Book Announcement: “Profit Over Patients” is a Story That Will Change Your Life

Until now, I have never disclosed to the public something very personal. When I was just a few weeks old, I underwent open-heart surgery. This was back when the procedure was still fairly new, but apparently it worked, because I’m still here! While most people never get to ride in a helicopter, I got to when I was just an infant, from a community hospital to UCLA.

One of the nurses who rode with me in the hospital and cared for me at UCLA was named Carole. While I was in the ICU before my surgery, a love story was developing right on the other side of the wall, just around the corner in the labor and delivery room.

There, Carole met a young intern who was delivering a baby, and a domino effect of larger-than-life nordellaevents began. Carole and the intern got married, and in a few years, that intern became our family’s primary care practitioner. That doctor’s name was Dr. Jeffrey Nordella.

When I was in college, Carole Nordella suffered one of the most  tragic deaths anyone in our community (and many in the nation) had ever heard of, and two of their three kids were severely wounded on that sickening day. The tragedy that exploded on the family was so traumatic that psychologists deemed that the surviving family members, including Dr. Nordella, were in uncharted waters, psychologically speaking. But that wasn’t the end of it for Dr. Nordella.

If being a widower and having to care for the physical and mental well-being of his kids wasn’t enough, Dr. Nordella’s medical career was in dire jeopardy. A multibillion-dollar insurance company had unlawfully terminated his contract, which could have easily put him out of business—permanently. And in the middle of this fight for survival were the patients, as the insurance company was the pawns the insurance company was putting their health and sometimes their very lives on the line by denying their claims as “not medically necessary.”

I am grateful to have co-authored Profit Over Patients, and am certain it will change many lives and inspire every person to keep fighting the good fight, whatever your battle may be! So mark your calendars – the David-and-Goliath book about Dr. Nordella’s fight for patients and his family is due to come out early spring of 2016!

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Big Announcement This Thursday!


Be sure to check in this Thursday, October 15th for the biggest announcement of my writing career thus far! You’ll also understand why I haven’t been posting much on here. Anyone care to venture a guess?

When You Don’t Feel Like Writing


I apologize for not posting anything for a while. I’m currently working on one of the most difficult projects of my writing career. Keep checking back in the next several days and you’ll be hearing all about it. I can almost guarantee it will affect you directly.

But even for those of us who have a deep-seated passion for writing can grow weary.

After all, we’re staring at words on a page. And in the midst of a writer’s block, that’s like staring at a wall watching the paint dry.

It can be mind-numbing!

And so come the days when we just don’t wan to write. We want to give up. We just don’t feel like jumping back in.

But we have to train ourselves to think differently. To see beyond the words on the computer screen.

There’s a scene in the movie Patch Adams where a psychiatric patient (with more wisdom than the doctors gave him credit for), asks Patch how many fingers he sees when he holds up four.

“Four,” says Patch.


Watch the clip below to find out why Patch was wrong.

When we focus on the words in front of us, we’re focusing on the problem.

So I look beyond the words on the screen. I focus on the future. I want to take my kids to Disney World whenever we want. I want to provide a comfortable house and life for my family. I want to write for a living.

That’s my solution.

That’s what I focus on. Not the problem of an unfinished book.

Where Do Your Premium Payments Go?


You’ve seen them taken out of your pay checks. You’ve seen them shipped away in the mail box. You’ve seen them eat up your checking and savings accounts.

You’ve heard it said that insurance is there for your protection. But like anything else in the world, there is a fee. Fair enough. If you want a roof over your head you’ve got to pay the mortgage. You want insurance coverage, you’ve got to pay the monthly premiums.

But what happens when you go to the doctor and they slap you with a co-pay on top of your portion of the medical bill? Or what about when you get a letter from your insurance company saying that your medical services were rendered “not medically necessary”?

Has anyone ever slammed on the brakes and asked, “What’s going on here?”

Why don’t our monthly premiums cover it all? What’s with the extra costs? What’s with the denied coverage? Who’s calling these shots? Who’s making these significant health decisions for us while raking in our hard-earned money?

Or asked another way, why pay premiums at all if we’re still having to fork out so much on our co-pays and partial medical bills?

Maybe we’re all just so numb to the system that we’ve just decided to go blindly along with what we’re told and pay what’s demanded of us. No questions asked.

Maybe that’s the way Big Insurance wants it. In that case, they’ve won and we’ve lost.

But maybe we haven’t yet lost. Maybe there is still hope to level the playing field for the rest of us. Maybe there is still a war to be waged.

But before I go on, what do you have to say about this issue? Where do you stand? Where do you think your premiums are going here in the U.S.? Are you benefitting from your insurance coverage? Do you feel safer with your insurance company around, or threatened?

Feel free to share your thoughts below or comment on this post on my Facebook Author Page, and we’ll continue this conversation in future posts!

The Smaller Perspective: One Way to Parent Effectively

My wife surpasses me in bounds and leaps when it comes to parenting our kids. Not just because she’s home with them seven days a week all day and night, but she seems to really “get it” where it counts.

For my part, I’m naturally self-centered. Strip me down to my bare essentials and you’re left with a Scrooge anger-inside-outMcDuck/Grinch/Anger hybrid.

I hoard my belongings, I covet solitude, and my temper can flare at any given moment. If my kids could talk, they would tell you this is true.

But where I fail my wife excels. She doesn’t have one self-serving bone in her body. And as I observe her parenting style, I’ve noticed she does it in such a way that is unique and fresh and makes everyone around her happy.

She may not do it intentionally, but she parents with a keen sense that our kids are watching her. It’s as though she sees our kids as mini camcorders, so whenever they’re around, she’s all smiles, no matter how she’s really feeling or what she’s going through.

Whereas with me, if I’m in a bad mood, I have a tendency to make sure everyone around me knows it, including my kids.

I need to be more like my wife in this regard. Though our kids are too young to form memories, they are currently compiling opinions of us and the world in mini snapshots, like a camera on autopilot. Like in Wall-e when Eve shuts down. Everything Wall-e did in front of her was being recorded and stored in Eve’s internal database.

Perhaps some of us need to stop focusing so much on the “big” perspective of job frustrations, relationship issues, and getting bills paid, and start thinking of a much smaller perspective – a small perspective from our kids’ point of view, which leaves the largest impression in their world.

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30 Years Ago Today, the World Met This Little (or Big) Guy

super-mario-bros-pc-game-imagengrande1_yf87Can’t believe it’s been thirty years ago since the world was introduced to possibly one of the most iconic figures in video game history. Not being a “gamer” myself, I still have logged away many hours guiding the little plumber through myriads of obstacle courses and kicking turtle shells into angry mushrooms.

Celebrate your childhood by sharing your favorite Mario game and perhaps let us all in on a few secret tips you might have to beat certain levels. Power up!

Thank You, Katherine


We just watched Wall-e recently and one line stuck out to me. It’s when Captain B. McCre of the Axiom yells, “I don’t want to survive, I want to live!” What a statement.

Personally, I’m naturally more of a survivor than liver. (Or person who lives.)

A good time for me is staying in watching movies or reading a book and getting fat on pizza. Sarabeth is of the same mindset, though she does show more interest in going out and doing things and not overeating.

But thanks to our daughter Katherine, we can’t stay in as much as we used to. She is such a hub of energy and excitement that we would be doing her a disservice by keeping her inside. So we take her out. And that’s a big chore, because we have to constantly find new things to do. You can only go to the same three parks so many times!

Katherine has already taught me so much in the last twenty months. Because of her we go to the aquarium, the zoo, water parks, random drives to Starbucks in the evening, and last week we even visited our state capital and grabbed burgers and milkshakes!

I’m beginning to understand why having kids is a blessing. Hard work, sure, but my daughter Katherine is helping me learn to actually live and not just survive. And for that, I am forever grateful.

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