Who Would You Have Play the Genie in Disney’s Upcoming Aladdin Movie?


Disney’s reboot sub-genre might have been just a two-hit wonder (2015’s Cinderella, and 2016’s The Jungle Book). True, many people loved the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, but even the most die-hard fans have to admit it focused more on gender politics than it did on improving upon the 1991 original.

But really, the filmmakers charged themselves with a virtually impossible task.

So now, I’m more reserved than ever about Disney selecting Will Smith, of all people, to play The Genie in the upcoming Aladdin adaption.

Granted, no one can beat Robin Williams’ brilliant and iconic voice work, but I’ve got to credit Disney for trying. But the way I see it, Will Smith had his chance years ago and he chose to side with the competition (Dreamworks), and delivered an annoying and forgettable performance of a clown/fish/talking fruit in the abhorrent Shark Tale.

Remember that movie? Neither do I. And seeing that Will Smith hasn’t really done anything worth watching since I Am Legend (2007) ten years ago, maybe Disney decided to take pity on him and wants to (ahem) free Willie from the lamp that’s kept him in Hollywood lockdown.

Now, to be honest, I’d prefer an unknown actor to fill the role, like Mowgli and Cinderella, but seeing as Disney wants to cash in on star value now, I’ll sadly rule that option out.

So! I’ve compiled a list of better candidates whom Disney should have chosen to fill the big read shoes (I saved our favorite for the end). Also, I’ve included a poll to allow you the chance to vote for your own preference! Just click the link and voice your opinion:

Click Here


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