How to Make an Instructional Video

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There are loads of instructional videos out there, but someone had to teach everyone how to make them, right??

Join Keith Farthington as he invites you along for a tutorial that just might open your eyes to a whole new way of doing things.

Click here for a fun time!

Keith Farthington’s Epic Movie Collection Part 1

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We all take pride in our hobbies and collections. Keith Farthington is no different. Take a look at this guy’s DVD collection. I think it’s an understatement to say that he’s very proud of his his hobby.

Click here for the video and transcript. 

And for a bonus, be sure to check out Rory’s Survival Tips. Y’all never know where there’ll be a zombie apocalypse. These tips just might save your butt!

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I Got a Letter Today…

I love that Brad Paisley song, “Letter to Me,” where he writes a letter and sends it back in time to his younger self.

I wanted to write one of my own for a blog post, but Sarabeth warned me that that’s been done a lot before.

Turns out she’s right. I try not to be an impersonator.

So I’m going to switch it up a bit. For today’s post, I will still be writing a letter to myself, and I will be going back in time … to retrieve a letter … from myself.

285_517047296480_5200_nHey Andrew, it’s Andy. It’s 2001, and I’m seventeen years old. The best age, really. I’m still young enough to be a kid and get into trouble, but not old enough to suffer real consequences for it. Not that I get into too much trouble outside of smearing Vaseline on people’s windshields, throwing poppers at pedestrians out the car, and letting mice loose in a crowded mall… You’re not still doing stuff like that, are you? If you are, just make sure you get it all on camera.

Hey, you’re married by now, right? If not, that’s okay. Just have as much fun while you can. And if you are married, don’t stop having fun because of it … just learn to have fun together

Do you have kids yet? If not, I hope you get a few dogs. And honestly, you really should start acting like a father before you become one. Load up on those pearls of wisdom and find your security in God. Your kids are going to need that from you.

Sorry for all the bad habits I’ve picked up. You have a lot to overcome because of my bad choices. Sorry. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get there.

Yesterday I determined that I wouldn’t be just another face in the crowd, that I would be somebody who does something great – do you remember that? Have you decided what greatness is yet? You’re not just another face in the crowd, are you? ARE YOU?

You still keep in contact with Kyle, right? Just remeber, he’s the one guy that’s ALWAYS got your back. No matter what. You probably still have a tendency to be antisocial, so just be sure to call him every now and then. Who knows? You and your wife might need him to babysit. 285_517047306460_6329_n

I hope you look at pictures of me and laugh at how funny looking I am. I think I’m hot stuff now, but I hope this isn’t my peak. Don’t you see how good Mel Gibson looks? And he’s like fifty! I hope you’re well on your way to looking like him. 

You know all those dreams I have about being a great movie maker, and being the next Steven Spielberg? I hope you gave that up to achieve more attainable goals. Obviously don’t pass up the opportunity if it comes your way, but don’t give up everything for the small chance of it happening. Besides, I’m sure by the time you read this, Steven Spielberg will still be the “next” Steven Spielberg. 

I hope you’re taking good care of yourself. At this point in life, I think I’m invinsible. I’d like that feeling to last. 

I hope you’re better at questioning things and standing up for yourself than I am. 

Keep laughing. Keep smiling. Tell stories. Sorry, that was cheesy. I tend to be a little cliche. Hope that’s worn off by now.

Oh, and I hope you don’t still draw eyeballs on your eyelids. I think it freaks people out.

71_505251001350_4010_nDon’t grow up to be a grouch. I know I have the tendency to pout when I don’t get my way. Just roll with the punches, and stop tuning out so much. Be engaged, even if you’re not interested in what’s going on. 

This is hard for me to say. I don’t believe it quite yet, but deep down I know it’s true: The world doesn’t revolve around me. Weird, huh? I bet it’s still true for you.

Go to baseball games. 

I hear people around your age get real worried about money. I’ll do my best to start saving now, to help you out. But seriously, don’t be afraid to spend a little, especially on your wife, if you have one. (For some reasons, lots of people think it’ll be a while before I get married.) 

Is that Pixar movie studio still around, or is it just called Disney now? The one with the monsters hiding in the closet looks pretty good. I’ll have to check it out this fall. Wonder if there’ll be a sequel in a couple of years.

Keep writing. I’m sure something will come of it. 

Encourage others. 

Well, Fresh Prince is about to start. Smell ya later

Customer Etiquette: 10 Tips on How to be a Good Customer

I  couldn’t resist sharing this. I wrote this a couple of years back when I worked in retail. Have fun, laugh at yourself, and share with your shopping-crazy friends and family members. Remember, retail workers are people too!

Customer Etiquette: 10 Tips on How to be a Good Customer

As you gear up for your holiday shopping spree, keep in mind that as soon as you step foot inside a store you cease to be an average law-abiding citizen and you instantly become a dreaded customer who is the cause of raised blood pressures amongst retail workers everywhere.

But you don’t have to be a loathsome customer. You can make the decision right now to be a customer who takes retail workers by surprise and actually walks in and out of the store with little or no lasting consequence to anyone. Below are ten tips to help you be that most coveted, invisible customer. Remember, it’s not because retail workers don’t like you as a person, they just don’t want to deal with you as a customer!

1. If someone is wearing a nametag, don’t ask if they work there.

Seriously. It just makes you look ignorant. When in question, don’t ask. Find someone else who works there.

2. Look for your product, not for a worker.

I understand you might be in a hurry, but you’d be surprised how easy things are to find in many stores.  In fact, positions are held at corporate levels specifically designed to determine in-store placement of every product to help make your shopping experience as quick and easy as possible.

3. If you have to ask, at least know what you’re asking for.

Retail workers don’t want to shop with you and you shouldn’t expect them to. Don’t ask their opinion on what toy Johnny would like best. They’ve never seen Johnny, and they don’t care what you get him as long as you buy something. If you’re looking for a book, know the title and – equally important – the author. If you simply give the description of the cover, then know that when you’re laughing with somebody at your Christmas party, someone’s laughing at you at theirs.

Helpful hint: If you can’t read your child’s wish list, don’t expect anyone else to be able to. Confirm items in question with your child or just get them a spelling workbook for their stocking.

4. Don’t interrupt someone’s work to ask a question.

If a worker’s arms are full while balancing on the top step of a ladder, be considerate; don’t bother them with your question. Instead, if you find yourself approaching that dutiful worker, stop and ask yourself three things: 1) Will I look like a jerk for interrupting this person’s work? 2) Is there anyone else I can ask? 3) Have I exercised tip 3 on this list?

5. Be patient. Retail workers understand you have to shop. Please understand that they have to help everybody.

Yes, yes, I know you’re a customer, but still, the world does not revolve around you. No one wants to see your impression of Scrooge. If you’re going to be pushy, impatient, or irreverent, then stay home and don’t come out until you can at least pretend to be a grown up.

Helpful hint: If you’re showing signs of aggression or odious behavior, a cunning retail worker will recognize this and deliberately take their time with the customer ahead of you. Yes, just to tick you off even more.

6. Just because someone is wearing a nametag does not give you permission to call them by their name.

Retail workers do not choose to have their name display on their shirt; it’s company policy. Do not, I repeat, do not repeatedly use their name in a conversation or to get their attention lest they think you’re going to stalk them on facebook. Despite what you’ve heard from so-called experts, it’s really the creepiest thing in the world and you will be resented for it. Only if the worker offers you their name are you permitted to address them by such.

7. Open your eyes. Read the signs. Follow the directions.

If you’re standing in the checkout line waiting to ask the cashier a customer service question, you are sorely misusing your time. But do the world of retail (and the customers behind you) a favor while you’re standing there. Look at all the large-print signs they put up just for you and consider for the next few minutes whether you should really yield to their directions. When the cashier doesn’t leave her register unattended to lead you to where you want to go, don’t throw a fit. Instead, reflect on the valuable lesson you learned about time management.

8. Cell phone usage… where do I start?

Other than advising customers to use their inside voice (no one wants to hear about your digestive disorders or how your boyfriend hates your cats), I’m just going to address one overlooked issue out of the plethora of misuses with this devise. You might be able to afford that fancy phone you’re showing off, but that retail worker you’re refusing to hang the phone up for is likely struggling through college or has been affected by the weak economy (hence, they’re working in retail). You don’t need to show your fancy gadgets off to them. Hang up the phone and speak to them as an equal human being.

Helpful Hint: Bluetooths make you look like you’re talking to yourself. Sensible people will mock you.

9. Put things back where you found them!

Retail workers are not maids. They have enough to do without cleaning up your messes (really, they do). Throw your trash away. If you can’t remember where you found an item, return to the general area, stare at the shelf and match the picture of the item in your hand with the item on the shelf. Don’t place it next to, or on top of it. Instead, place the product directly in front of the matching item. If you don’t know how to match pictures and put things back where you found them, then find a time machine, go back in time and repeat kindergarten.

10. If someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, don’t take them to court.

No one celebrates every holiday observed in December, so “happy holidays” is not an applicable greeting for anyone (plus, it just sounds like some sappy after-school special). If someone wishes you a happy Hanukkah and you don’t observe Hanukkah, don’t take offense – just feel free to wish them merriment and joy in the name of the particular festivity you represent.

Merry Christmas!

For gift recommendations for the bookworms in your life, click here.

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I thought it would be a fun Friday treat to give you guys a look into our home life. In this post you’ll find a link to the blog Sarabeth maintains about the three dogs we have living with us in our  loft. The purpose for her blog is so that her sister and brother-in-law can check in on their babies every now and then.

Last summer they moved across the Atlantic ocean to carry out missions work for our Lord. (For a little more on missions, read here.) They own two dachshunds, Roxy and Sydney, but they couldn’t take them along because they heard that the people group was hostile against dogs. So they left them in our care. Our dog Pixie was glad to have new roommates to play with (especially Sydney), and so this has been our life for the last ten months.

Enjoy. And please tell my wife what a wonderful blog she has: The Dachshunds

(Also, please don’t judge us for the poor quality photos. We’re trying to save up for a better camera to post better pictures for you all.)

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