The Underneath Part 2

The second part of “The Underneath” is posted. Enjoy! Please be advised the the below portion is just a portion. To read the full segment, go to Endever’s blog.

“Attention, attention,” the principal starts. Not surprisingly it takes everyone at least six minutes to actually give their full attention. Teachers from all over the room scramble to demand their students’ due respect for Principal Newhouser. Finally the principal speaks over the commotion. “I know it is tempting, especially now, to engage with your mobile devices, but I ask for at least ten minutes of your attention.” Only a few students using their devises take this threat seriously and put their phones away, which Cameron finds amusing.

“As you may have heard, there is a countrywide threat that has presented itself through several known attacks on several major cities,” Newhouser states, as officially as he can. Hungry for the latest, the students now direct their attention to him. “For any of you who have loved ones in any of the affected cities, my sincere prayers for their safety is extended to you. Rest assured that-”

Suddenly the ground and the chair underneath Cameron gives and the entire student body screams in terror as the lights flicker then burn out. The auditorium stills as quickly as it moved. Screams echo from all around and the auditorium is dimly lit by the blue and white glow coming from everyone’s phones.

Principal Newhouser’s voice can barely be heard through the speakers ordering everyone to stay calm and to not panic. But now even the teachers are ignoring him and poring over their devices. Cameron hears determined protests from people all around him saying they’re going home, and before he knows it, everyone is on their feet making a rush toward the Exit signs. A blow horn sounds, probably from one of the faculty members trying to get the students to settle down, but it goes unheard.

Trying to stay on his feet amidst the mob, Cameron pulls out his phone to text his sister, but it says there’s no signal. He pockets it and begins yelling her name, but his efforts are futile. He can’t even hear his own voice above the commotion. He’s determined to get to her before her boyfriend and his gang talk her into running off with them. She resents it, but ever since their parents achieved their fame and success, he’s had to become a surrogate father to her. If anything happens to Lisa, it’s on him, and he’ll be damned if he lets that happen.

The parking lot is a total disaster as students rush to get out of the school. It’s worse than Black Friday at the mall. Cameron notices the sirens have stopped, but it’s eerily dark out even though the nearest clouds are a long way off. He also notices that there are no shadows on the ground. He glances up at the sun and it looks no different.

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Title Reveal for Endever’s Serial Blog

A few days ago I announced the release of a serial blog that will be released this Monday, August 1st.

Beyond building a readership to draw attention to Endever before releasing our debut novels later this year, we’ve decided to give our authors a chance to shine prior to their book releases.

They will be contributing to an ever-growing story with an ever-growing cast of colorful characters. A divorced lawyer-turned-ranch handler, a mother and daughter struggling to make ends meet and stay out of trouble, high school siblings whose wealthy parents have all but abandoned them, and many more.

Though they are scattered throughout the world, they all share one common goal: end-is-near

The fragile desire to survive the end of civilization as we know it.

When the world jolts on August First, no one has any idea that ordinary life has come to an abrupt end.

At first the decline is subtle. Faltering phone connections, weak internet signals.

And then it seems to all happen at once. Random airplane explosions, collapsing mountains. No more sun. No more rain.

In this altered world, survival is essential, it is not instinct. 

On August First, on Endever’s blog, dare to explore “THE UNDERNEATH.” 

Take Cover


On August 1st, the world will change.

Millions will die.

The unlucky survivors will be forced to live in a darker world.

The sun will still be there, but it will not shine. There will be rainclouds, but no rain.

The grass will die. Trees will wither. Crops will rot.

And scattered throughout the world will be people hanging onto what little life they have left.

Endever Publishing Studios is proud to present a serial novel that will debut on August 1st, 2016. Keep checking back here for more details.

And don’t forget to take cover…

My Secret Love Affair

booksYou don’t get many options in life, but with books, the options are nearly endless and the pleasures never get old.

No matter what demons or challenges I’m facing in my own life I can choose out of millions of characters with whom I want to share my cares and woes. And to celebrate with! Even when I’m at my lowest of lows, I can share in the victories of my fictitious or historical friends.

Because most days, their victories are my highlights.

Even if I’m reading about a character undergoing tremendous suffering, I are reminded that I am not alone.

The only bad thing about a great book is feeling the number of pages grow thin as I measure them with my right thumb. And the closer I get to the end the more often I bring the book underneath my nose to inhale that reminiscent smell.

It’s the only smell in the world that simultaneously puts me in a peaceful place in the midst of today’s chaos and re-encompases me in the bubble of comfort that protected me from the chaos I sought to escape as a child.

From the beginning books have been my most reliable source of protection from a world gone wrong.

They ground me in reality through fantastic imagery and stories filled with the most bizarre, yet relatable characters.

If done right, the feel of each individual page, the twirly font of the page numbers, and the ribbon-like designs swirling around them all come together in a sort of ambiance for a most enchanting experience no single person can provide.

As far as I know, I’m the only person in the world reading that exact line on that exact page at that exact moment, and so for a time, my books and I share a connection that only belongs to me.

I love stopping mid sentence just to close the book and admire the cover.

I can control the pace of the story. Since I like to marinate in suspense, I can slow my speed down and extend the glorious misery that is not knowing what’s to come.

To me, few things in life compare to the joy of reading a book. Whether it be because of the knowledge they offer or the thrill of being gripped by an original storyline, all these elements and more are what come together to make reading the most original, stimulating, and exciting experience on the planet.

So happy Valentine’s Day, books! I love you!

Spread the love if you do your part in keeping real books alive by buying them or checking them out at the library.

Also, make sure to submit your short story by February 25th for a chance to win $150 and be published by Endever Publishing Studios.

What Do All Great Stories Have In Common?


As an author and soon-to-be publisher, I’ve been wrestling with this a couple of months.

I began looking at some of the greatest stories of all time, both books and movies, and I’ve asked myself, what makes them great?

And to take it a step further, “What do they all have in common?”

Surely there’s some underlining theme, or common thread, that connects all the great stories together?

Stories like, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Lord of the Rings, Frozen, and (I hate to admit) Avatar. 

(Though that last one FINALLY got it’s but kicked in the box office by the amazing Force Awakens!!!)

If you’re going to help me answer this question, you have to be unbiased. You have to be willing to admit that The Great Gatsby is one of the greatest books of all time, even if you don’t think it’s that great.

There’s something in these renowned stories that draws millions of people to them, year after year, and generation after generation.

So, what is the one theme that attracts millions? Consider two of the highest grossing animated Disney movies, Big Hero 6 and Frozen. Hiro had to learn to let go of his brother (who lives through Baymax), and Elsa’s life-changing act was, well, letting go.

But does “letting go” have anything to do with The Lord of the Rings? Forrest Gump? The Hunger Games?

It’s a process-of-elimination kind of question. I want to hear your thoughts! It’s killing me!

WHAT is it that all great stories have in common?? Leave your comments and suggestions below. Let’s discuss!

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Do you want your name (and/or blog) published in a book?

A chance for a video of you to be posted for thousands to see?

Bragging rights to be the first to read possibly the next big teen book to hit Kindles all over campus?

Here’s the rub.

In several weeks I’ll be completing my new teen book called These Great Affects. Set in Louisville, KY Adelle Hitchens meets Trill Vikus. He’s a bit of a rebel, kind of insensitive, but really cute. Adelle is a “hardcore introvert,” overly sensitive, and struggling to find her voice in this world. Trill is about to change all that. Adelle begins to fall for him, but the romance is cut short when Trill is unexpectedly killed. But that doesn’t stop Adelle from falling more in love with him when he visits her as a ghost and they must figure out how to love without having each other.


If so, email me at and let me know you want to read it when I’m finished with it. I will then send you a PDF copy and when you’re done reading it, you can do a video review of the book, which I’ll splice together with other reviewers.

(Oh, along with the book, I’ll send you the list of songs to accompany the book which I’m using as a soundtrack to propel the story.)

If you review it, I’ll publish your name in the final version, along with your blog name if you have one, or Youtube channel, or whatever you want publicized.

If you love the book then you can tell all your friends and teachers to read it. If you hate it, well, your name will still go in the book and you’re not obligated to tell anyone about it.

Email me at Also, if you’re a high school or junior high teacher, you might want to consider this as an extra credit activity for your class, so email me and we’ll chat.

Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter and get the word out there to all the teens you know.

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These Great Affects


Do you like The Fault in Our Stars by John Green? I do. If you didn’t like it or don’t care to read it, this post isn’t for you.

Chances are, when you finished that book, you closed it and cried for an hour. Or your thoughts were, I … can’t … breathe … You may have tweeted something like, “If you text me I can’t talk. I’m too busy de-reddening my eyes.”

Want to know what I thought?

I thought: I’m going to do one better. 

So I began drafting a story idea for a teen book that I hope will be the next Fault in Our Stars.

I’ve got a ways to go, but I think you’re going to eat it up.

I want some help from my readers! I want to know if I’m going down the right road. I’m not ready to reveal all of it except that it’s about a girl who falls in love with a boy. But he’s dead, so…

Open up those floodgates and season John Green’s heart – he’s about to eat it.

Don’t get me wrong! I loved The Fault in Our Stars; John Green totally rocked it. But that’s what’s great about books – great stories begets great stories.

So! If you’re interested in following the progress of my teen book, These Great Affects, start by joining my author Facebook page and I’ll be posting hashtags (#TheseGreatAffects) and you can like or respond or help spread the word about this thing.

And let’s face it. I like the attention; it puts me at my writing best, thus you end up with the best book I can possibly write for my readers.