ABC Thinks You’re Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!


It’s just been reported that Tim Allen’s highly successful sitcom Last Man Standing has been cancelled, allegedly due to ABC not supporting the show’s conservative spin.

It’s no secret that funnyman and actor Tim Allen is a die-hard conservative. But never has it been reported that he’s shoved his views down people’s throats. (And really, I can’t find a person who dislikes him even in this liberal wasteland.) But he’s smart: he uses his beliefs to fuel his comedy acts and his sitcoms.

And it works.

Whatever side of the political aisle you’re on, you can’t deny that he’s a really, really funny guy.

Tim Allen has been a celebrity favorite of mine since childhood. I grew up watching Home Improvement and plan on showing all the DVD’s to my kids. Allen’s movies, though not necessarily Oscar-worthy, are delightfully entertaining, and just all-around fun escapes.

The issue here isn’t so much about censuring conservatives so much as it is allowing diversification. Honestly, I choose conservatism, but I still watch stand-up comedians like Louis C.K. and support liberal actors and filmmakers, and authors even though I vehemently disagree with what they stand for. Why? Because they’re funny, they’re talented, they do their jobs well.

And that’s what Tim Allen was doing. His beloved sitcom, Last Man Standing had solid ratings across the board, but apparently ABC decided they didn’t want their audiences swayed into a conservative mindset. Yup, you heard me: ABC thinks you’re stupid! ABC thinks you’re stupid enough to change you’re entire outlook on life and political beliefs based on a sitcom.

Let’s take politics out of it for a second here. What’s wrong with other views? What’s wrong with mixing things up? That’s what makes me mad. Hollywood is only allowing one side of things, when conservatives can be just as hilarious and talented as liberals.

Folks, we ALL have something to bring to the table. But Hollywood and television execs are keeping people – talented people – away because they didn’t give money to the Gay Pride movement or because they own a gun.

We’re no longer the melting pot. We’re becoming more the liberal sludge. Just watered down, rehashed, one-sided censored people. (If it were the other way around, I’d say we’re getting bored and tired of conservative entertainment.)

Unfortunately I can’t boycott ABC because I never watched it (I watch LMS on Netflix), but man, I hope their ratings suffer and they get a very clear message from WE THE PEOPLE that censoring is not okay by us.

The cancellation came as a shock for many fans considering the show’s high ratings. Deadline reports the sitcom was the network’s second-highest comedy this season and averaged 8.1 million viewers, just behind “Modern Family,” which averaged 8.7 million viewers this season and was recently renewed for two more seasons. It was also ABC’s third highest watched scripted series behind “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Modern Family.”


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18 Responses to ABC Thinks You’re Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

  1. Gina Gamba says:

    Does it never occur to you to examine what your precious conservatism has morphed into in recent times? You talk about diversification of ideas, but we have a “conservative” chief who uses bullying and intimidation to shut down and discredit anyone who disagrees with him. It’s not about censorship, Andrew, it’s about responsibility for how you use that platform. Would you want your own kids (daughters and sons) to be treated and touched the way POTUS has boasted? What would you do if you found them talking about others in demeaning ways? Wouldn’t you encourage your kids to set healthy boundaries for what people can or can’t do to them? What would you do if you caught your kids lying the way POTUS lies habitually, to protect himself? There is a difference between discourse and indecency. In all the complaining about whether or not you can, does it ever cross your mind to think about whether or not you SHOULD? It’s not about politics anymore, it’s about respect for the worth and dignity of people and what should happen when people cross the line. It’s ethics and etiquette, not law, religion or political status, at issue.

    • sirmarkus80 says:

      I think the problem lays in that conservatism as a whole is being branded and viewed by its worst aspects. Conservatism as a whole is currently branded by its most extreme aspects. Saying all conservative thoughts and ideas are terrible means you’re doing just what you say they’re doing. The far left is doing the same thing. What is needed is for moderates to stand up and tell the extremists on both sides to take a lengthy time out. Anyone that says that it’s only the conservatives that are doing wrong in terms of using bullying and intimidation to shut down ideas they don’t like has their head in the sand.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      Maybe ABC is right, and I AM stupid. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out what blog post you’re responding to.

      But reading your reply as a stand-alone post, you do realize you’re mad at Trump for doing the exact thing ABC just did to Tim Allen. And the way ABC is choosing to use their platform is censoring, bullying, and pushing their own agenda. Doesn’t sound very responsible to me. Just saying.

      Seems like you’re just mad that I choose conservatism over liberalism. Honestly, I think both parties need to be thrown out the window and we need to start from scratch. I think 90% of politicians need to be fired or locked up for life.

      I watched “Modern Family” for a few seasons but stopped watching not because it got too liberal or gay-friendly (the gay guys were the funniest part of the show, actually), but because it seized to make me laugh, which is the job the writers and cast signed up for.

      None of this has to do with POTUS or how he may or may not touch my kids. I was simply talking about the allegedly wrongful termination of a highly successful and popular television show over its political slant. Sure, Tim Allen professed his support of Donald Trump, but you know what? As an American he has the right to support whomever he wants. If he wants to endorse Elmer Fudd as the senator of Michigan, then so be it. As long as he continues to make me and my family laugh, I’ll keep watching his shows and supporting his career.

      Like, honestly, that’s all I was saying. I didn’t vote for Trump, by the way, because apparently you define people by the way they vote.

  2. THANK YOU! Yes, I know using all caps is like shouting, but I wanted to be sure you heard me. I agree with you 100+% and I thank you for this brilliant post. THANK YOU! I hope that makes up for some of these confused liberals who are criticizing you and don’t even know what they’re saying!

    • Andrew Toy says:

      Nothing to make up for. I don’t like dividing people between liberals and conservatives. I prefer tolerant and intolerant, and each side is chuck-full of both.

  3. mbman says:

    I used to like Tim Allan when I was younger, but that faded over time. One could say that he just became annoying. Haven’t given the man a 2ed thought in years really.

    But that is just an opinion.

    I have heard of (and seen a bit of) Last Man Standing. Someone recommended it, so I watched the Pilot, but was not overly enthused. And not really on account to Tim Allen either . . . it just seemed to be another show that stuck to the typical americanized formula. Watching a number of series out of the UK ruined pretty much all of American television for me.

    But again, just an opinion.

    Though I am not aligned with conservative values, that was not the reason I wrote off the show. And if ABC is yanking it just because of that angle . . . then I think a VERY vocal outcry is deserved.

    Fictional television shows depict all manor of belief and conclusion. And I think it ridiculous that an argument is made to pull the plug on the series just because it showcases a way of life that is not exactly kosher to the Hollywood of which the show is spawned.

    If people watch and look into this conservatism thing . . . who cares. What I suspect however, is that most people watch, laugh, then move on to something else. Treat it as the fiction that it is.

    I could use this logic to call for the censorship of 50 shades of gray. Imagine how much of a storm that would kick up . . .

    • Andrew Toy says:

      You’re awesome! There’s nothing wrong with not liking the show – it’s a tame comedy, to say the least (I’ve only seen a few episodes myself), and Tim’s comedy is still child-proof. But you get what I’m saying! The world would be a much better place if we had more people like you (liberal and/or conservative).

      • mbman says:

        Its easy to be defend your principals when your defending what you agree with. But it means more when you do so for what you may not normally agree with.

  4. Great info. I never really watched “Last Man Standing” before–might’ve caught a few snippets here and there because i don’t control the remote at my house and I don’t stream shows. I am a liberal-leaning centrist, but agree that when a show is as popular as it is–conservative leanings or not–it should remain on the air because that’s what the viewers want, and if you’re selling advertising, it’s a no-brainer good business decision to keep it going. It’s hard enough finding things on t.v. to like when we’re being inundated by enough mindless crap and b.s. “reality t.v.” Sheesh, they talk about “we show crap the viewers want to see” when defending the worst choices on the boob tube. Well, considering the ratings have been great…yeah, shoot yourselves in the foot, ABC.

  5. Staff says:

    I like Last Man Standing. A lot. I am a clear and obvious liberal. I had to look at a few reviews to discover Allen was so conservative, his humour seemed to be able to slice both ways. For all his “Thank you, Obama” sound bites (a running gag where the joke was that anybody could even blame Obama for that mishap), he and his wife, a career woman, were raising three independent women, one with child out of wedlock, the second a flake-turned-entrepreneur, and a military tomboy youngest who went from military wanna-be to sidewalk musician. There was no conservative mandate to the show that went beyond the pale. And Allen’s character got as good as he gave from his extended family and a neighbours. Some days he just seemed like the sole conservative voice in an ensemble calling for a different society. And the casting of three female children – a definite requirement for conservatism to face feminism and equality. The show had, has, far more going for it than too many pop-liberal efforts.

  6. aresonantone says:

    Like Marvel comics is just beginning to realize that you must give the public what it wants, not what you think it should want. Cancellation of shows like this (one which I never watch because I watch only 3 shows made after 2000 now) won’t do anything except send the public to find the entertainment they DO enjoy and that won’t be owned by Disney or it’s affiliated companies. This is also true for sports. Don’t believe me? Ask ESPN… another Disney company. Noticing a pattern here? I know I am. Someone pointed this out to me a while back and it’s become a litmus test of sorts. “Story before sermon”.

    The left has been sermonizing us with globalism, marxism, collectivism and thousands of other ever changing tenants of the post-modernist faith. They used to not shovel it out there in an obvious form, putting the story before the sermon. Never forget, leftism believes itself superior to others because they ‘believe correctly’ making them better people. That is why it sees the viewership of Last Man Standing as stupid. Anyone who would think like that, to their mind *IS* stupid.

    They have forgotten that, the same way they are now forgetting their playbook written by Saul Alinsky in “Rules for Radicals”. The same rules that the “alt-right” (a group of bored trolls if ever there was one) have picked up, co-opted and are having a grand time using… particularly the rule about mockery. One, Two, Three, Four I declare a meme war.

    But I digress.

    In the end, I saw a report recently talking about how more conservative programming and movies are starting to make their way into the production queues at the studios because when they are put out… faithfully… they do well and earn a profit. The culture is changing, but this is just seeing the stormclouds on the horizon. The rain hasn’t started falling yet.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      “Story before sermon” goes a LONG way in writing. I apply it the best that I can every time. And yes, I agree that we’re in for a tumultuous storm in years to come. The battle cries are growing louder by the year.

  7. I agree. It is very shortsighted to refuse to watch an actor because you don’t believe in what they believe in. If their religious beliefs or political beliefs differ from mine then, well, that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that the movie or show is no good. It doesn’t mean they can’t act or offer something good. I love this show by the way and I do admit that all the jokes that Tim Allen’s character makes that reflect conservatism help me to like it even more. I like the conservative tone it has. It is honestly refreshing to watch in this world where “political correctness” has permeated just about everything. The way that Allen portrays his character is not in a hostile or shove it conservatism down your throat kind of way, though, if that is all you are focusing on then you might see it a different way. The fact is that ABC is wrong to cancel it just for its conservative overtones. This is still the USA where freedom of speech, thought, and opinion are among our constitutional and God given rights rights. Sadly it is getting harder and harder to make use of those rights in this country. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t even think about trying to force ABC to keep the show because it is their right to decide what to cancel even if it is for the wrong reasons. I am happy to hear that apparently FOX (the show’s actual owner) will be continuing the show so that we can still enjoy the laughs. I just hope that Netflix doesn’t decide to remove the show because that is how I watch it too. Thank you for your post.

  8. I also really enjoy the cameos by the actors from Home Improvement. It’s hilarious and a really nice touch.

  9. Interesting article, Andrew. I’m a left wing chap in England (approx equivalent to Liberal in America) but I agree that a comedy show shouldn’t be cancelled due to the writer / performer’s political views. I think that society should be tolerant of all political views that do not cause harm to other people.

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