Is the Foster Care System Perfect?


Sarabeth and I were extremely lucky with our daughter when she was our foster daughter. (The picture is her at the zoo a few months ago.) Other than the tedious waiting, everything went smoothly from the day we brought her home from the hospital to the day we brought her to the courthouse to sign the official adoption papers, one of the happiest days of my life (even happier than the day Pixar Animation Studios wrote me a personal email).

Stupidly (and luckily for us), no friends or relatives sought her out. She had no visitations whatsoever.

But what about the people who have their foster kids taken away from them because the states deem it best to return them to their parents who had their kids taken away from them in the first place? (Whether it be for abuse, financial loss, drugs, etc.)

One thing that floors me is the states’ insistence on reunifying these broken children and babies with their (often) undeserving parents.

The state values reunification over anything else, and, often above the child’s own safety and wellbeing.

Think about it. Foster parents go through rigorous background checks, take many hours of classes and training programs, they’ve proven that they’re financially and mentally stable, yet the state insists, “We will do EVERYTHING in our power to reunify the kids with their parents if they show even just a sliver of change in their habits and behavior.”

Thus violating their own motto (at least this is our state’s): “Moves hurt kids.”

I’m not complaining about the system. Right now, I’m just questioning it. I’m questioning if the whole foster care system is even operating as smoothly as it could be. Are America’s foster children being given the fairness and safety they deserve?

Are foster parents treated fairly when they form a bond and connection with the kids given to their care, provide a safe and loving roof over their head, and then the state rips them apart at a moment’s notice?

Are social workers being treated fair? Overworked, underpaid, overwhelmed.

If you’re a foster parent or know of any, what are your thoughts about the system? Where would you like to see improvement? Or is it as good as it could be? Share your thoughts below.

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Review A YA Novel: “These Great Affects”


“You know when you’re fifteen, you’re at that awkward stage where your parents still think you’re a kid and it seems like they’re prohibiting you from crossing over into adulthood? That was a terrible age. And it was an even worse age for me than others because that was the year I killed my first love. Only, we didn’t fall in love until after that happened.”

Meet Adelle Hitchens, the center of my upcoming young adult book, These Great Affects. She’s an unambitious writer who is a “hardcore introvert” who watches The Walking Dead behind her parents’ backs. Like most adolescents, she thinks love isn’t for her.

Enter Trill Vikus. Self-obsorbed, handsome, unpredictable, and a terrible driver. He’s obsessed with the band Fun. and is convinced that if he ever met Elle Fanning he would propose to her on the spot.

Most love stories are about two people who are completely different from one another. How different can you get than one being alive and the other being…well, not?

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These Great Affects


Do you like The Fault in Our Stars by John Green? I do. If you didn’t like it or don’t care to read it, this post isn’t for you.

Chances are, when you finished that book, you closed it and cried for an hour. Or your thoughts were, I … can’t … breathe … You may have tweeted something like, “If you text me I can’t talk. I’m too busy de-reddening my eyes.”

Want to know what I thought?

I thought: I’m going to do one better. 

So I began drafting a story idea for a teen book that I hope will be the next Fault in Our Stars.

I’ve got a ways to go, but I think you’re going to eat it up.

I want some help from my readers! I want to know if I’m going down the right road. I’m not ready to reveal all of it except that it’s about a girl who falls in love with a boy. But he’s dead, so…

Open up those floodgates and season John Green’s heart – he’s about to eat it.

Don’t get me wrong! I loved The Fault in Our Stars; John Green totally rocked it. But that’s what’s great about books – great stories begets great stories.

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And let’s face it. I like the attention; it puts me at my writing best, thus you end up with the best book I can possibly write for my readers.


The Best Remedy For Stress In a Marriage


With Sarabeth being a stay-at-home mom with two incommunicative toddlers and two dogs, and me working on several books and trying to survive a job that isn’t considered my favorite place to work, it was time for a vacation.

The heat was getting high in our house (and not in a good way). I made it a habit to come home and vent about my work or throw open my laptop when my kids needed to see me (or Sarabeth needed help). If our house were Disneyland, we had the Fast Pass to a broken ride.

It was like those scenes in those old movies where the protagonist’s life is spiraling out of control and you see all those heads circling his distraught face and they’re all slandering him and calling him names.

That’s what I felt like.

So it was time for a vacation.

We visited Grandma and Grandpa (the kids’, not ours) in South Florida and one night, they told us they were keeping the kids and insisted we go to a movie.

Best. Night. Ever.

No screaming kids. No worrying about someone wandering off. No having to split our food four ways. No cleaning up a huge mess and singing Baby Beluga just for a potentially brief moment of silence.

It had been two years since we had gone on a date.

And I realized that’s really bad.

Like, really, really bad.

People, we all know you love your kids, but you’re not being Super Parents by not taking a break.

Work a little overtime to scrap up some cash for a sitter and a nice dinner. Especially for couples whose wife works at home all day with the kids.

Seriously men, date your wife! Best advise I’ve been ignoring. My plan is for our date the other night to be the first of many. I can honestly say, after being with Sarabeth my wife, as opposed to Sarabeth our kids’ mom, for a few hours, reminds me who I married and why.

Take her out, and if you do it soon, I recommend seeing The Martian. That movie will show you we can survive anything – even parenthood.

Adoption Update


Good news. Extraordinary news.

Incredible, exciting, jubilant, fantastic, exquisite news!

We had out first adoption social worker visit last week. Not a foster care social worker, but an ADOPTION worker. We have now officially begun the process of adopting Baby A.!! (The real name of which we’ll reveal at the time of adoption.)

At seventeen and a half months, Baby A. is doing wonderful. She is growing fast and learning even faster. She laughs a lot and sleeps through the night (mostly), and really loves to be tickled. She just recently overcame her fear of the bucket swing at the local park, loves to slide down the biggest and fastest slides, and is always anxious to go outside for a walk or splash around in the bathtub.

She’s also learning to be a really good big sister to Baby B. – whose case is being audited so we can get him into the adoption process quicker.

So when will we get to sign the official adoption papers? The worker said it could take up to ninety days for everything to be finalized, so we’re hoping sometime in September.

That feels like waiting for Christmas 2019. But in the meantime, we’re anxious to have her belong to us officially. Sarabeth and I cannot possibly be any happier to have her in our lives and in our home, as we couldn’t possibly imagine a better daughter.

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Enjoy This Mother’s Day Treat

Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy a hilarious Youtube video by my favorite video guys.

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