It’s Our Fault the Beast is Growing


The internet is exploding, once again, with debates about healthcare, thanks to TrumpCare. Next it will be HillaryCare, then RyanCare, and back and forth like a tether ball match, and we’re the ball getting pounded and tied to the center of it all.

Meanwhile, we the people are just arguing and venting about it by the water cooler while we continue to allow these politicians and insurance companies to rob us blind of our hard-earned money.
America seized to be a free country when healthcare was mandated by the previous administration. This is just the first step toward a socialist society.
Let me break down how it works, as simply as I can.
1. It used to be that people could get care from whomever they wanted
As early as the 70’s, people could choose Dr. Salt or Dr. Pepper to treat their cold or fix their bones. They often paid the doctor’s set price out of pocket as though they were just buying a bottle of shampoo from Target instead of Walmart. It was a happy and free country.
2. Enter Big Insurance
These Fuckers (you don’t mind if I call them that do you?) come along and say, “Hey, that medicine your doctor put you on is really expensive. Would you like us to help you pay for that?” So like suckers, we said, “Yay!” The Fuckers rubbed their hands together and said, “Just sign here and we’ll pay part of your health expenses. Oh, by the way, you’re locked into your policy, so once you’re better, you still need to keep paying us premiums. Because you need us so badly.”
3. The evil plan evolves 
So the Fuckers started to see that they can make a lot of money this way. At first, it might have had good intentions, but they weren’t happy with the millions of dollars they were already pocketing. They wanted to go for billions and trillions. So they started making up all these rules like denying claims for pre-exisiting conditions, only insuring the healthy, denying CAT scans because they didn’t approve it. Rule after rule after rule, each rule ONLY set in place to ensure the Fuckers save money and are exempt from paying out. EVEN THOUGH we’re all still paying higher and higher premiums (and co-pays, and deductibles) without exception.
4. Silencing the people
People started to see that this behavior was immoral and unethical. So they started complaining, fighting back, demanding their claims be paid. So the Fuckers panicked. “What do we do?” they asked themselves. “We need help!” So they spent billions of dollars (of YOUR premiums) to hire really smart people to sit around a table and plot and scheme and discuss ways to silence their customers and make it impossible for us to fight back or argue. “Let’s make our rules into laws!” some little fucker decided. “But how do we do that?” the others asked. “We need friends in high places.”
5. Enter the lobbyists 
This is where the Fuckers start to seduce and fondle government officials. They exchange favors. “You pass laws to shut these people up and make our thievery legal, and we’ll support your campaign and make sure you get your votes.” So the Fuckers and the Asshats (you don’t mind if I call the politicians that, do you?) all get into the big white bed together and had a nice little orgy, when ironically, we’re the ones getting majorly screwed.
6. More ways to rob us
In the meantime, the Fuckers are still spending YOUR premiums to bribe and tantalize the Asshats who pass laws to make it legal for the Fuckers to rob you. “But what happens when deductibles are met from just one hospital stay?” asked the insanely rich Fucker in his multi-billion dollar penthouse. “Easy! We’ll make it so that a deductible cannot be met with just one stay or one operation. Premiums continue to get paid and deductibles still have to be shelved out even though they technically met it. Brilliant!” And what about Group Insurance? Well, places of employment cannot discriminate based on lifestyles (how kind), so they’ll require screenings and hike individual insurance rates up (within the group policy) based off of each individual test. THAT’S how they determine risk factor and so get away with discriminating.
So what do we do? We’ve allowed these Fuckers and Asshats to use our money to devise ways to cut off our arms and legs. In the meantime, they’ve so brilliantly made the whole thing so complicated that we don’t even know where to start attacking them. We’ve allowed them to paint us into a corner. And unless “we the people” do something now, like, I don’t know, drop our insurance and stop voting (admittedly, two things that will hurt us immensely), then we’re just passing this evolving problem on to our kids to suffer with.
Big Insurance is a beast. And that beast continues to grow and grow the more we feed it. The more it grows, the more it demands. And the cycle goes on and on and on. That will not stop until we the people ban together and say enough is enough. The question is, HOW do we do that? Any ideas? Go on, I’m listening.

About Andrew Toy
I'm in the beginning stages of starting my own publishing company that's unlike anything you've ever heard of in the industry. The direction of AdoptingJames is taking a 90-degree turn and will be more writing/publishing-focused. Stay tuned for huge updates and exciting news!

4 Responses to It’s Our Fault the Beast is Growing

  1. I’ve been wondering that myself for some time–what can we do to get this system back on track and make it so we’re just getting a little boost of help, not being financially raped just for breathing.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      And that’s exactly what’s happening! First thing is mostly taken care of. I think just about everybody agrees that we’re being taken advantaged of. But now there needs to be an agreed-upon plan of action to stick them where it hurts. The question is, where will it hurt the most? Their pockets. It’s our money that’s feeding them. So we need to figure out a way to stop supplying them money. I realize there are many risks involved here, but it’s the only way. Unless someone has a better idea…

  2. aresonantone says:

    It would be nice to return to pre-New Deal wage and price controls where the person getting the care had to pay for the care and prices were listed like menus in the window of a restaurant. The problem is that the consumer is separated from the cost, and that has allowed so much waste to creep in. Not only from the aspect of the government, but the insurance industry which is WILDLY out of control right now. Real competition, across state lines, no second or third party payers and suddenly prices would collapse. Why? Because the market could no longer bear the over-inflated prices created by a false economic paradigm.

    Why does an Epi-pen cost $2000 bucks? Because a pharmaceutical company said so and had the patent. You lose the patent and someone will put the same thing out for 20 bucks. Same goes for insurance. Why do we not have a car insurance crisis? Technically we are at the start of one with states forcing you to have it, but we still have open pricing across state lines and portability which has increases competition keeping prices low.

    I remember when drug costs really shot up in the 1990’s. IIRC it was in 1994 when the prohibition of marketing directly to the public was released by the Clinton administration. May have been in the works under Bush, but… before that time, the budget for a drug was mostly in the research, testing, and approval (another issue of the FDA causing artificial prices to rise. Thanks malpractice attorneys). After, Advertising became the number one cost because they had to cover the high prices of development.

    Government has made some of the worst problems in this nation by getting involved and forgetting it’s real responsibility: Consumer protection and safety. Nothing more. We’re not talking “caveat emptor” here, but we are saying its time to stop subsidizing a false market with unnecessary requirements and hindrances.

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