A Dash of Election Perspective


I think most people are shocked from last night’s election results. I couldn’t stay awake long enough to see the results, but my wife was kind enough to wake me up at 3:00 AM and report them to me. She knows, as a compulsive worrier, I was stressed about the election, even though I didn’t vote for either candidate. I voted third party, something I never thought I’d do. But knowing one of the two would win, I did have my preference.

But like so many early November Wednesdays in our country’s history, we as a people are prone to gloat, to bemoan, to judge, and to fight and accuse.

I’m sorry to those who didn’t get your choice. But just remember, those who got what they wanted today were just as devastated for the last two elections as you are today.

But we’re all still here. The world didn’t end for anyone. It maybe got better for some in the last eight years, and a little worse for others. But we’re still here.

I’m not thrilled that Trump is our president, per se, but my sister-in-law actually brought up a really good point. The advantage with Trump being in office is that he’s not a politician. This presidency will not be the last thing he does. When it’s over, he will have other ventures to tend to. Therefore, his term(s) are not going to be dictated by political favors or ass-kissing. No one likes playing the stupid political game, and Trump least of all.

I think it’s okay to give him a chance. I think it’s okay to hear each other out. And my personal dream: to drop party lines (which was George Washington’s hope). Just because I’m a Republican on paper doesn’t mean I’m for Big Business or Corporate America or against saving the trees and the animals.

On another note, I will say this about President Obama, since the clock is ticking on his final term, and I have to point out that the presidential candidate I voted for, Evan McMullin was the one who brought this to light: Even though I disagree with President Obama’s politics, I respect him as a man. In his eight years in office there have been no scandals, no mistresses, and he’s still the proud husband and father he came into the office as. In those regards, I owe him my complete respect and appreciation.

The real winners today are the one’s who don’t gloat or pick fights. The best we can do for now is hold our breath and hope for the best. We’ll be okay, you’ll see.



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45 Responses to A Dash of Election Perspective

  1. Lynn Thaler says:

    Great post and good advice for all of us.

  2. aresonantone says:

    May his presidency be a combination of Calvin Coolidge (Best economic president ever) and Chester A. Arthur (Most anti corruption president ever) on a foundation of Dwight D. Eisenhower (No previous political experience).

    And in 4-8 years, when his work is done, he retires in honor, leaving the nation a far better place than he found it.

  3. Reblogged this on Sandra Yeaman and commented:
    Others have said it so well. I’m reblogging the best of them.

  4. Nikki says:

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      I’m sorry. I didn’t know there was much to agree or disagree with seeing that we haven’t seen what he can/cannot do for us. Do you mind elaborating?

      • Nikki says:

        Your dash of perspective and my dash of perspective are different because of how I view Trump and how you view Trump. I see when you the much to agree upon is welcomed as I scroll the threads. However, the much to not disagree on is the perspective from an African American woman would be someone different as I, and my people, have had different experience with the likes of Trumps. You see, Trump maybe be new to some but he is the man I have encounter many times and many times for most minorities. So, you see, I don’t feel hopeful with so much hate. But, we are all entitled to our perspective. Are we not? Good day.

  5. Great post. I’m disappointed with the outcome as well, but you’ve brought hope that we’ll be okay. I hope you’re right.

  6. Don’t blame you for voting for a third party. I am not too impressed with either candidate from the main two.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      I am proud of my vote and my little-known candidate.

      • Yea for Andrew! Had McMullin taken Utah and Idaho, Hillarie’s popular vote victory might have been an electoral college victory. I am blaming the Republicans from the center. Hillarie’s Methodism, her “stronger together,” and her experience, as well as her distance from a treasonous alliance with Russia should have made the choice easy even for Republicans, but they were busy seeking to use the Donald to promote their party and partisan interests. They should have let the party split, and would have taken the election with a good candidate. Hillary may have won with Bernie Sanders for V.P. I am afraid America is no longer worthy of liberty. The first effect even before he takes office is a Russian attempt to advance in the Ukraine. Their blood is on our hands, but such a thing will soon become passe.

  7. nshami14 says:

    One of America’s biggest mistakes.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      I beg to differ on many levels. First off, we shouldn’t judge before seeing him in action, and I think slavery and segregation are infinitely worse than electing a Republican back into the office. We won’t know if it’s a mistake for several months yet. Maybe he’ll surprise us.

      • nshami14 says:

        His campaign showed me who he was. Maybe we weren’t watching the same one? Where he lashed out at minorities, immigrants, women, poor – basically everyone except White males who supported him. People show you who they are pretty quickly and he did it for a whole year. No surprises coming. And I also find it alarming that you are reaching back to slavery & segregation to this say this president-elect was better than that.

        • Andrew Toy says:

          He’s not perfect. That’s why I didn’t vote for him. I repeat: I didn’t vote for him. I don’t tolerate racists or sexists. But even the liberal media can’t peg him as a liar. He’s also not under investigation for a major cover-up where people died. No lives have been cut short under his watch that anyone is even remotely aware of. And yes, I believe almost anything is a better alternative to slavery or segregation.

          • nshami14 says:

            “He’s not perfect?”! I feel like I’m throwing water at a brick wall. What about all the racist, sexist things he’s said about women and people of color during his campaign?! Google is your friend. Just take it for a spin with the words “racist, sexist, Trump.” But I give up with you and good luck with that. #He’sNotMyPresident.

            • Andrew Toy says:

              Yet people are okay with a woman who won’t own up to the death of several of our own because of poor decisions (or lack thereof) on her part? AND she won’t fess up? AND she continues to cover up? AND she threatens the women her husband raped? How is that any better? Again, I didn’t vote for Trump. But between a fiery furnace and a freezing cellar, I choose the freezing cellar because I can at least warm up and bide my time.

              • These things are probably exaggerations and innuendos, since if the heat of a campaign’s vetting and the criticism of the opposite party has to latch onto e-mails where nothing more than an error in the estimation of the development of technology, and charitable contributions can be brought forward by the right wing press with any evidence, these are likely not that serious. However, ties admiration for and similarity to Putin, as well as ties to the mob and a similar business model are very serious, the embodiment of the vulgarity of the tyrannical character. Fascism is not something to suck up to with “Well, lets make the best of it,” though it is safer to appear in this light when writing under a tyranny. Tyranny, by the way, is not a word they reject, though we do have an “open mind,” awaiting his rejection of tyranny.

      • This is not your grandfather’s Republican. But indeed, a tyrannical executive may be helpful in some ways if kept in bounds. Short term advantages may be that Mr. Il Song quits lobbing shit into the pacific. ISIS will lose, and we’ll just hope the Antichrist is not to arise from Syria, nor Russia to attack Israel. Incidentally, it is said that they will lose this exchange, apparently, and hence Mr. Putin is not that smart a chessman nor Judo boy after all.

  8. Well said, my friend.

  9. Not being a politician has an advantage, but not in the arena where he’s playing now. With no background or savvy about the game, I hope he is wise enough to depend on people who do know how to navigate those dangerous waters.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      As long as he surrounds himself with knowledgeable people, he just might pull it off.

      • That’s what Bush did, and we got Cheney’s limitless or over-extended torture as a principle of the prudent assertion of U. S. power. Smart guy, that George, to surround himself with such knowledgeable executives, like, oh, say, Christy, the bridge player.

    • We’re going to get it for wanting an “outsider.” I am an “outsider,” devoting my life to the study of politics and the University, and I am no where near capable of being president. But I am poor, because I have not devoted my life and soul to money-making. We have chosen the very vices that make the insider corrupt. Consider the removal of regulations on the drug companies that just made billions addicting one-fifth of our nation to oxy, and through that one fifth of our youth to Heroin. Go cheer the rich man for his success. They are making even more off recovery programs that do not work. The doctors now are penitent, but nine months ago no one knew what I was talking about. Bernie Sanders, who does care about his nation, was the first Candidate to address the Prescription drug abuse scandal and consequent epidemic. Property seizures and police shootings. Insiders cannot address these things in part because of the lack of liberty and limited imagination required to be slavish enough to rise in fortunes in Washington, and partly because of the chain of command. My point is, these uneducated whites and rich men who just elected a tyrant did not want an “outsider,” but a rich man, and a large phallus, and now they have it. And like the term tyrant, he will surely not take such talk as a form of offence. There is a deep study in History and philosophy of what a tyrant is, and we are simply snowed. No one will even ask, what books, then, might I read to begin a study of tyranny.” If the parameters of one’s political theory include only oligarchs and democrats, it is not surprising that we might hope to be as rich and powerful as Donney Trumpet, now one of the most powerful tyrants in the world- Congratulations to us.

  10. Symone Barry says:

    Watching the election unfold over the past twelve months in far away Australia, my family and I have looked on in disbelief. To see a country allow itself to be represented by a man who represents the worst caricature of an American has been demoralising. Whilst I can understand there are many domestic affairs America needs to address, so do all other countries within the world. We all want what we can no longer have in this post industrialised economic climate. The delusion of ever growing economies, more jobs and a return to the ‘good ole days’ must be seen for what it is, A DELUSION! The Western World in the past 40 years eroded them by all wanting more. Australia is currently facing mass redundancies as manufacturers leave outer shores to find an ever cheaper work force.
    Your country is not alone in this post manufacturing global economic environment. The really scary overwhelming thing is your country thinks it is. The rest of the world has always known your country is the biggest in the playground and now you have allowed the biggest bully of all to take charge of your gang.
    I hope for your sakes he does improve things internally but the doomsday clock is ticking…..

    • Like. We hope the other free nations of the world recognize what this is and forgive America, after we suffer, as they did in the Civil War, the balance of justice for the sins we are about to commit. Congress might still be able to reign him in, bu8t generally, we do not know what a tyrant is- and there are many sorts. We are about to see one, and then another sort, the people who will use him and lead him around as the Republicans hope top do to enact their (our) partisan policies.

  11. Thank you. Fair, thoughtful, and frank. And what I always liked best about Trump – he can’t be bought by those who want to play the power & politics game. So…we will see.

  12. Goandria says:

    Loved your thoughts. In the midst of venom and hatred, you are a calm and cool voice.

  13. Seems that Mr. Trump taught us a few lessons about leadership and goal setting. Here is an interesting perspective https://bossinthemiddle.com/2016/11/09/midweek-pump-mr-trump-taught-us-a-few-things-about-leadership-and-goal-setting/

  14. Andrew: this is a very nice post! A nice forum for discussion, and a friendly way to grieve over the elections!

    Message to Andrew (e-mail, so disapprove for publication unless you want it):

    Please publish my serious book, a reading of the Revelation. Publication was blocked through WordPress, and is impossible without money to invest. Set this for Amazon, and take a fair share about market rate, and we’ll both make a little money. Books on that topic sell. I spent seven years on it, and translated the text of the book just to read it, making my own (unpublished) interlinear copy. I studied the ten best commentaries back to St. Victorinus, and mine should be one of three good ones written this century so far. Lindsay may a fortune, as did the Left Behind” series. I need to sell one one-hundredth of what these sold, for those interested in a serious reading of these matters. I have a whole ‘nother book of Rock Commentaries you might also publish or invest in. But I am stuck with layers of IRS and student loan debt, unable to pay Zondervan to self-publish. My Book on Lear did not lose money for the publisher, but was not written toward the goal of making money. They charge 60$ for the e-book, trying not to sell any. Trump’s election is not going to relieve the problem destroying the middle class, that the rich have seized the laws and tilted the playing field so that only they can make money. That is the “Rigged Game,” and Bernie Sanders was also the first candidate to use this phrase. Donney boy is the type who rigged it, appearing now as an “outsider.” The phrase comes from having three times done plenty to make a living, but having failed.

  15. Dr. Lovlie says:

    I think the difference in this election is how much fear his endless racist, sexist, bullying comments has created. It feels to the targets of his many comments that bad behavior has now been green-lighted, and they worry that they will be abused. If the president can do it, why not everyone else? If he is all right with the KKK, who will stop them? Will sexual assault now just be laughed off as “locker room talk”? I don’t think any prior election result created this degree of fear. A gay hispanic woman I know (a citizen) was talking about killing herself yesterday, because she can’t see the way to any positive future after all her hard work. Hate grows and thrives once it is let loose and tolerated in the world. Any ideas on how we can scale back the hate and bullying, now that we have rewarded it?
    Oh, and Trump’s honesty rating with Politifact was 2%. (You had mentioned that no one called him a liar.)

    • Andrew Toy says:

      I think we’ll all be tremendously surprised how little hate/bullying will be tolerated under his administration. I could be wrong, but I’m willing to bet that most of it is spun by the liberal media. After all, they’re the most powerful influencers of fear.

      • Sesh says:

        I’ve already been intimidated (in front of my own home) and denied service at a place I shopped for almost 10 years. This is not good for people of color. My neighbor, a gay married woman, has had her insurance cut off for her partner. This is not good for gay people. Before the election I, like many others, joked about leaving the country if he were elected. Now, through my church, people are looking into it, for those who may lose jobs and housing rights.

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