The Hazards of Changing the World

There are so many things in this world I want to change. The short list:

  1. Negate health insurance
  2. Reform the foster care system and adoption process in this country
  3. Reform corporate America so that you’re paid by the amount of work you do, not by your title.
  4. Enforce capital punishment for rapists, women/child abusers, and murders.

The long list:

  1. Change the world

tumblr_mfgmyj337s1rlvh3vo1_250But I can’t. And if we’re honest, no one really can. There’s always going to be adversaries standing in the way, time running out, bills to pay, and then more bills to pay, and then even more bills to pay. And then once you pay the bills, you start to think about doing something good to change the world, but EEEEEEEEHHHH! your alarm goes off and you’ve got to go back to work in order to …pay the bills.

Anyone ever feel like this?

And in the meantime we’ve got Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb Ass threatening to throw each other in jail if they’re elected president, and Capital Hill occupants fighting over salaries and titles …the world’s a mess. And I hate that I can’t fix it.

But I contributed to the mess. I contribute to it quite regularly, actually, by not paying enough attention to my kids and my wife. I sweep them aside to try to be someone else’s hero. I’m guilty of this every single day.

I even sweep them aside to be my own hero.

Writing this post doesn’t make me more of an attentive father just because I’m acknowledging it. They say that the first step is admitting the problem. I’ve always disagreed with that.

The first step is beginning to change.

You say, “Come on, you’re working hard to build your publishing company and meet deadlines and write this nifty awesome blog for my enjoyment.”

Sure, but during the writing of most of these post, my kids are somewhere in the background vying for my attention, or my wife is in the bedroom folding laundry.

Hollywood and singers will say, “The world changes for the better for every pair of panties you fold and put away.” Or some crap like that.

I’m beginning to wonder if the issue isn’t with wanting to change the world vs. spending time with my kids, but maybe it’s that I’m so disorganized.

I intermingle work with my publishing company, which intermingles with time I could spend with the kids, which cuts into time I can spend washing the dishes…

Last weekend I gave my wife a schedule for Saturday. I said, I’ll spend time with you guys during these hours and I’ll work during these hours. It went well. All those hours were deliberate nuggets of time well spent.

But I didn’t set anything up for Sunday. And all hell broke loose.

So I’m wondering if maybe being a little more organized is just one way to help make the world a better place. If so, I guess I’ll go fold some underwear tonight after work.



About Andrew Toy
I'm in the beginning stages of starting my own publishing company that's unlike anything you've ever heard of in the industry. The direction of AdoptingJames is taking a 90-degree turn and will be more writing/publishing-focused. Stay tuned for huge updates and exciting news!

17 Responses to The Hazards of Changing the World

  1. Laura Beth says:

    I feel you on the health insurance thing. Funny, I work for a local health system, and we all agree that change is desperately needed. I’m in the middle of a blog post about the ACA and trying to make sense of it all.

  2. Sumyanna says:

    I truly do think keeping organized is key. I’m learning to do that myself. With all the distractions, I think it necessary.

  3. ellenbest24 says:

    Kick your heels up laugh at yourself and most of all make time for the two of you and family time. Maybe wear those panties to show you can loosen up. Life is just too short. 😇

  4. You’ve got a full schedule, for sure. Love these ideas of yours for changing the world:
    Negate health insurance
    Reform the foster care system and adoption process in this country
    Reform corporate America so that you’re paid by the amount of work you do, not by your title.
    Enforce capital punishment for rapists, women/child abusers, and murders.

  5. Lee says:

    Capital punishment is wrong no matter what you crime you try to justify it for. I’ve found your right wing rants a very easy reason to unfollow you recently.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      Has nothing to do with right-wing or left-wing. If someone raped your daughter, would you want him roaming the earth looking for yet another victim? And then on those nights when she’s screaming and crying from endless nightmares, is it fair that he’s sitting in a jail cell across town eating pistachio pudding and watching Springer? Is it fair then, that we lock him up for life and we have to support him with our taxes? I do not and will not ever believe in capital punishment for any crime less than those offences mentioned (I’m willing to eliminate abuse since that comes in many forms), because you’re right, it is disgusting and terrible, and I don’t wish it on anybody. But I also don’t wish rape or murder on anybody, either.

    • I’ve noticed you “left-wingers” (to copy your terminology) have quite a bit of compassion for the murderers and rapists, but very little compassion for the victims. Seems backwards and barbaric to me.

  6. Miriam says:

    What a great post and so much I could relate to. Yes, we definitely need a schedule and a plan but it’s good too to be flexible. Keep folding those undies! 😊

  7. Jacque' says:

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