The Value of Building Memories


I don’t know about you, but when the daily routine gets to be too routine, I grow quite tired of it. In order for me not to grow cantankerous, I need to do things a little out of the ordinary. Fun things. Like take my family to the fair.

We went to the Kentucky State Fair last week. There, I watched my daughter’s eyes light up when she saw the goats and pigs and cows. She loved petting the lambs and just running around the farm animals in general.

Even our son, strapped in his stroller, was interested in his surroundings and took an interest in the dog shows and the flying motorcycles.

The food was way overpriced and tasted like crap, but it broke up the daily grind. It afforded the family quality time together outside of the house.

Something I’m learning is to always go out and do things with the family as much as you can. That way, when we look back on it all, we’ll know we really experienced life together with every opportunity offered.

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My Daughter’s Life Will Change In Just Two Days


…As will mine.

It’s hard to believe we’ve had Baby A. for a year and a half! Since she arrived in our home from the hospital, the house has been louder, more joyful, filled with laughs, and it’s been much, much messier!

Sure, there’s been some bad days where my temper has gotten the better of me, or my patience ran out.

But I wouldn’t give up a single minute with my foster daughter.

And in just two days, she will be, officially and forever known as our daughter.

Sarabeth and I can’t possibly be more happy and proud of our little girl. Every day she surprises us with something new that’s she’s learned and cracks us up over something she does.

Our daughter has become the greatest little person I have even known.

July 22, her adoption day, cannot possibly come fast enough.

Now I need to stop writing about it because otherwise I can’t stop crying!

No, life isn’t perfect. There are many things we’d like to change, many more miles to cross to reach certain goals, and many struggles yet to overcome, but when it comes to our daughter, nothing can possibly give us more joy and satisfaction.

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Aim For Your Dream – As Slow as You Can


So you’re writing your breakthrough book. Or you’re planning your startup business. Or you’re putting projects together to impress your boss.

If you’re like me, you tend to focus more on meeting deadlines than delivering top-notch products.

Not that you and I don’t care about the quality of our work. We just sort of figure the A+ quality will fall into place as long as we meet that deadline.

I’m working on a couple of books right now, but one being of upmost importance. The person I’m working on it with agreed that we should have it ready for the public late this year. But the more we discussed it, the more we realized that there’s no reason to set a deadline for this book, especially if we want it to reach the top of every bestseller book list, which is our intent.

The book had been quite a few bumps and since I was released from the time pressure, and forced myself to really take my time, it’s beginning to shape into a much better book.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen Inside Out. You know why that film is so effective and basically perfect on so many levels? The filmmakers took their time with it. Where typically an animated feature can take four years, Inside Out took five years to make.

And guess what?

Even four years into production, they had to keep going back to the drawing board.

If you’re not constantly having to start over with your book or your project, then I submit that it’s not yet good enough.

Start over, as I’ve had to. And seriously take your time. Otherwise, as my wife says, you’re wasting your time publishing a book tomorrow that could have been so much better a year from now.

Break Well


On my breaks at work, I work.

I have my laptop with me, I go out to my car, and I write.

It’s nothing work-related – my job is not important enough for that. But my writing is important. It’s important to me that I write well enough to get a ticket out of this day job. So I don’t waste a second writing as much as I can during the small amount of time that’s given to me.

My colleagues however, go out to their cars and sleep. Or smoke. Or text.

And if they’re not in their cars, they’re in the break room watching The Steve Harvey Show or The Price is Right. And then they go back to their desk and complain about how much they hate their job.

So, I ask you, if you hate your day job – if you haven’t reached your dream job yet – how are you spending your breaks at work this week?

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In Remembrance of the Many


At this time of year, when Americans kick off their summers with holiday vacations and barbecues, it is good to pause and remember our countrymen (and women) who have answered the call to serve, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifices.

Please feel free to list the names of those you know who served our country so that we may know their names.

Conflict                                                U.S. Military Deaths

Revolutionary War (1775-1783)            25,000

War of 1812 (1812-1815)                       20,000

Mexican War (1846-1848)                      13,300

Civil War (1861-1865)

Union                                                        360,000

Confederate                                              260,000

Spanish-American War (1898)                   2,500

World War I (1917-1918)                            116,500

World War II (1941-1945)                           405,400

Korean War (1964-1973)                            36,600

Vietnam War (1964-1973)                           58,200

Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)                    380

Afghanistan (2001-present)                        500+

Iraq War (2003-2011)                                  4,700

A Beautiful Mind and Death


My last post was about ignorance being bliss and I cited A Beautiful Mind as an example of this. The next day, yesterday, it had been reported that the subjects of the film John Nash and his wife Alicia were killed in a taxi cab accident.

It’s so sad when we lose such good and admirable people such as the Nash’s. As a small tribute I am pasting my thoughts on A Beautiful Mind below, hoping it spurs on a new generation of viewers and prompts old friends to re-watch this beautiful love story.

As tragic as their deaths is, it’s still beautiful to see that they died together.

Posted on February, 2014


A Beautiful Mind

To some, this may just be a movie about a brilliant man with a psychological disorder. To others, it’s a really fascinating biography. Either way, it’s a movie not to be missed by anyone for any reason. But when I watch this movie, I see a love story at its finest. Watch it from the wife’s point of view. By the world’s standards, she had every reason to leave him, and few would have blamed her. But for a woman to choose to stay married to a man as impulsive and potentially dangerous as John Nash, simply out of love – that speaks volumes to me that Ron Howard and the makers of this film, not to mention the real life couple this movie portrays, really understand what true love can be.

How Ignorance Can Be Your Best Tool


When I was young I used to think I would make it big in this would and it would be a piece of cake. I used to think that if you wanted something done, you just called someone up or wrote a letter, snapped your fingers, and you got what you wanted.

And then I grew up.

And every. Single. Thing. Is. Difficult.

Raising kids is difficult. Marriage is difficult. Work is difficult. Solving the world’s problems is difficult. Every single thing is difficult.

True as that may be, I think it’s time to go back to the mindset of an ignorant child. Because at least then, everything was possible. Nothing was impossible. And few things were difficult.

In one of my favorite movies, A Beautiful Mind, John Nash is plagued with Schizophrenia and he sees people that others don’t see – they’re imaginary. By the film’s end he isn’t cured of his disease, but he functions like the rest of us because, even though his imaginary people keep showing up and talking to him, he chooses to ignore them.

I like to think that the doubts instilled in us as we grow older are like those imaginary people. We can choose to ignore them – they’ll still be there, but we choose to press on with our goals, our tasks, our dreams.

Your doubts will never leave you, but you don’t have to pay them any attention. You owe them nothing.

And who knows. Maybe ignorance can be bliss.

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