What if The Happening Isn’t What You Think?

No matter how you look at it, M. Night’s The Happening is cheeseball at best. For ten years, there’s been nothing but hatred circulating around the movie. But what if… WHAT IF… the deaths in the movie aren’t as random as it seems.

What if there’s more of a method to this madness than anyone has let on, or figured out?

Check out my theory about The Happening that I have yet to find anyone else figure out:

Click here to listen to the podcast episode, or just type in “Should You Watch It” wherever you listen to your podcasts and check out episode 8: “The Happening is Actually a Love Story.”

The happening

Release Dates and Cover Reveals Soon!


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We’ve been busy at Endever Publishing Studios, and I’m proud to announce that we have not one, but two books that will be released before Halloween. We’re working out the release date details, and the covers for these two books are coming along swimmingly!

The first book is written by yours truly. It’s a young adult novel about a girl who falls in love with a boy…after he dies. These Great Affects is a heartbreaking story about love cut short and how one brave adolescent overcomes her pain.

The next book is written by Coral Rivera. Her debut novel, A Deathly Compromise, is about a sassy, music-loving Angel of Death who frequents a hospital in Oregon, just waiting to guide the next victims into the after life…

I can’t give the release dates yet, but I can assure you these two books will be out just in time for Halloween.

Can’t wait to share more with you as we have lots of fun promo opportunities planned leading up to the releases! I’d also suggest following Endever on Twitter to be kept most up-to-date! (@EndeverPubStuds)

Which book are you looking forward to the most? #TheseGreatAffects or #ADeathlyCompromise ?


My Weirdest Scary Movie Moments

Most of us like to watch movies that thrill us, and sometimes even scare us. But sometimes we get scared of the weirdest movies for the weirdest reasons. Here’s a few of mine. (Mind you, most of these were from when I was a little kid.)


War of the Worlds – I saw this in theaters when I was living in San Diego. On my way home, my mind was on spaceships and aliens. And when your mind is on spaceships and aliens, it’s a little disconcerting to be driving home at night and suddenly you see flashes of blue and green and red erupt behind some tree lines and buildings in your rearview mirror. Apparently the firework committee at Sea World weren’t alerted that I’d be mistaking their fireworks as an alien invasion.


It – I think everyone, willingly or not, has had an encounter with this movie. Our pastor’s sons were babysitting my sister and me when I was about six and she was eleven. It was late and they sent us off to bed before their movie came on TV. Unable to sleep, my sister and I snuck out into the living room and crouched down behind their couch to see what they were watching. Surely our pastor’s boys weren’t watching anything bad – right? Oh, it’s a movie about a boy chasing a paper boat down the street. Oh, goodie, there’s a clown in it, how fun! Oh, crap, that clown is about to eat the boy! I think my sister and me screaming our heads off right in their ears taught the pastor’s boys a lesson to never send kids to bed without telling them what movie they’re about to watch.


Jurassic Park – I remember going to see this movie at least three times while it was in theaters. And when I got home at night, I lied awake in bed, not terrified of the raptors or a T-rex crashing through my roof. But of all things, I was desperately afraid of waking up to find a sick triceratops – plant-eater, mind you – in my room. I guess I just didn’t know what I would do with a sick dinosaur had one just magically appeared in my room. Flinstones vitamins?


Sixth Sense – Please tell me I’m not the only one who took days before being able to stand next to my bed without thinking a dead girl was going to reach out and grab my foot.


Volcano – The night I saw this movie was the longest night of my life. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a volcano that erupts underneath Los Angeles, where I was living at the time. Ate dinner, said good-night to my family and headed to bed. And I watched the crack underneath the door the entire night, hoping, praying, that lava wouldn’t start seeping into my room to burn me up. Never mind the fact that there would have been sirens and evacuations long before the lava reached my house. Didn’t sleep a wink all night, and I sweated enough to drench all my sheets. Wait – was that just sweat?


Raiders of the Lost Ark – Couldn’t get out of bed to go to the bathroom all night because I was afraid I’d step on snakes. Still can’t watch that scene to this day.


The Never Ending Story – Haven’t seen this movie since that night long ago and a wolf or something jumped right out at me. Still haven’t managed to get back to finishing it. Guess it really is a never ending story. For me, anyway.


The Ring – Just kidding. I didn’t find this one scary at all, which is weird, right? It just bored me senseless. I can think of a much better movie about a ring… three of them, actually.


Elf – Okay, the movie itself didn’t scare me, but I laughed so hard at one point that I sprayed blueberry Icee onto the guy’s head in front of me. I was scared that he was going to stand up and clobber me.

Are there some movies that took you by surprise? Share your stories below!

How We Celebrate Halloween

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Family Friendly “Halloween” Movies

We don’t celebrate Halloween in the traditional sense in our home. But I still like the flavor of the season, without celebrating death and all its accompaniments. (I’ll post soon how we celebrate October 31st.) I don’t think it’s wrong to seek out thrills for entertainment. After all, isn’t that what we see most movies for? So I’ve put together “safe” movies for families with older kids to enjoy this time of year. I’m sure you’ve seen many of them, if not all. So take a walk down memory lane and let the haunts of movies past delight you…


This is a classic that I think every kid should still see. Some Christians might have a fit with me recommending this sci-fi fantasy because we shouldn’t promote the possibility of an alien life-force floating around out there in our universe somewhere. Well, a lot of kids have seen The Lion King, and I’ve never heard of an incident where a child tried to jump out of a safari ride to talk with a lion. With the exception of the foul playground language, E.T. is perfectly acceptable for kids who don’t scare easily, and it’s great imagination booster. I drew off of this movie all the time as a kid when developing stories and creating imaginary characters. Plus, I hear it’s coming out on Blu-Ray soon… Brief, strong language, scary moments.

Snow White

You might be asking how Snow White made it to the list of Halloween movies. If you watch it, even today as an adult, you’ll see that it’s a pretty freaky movie, even for being the first animated film ever made. It’s seamless in its storytelling, and perfectly pure in its artistic form, and it contains probably some of the greatest Disney music ever. The whole queen transforming into the witch scene… you’ll feel like it’s Halloween, alright. I watch this every year around the end of October. A great benefit to it is that you can talk to your kids about the beauty of redemption and the great resurrection of souls when God destroys all the evil in this world forever. Scary moments.


Bewitched (2005) 

Yes, this movie makes light of witchcraft. And so does Harry Potter, and – dare I say it? – Narnia. Making light isn’t just making fun, it’s downplaying. Even our best efforts of demonizing witchcraft fall short of capturing its vile existence. This movie is actually pretty clean, considering it’s Will Ferrell. Good time for laughs, but a good opportunity to talk with your kids afterwards about how Hollywood distorts the truth in exchange for entertainment. This one’s PG-13. Check out Pluggedin.com to determine if this movie is safe for your family. 





M. Night Shyamalan. You either love him (because of Sixth Sense) or you hate him (post-Sixth Sense). Or you’ve heard of him, but don’t exactly know why. Shyamalan is mostly known for doing “safe” horror movies. In other words, people like me who don’t tolerate useless blood-and-guts and slasher/killer movies, can appreciate this writer/director’s movies because he tampers more with suspense and fantasy. No sex, very minimal blood, and, especially in Signs, he tends to handle topics of faith and hope quite well. The lead character in this one (Mel Gibson), is an ex-priest who has given up on God. Even in fantasy movies, “God” works in mysterious ways to draw His children back to Him. Good form. PG-13 for frightening moments, mild language, and intensity. 

There are some others we watch for Halloween, but now it’s your turn. What are some clean movies you and your family watch this time of year? We’d love to hear your thoughts.