I got to the bottom, it tasted like curdled milk. Seriously. Which makes me think that Lord Voldemort is behind this little craze. The baristas will tell you that the top is sprinkled with unicorn dust, whatever that is.

But in order to get unicorn dust, you must capture a unicorn. And to capture a unicorn, you’ll inevitably draw blood. (The credit for this idea goes to my wife, by the way.) So according to Harry Potter lore, something pure and defenseless has been slain to make your unicorn frappuccino.

Which also means that you will have a half-life, or a cursed life, from the moment that blood touches your lips.

What’s not in the video below is this horrible realization. What IS in the video is the beginning of my cursed life. And shockingly, my daughter knew enough not to drink any even when I offered it to her. She’s too innocent, too pure. She chose wisely.



Making a Bad Day Good


Sarabeth and I started this new tradition. I wish we had thought of it years ago.

Like most everyone else in the world, Mondays are a huge upset to the Toy family. Mondays are like a knife that punctures the weekend and severs us from the sweet time we’ve been able to spend together the previous two days.

And it’s off to work we go.

Coming home from our vacation several weeks back, we were dreading the first Monday that would kick off the work week we had planned so long to escape from. Something needed to happen here.

I couldn’t just sit by and let the laws of time govern and dictate our attitudes and rob us of our happiness. Time had already spent the last nine days conspiring against us to dump us back into the mundane routine of life.

So I said to Sarabeth, “We need a pick-me-up. Let’s go to Starbucks.”

It’s not our custom to go out together in the mornings, but we did it, and it was so much fun! We were the only two people with smiles on our faces that Monday morning – she with her tall coffee with cream and sugar, me with my double-chocolatey chip frappucino, and a cheddar, egg, sausage sandwich split between us.

And I said to her, “Let’s make this a tradition. Every Monday we’ll start the week off together going to Starbucks.”

And since then, Monday’s haven’t been so terrible.

Let’s hear your thoughts, readers. What’s the worst day of the week for you? What are you going to do to make it a day you can actually look forward to? Share your ideas and encourage others to turn their worst day into their best day.