A Third Party Presidency Can Happen!

If you’re like me and most of Americans I talk to, you’re disgusted by the candidates for this upcoming election. Clowns. Losers. A pathetic and embarrassing waste. And that’s putting it nicely.

Capitol Hill has almost always been more concerned about their little squabbles and rivalries than about the interests of the American people.

Hillary supports organizations I’m disgusted by, she will disarm our military, and reduce our police force to hall monitors. And also, by a rule of thumb, any vote for a democratic party is a vote in favor of bigger government and higher taxes, both of which I am stoutly and adamantly against.

On the other hand, we have Donald. He represents the party that I’m registered with. And he’s an absolute disgrace. But for a while I was going to vote for him because he wants to rebuild our military, and it’s only likely that he’ll raise our taxes (not guaranteed like it is with Hillary), and he wants to do away with Obamacare, because we lost our freedom with that. He’s a “lesser evil,” in my opinion.

But a vote for Trump almost guarantees four years of scandal and finger-pointing and more turbulence with racial issues (which infuriates me because those issues should be nonexistent by this point. I mean, seriously, what the hell is wrong with us? Are we all still in grade school and we can’t get over our differences?).

But voting for Trump (or against Hillary) means voting for a racist, sexist pig, who might take the defense of our country so far as to annihilate any possible threat even before it becomes a threat, which I’m not okay with (but I’m more in favor of that than laying down our arms, as Hillary would propose). Basically this is what I call a grey election. There are black and whites between the candidates, but our convictions as a country are still grey. These candidates are asking us to vote for all or nothing on every issue.

My wife convinced me that a vote against a candidate is a waste, because it’s still a vote in favor of an evil. I think we can all agree that both are an evil in some ways or others.

You’re either voting for a racist, sexist fear monger whose primary interest has always been increasing his own bottom line…

Or you’re voting for a pathological liar, whose primary interest is control and power at every cost, no matter who gets hurt. She said it herself that she believes in systems and rules over the power of changed person. People in favor of more systems, rules, and regulations are defeatists.

BUT, like the brilliant film Finding Dory reminds us, there’s always a way out. DON’T VOTE FOR THE LESSER OF EVILS like I came close to doing. If you’re honest to goodness choice is either of the primary candidates, then by all means, go for it. But if you’re like me, and neither is acceptable for you, then send the government a message and demand a third party, another option.

I always fall into the mindset that my vote doesn’t matter. Trust me. I get that. I’m a total victim to that ideology. But if I truly believe in and hope for a changed government, then I must act on that with my vote. Because maybe there are millions of others just like me. And what if none of us go out and vote for a third party?

Abraham Lincoln was a third party.

If you’re undecided, seriously watch this 90-second video below. It makes perfect sense that a third party is possible.


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26 Responses to A Third Party Presidency Can Happen!

  1. Well, that was enough for me. I’m glad you revealed your choice. It made it easier to unfollow you.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      I totally respect that. But less than 1% of my posts are about politics. Were you following me because of my political views? Sorry my political commentaries were so few and far between.

      • Val_ToWriter says:

        I blog and obviously I talk to other people, and have found that people either don’t like or react strongly to political opinions. In this election, though, almost all of us have a strong opinion and that may be just what you state: total disgust with our choices.
        I probably will vote for Trump. Why? You said he’s concerned with his bottom line — well, I hope he can become concerned with our country’s bottom line. We live in the Washington Metro area, and I can tell you there’s a lot of people making big bucks from the government. Both my daughter-in-law and son work as government contractors for big firms. They get paid even more money than government workers because they do the job faster and better. My son is often frustrated by the less than the best systems and employees, and red tape he has to work with in the government. And of course if you work for the government, it’s almost impossible to be fired — look at Lois Lerner!
        So big government is an issue for me. When there are more people working for the Dept. of Agriculture than there are farmers, that’s a problem. When the Dept. of Education makes policy decisions for schools in Podunk, Iowa, that’s concern, too. The latter department should be pared down and the bulk of its money and power should be shifted to states, each of which have their own challenges. I trust educators (was one before I retired) and know for the most part they want to see their students succeed. Money would be best spent by states and local schools systems. Not that they don’t involve themselves in wasteful spending either, but at least they’re better placed to identify problems. Perhaps some new innovations could be attempted which would solve some current problems.
        We instituted the Dept. of Homeland Security to coordinate efforts between the NSA, FBI and CIA (and perhaps other sources) and still we have a lack of coordination, not a happy band of brothers and sisters marching against evil on our behalf.
        I could go on and on. Drive around my neck of the woods, and you’ll see there’s no lack of money in and surrounding the federal government. (And I haven’t even mentioned lobbyists!).
        Some people I know are leaving the president space blank on ballots, and just voting form other offices and propositions. I’d really hate to see a Democrat congress and a Democrat president. I’d also hate to see a “Democrat” Supreme Court. My only criteria for a new justice is that he or she knows and loves the Constitution as the foundation for this country and our way of life.
        We did have some good choices in the primaries, but perhaps their rejection says something about the Republican party. First I think they need to learn from this that the people are not happy with them, and want some fighters and scrappers on their side, not representatives who cave and crumble when the Democrats threaten to rumble!

    • claire says:

      I can’t believe what I’m reading. You unfollow someone because of their political beliefs?!?! It makes me wonder why you were following in the first place? Surely we should all be learning from each others viewpoints. I sure don’t agree with everything I read in the blogs I follow but you are always able to add another view in the comments box. I read them because I find them enjoyable or informative – what on earth have politics got to do with it unless its a political type blog – haven’t come across one of those yet.
      My mouth is still open in shock.

  2. I totally agree that a third party presidency is possible. And both the Democratic and Republican parties are afraid that citizens will figure that out; they will do anything to stop it. That’s why they wouldn’t let Gary Johnson and Jill Stein be in the televised debates.

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m voting a third party candidate and this will be the first time I do. I can’t in good conscience support either of the main candidates as they are both repugnant in my opinion. Yes, a third party candidate can win, but the people have to wake up and stop believing everything the media states as absolute truth.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      Wonderful and you’re right! Be sure to spread the word to everyone at this late hour. I know I’m doing my part with this post. We can’t stop spreading the word and being unashamed of our vote. If it doesn’t happen this time, then we’ve got another 4 years to convince the American people.

      • Melissa says:

        I’ve been spreading on Facebook and Twitter. Just so many people unwilling to open their minds to the possibility that either of the main candidates would be a complete disaster!

  4. claire says:

    I’m UK and was wondering why, since its evident most US voters want neither Trump or Clinton they don’t have other options. So happy to hear there are some! Go for it voters!

    • Hi Claire! They say that is because of the winner-take-all system rather than proportional representation in the U. S. Congress. Third parties cannot get started, so we- the Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party- mostly just endorse centrist candidates that respond to our issues, like prescription drug abuse, pseudo-psychiatry, property seizures or the rigged internet and economy, the disregard of privacy and the Fourth Amendment, police shootings and campaign finance. But here we are embarrassed by the failure of the Republicans to produce a candidate that is remotely capable of being president. I have a Ph. D in politics, but am not remotely capable of this, the hardest job in the world.

      • claire says:

        Wow thanks! That is very enlightening. I have only the most very basic idea of how US politics work, so that answers some questions.

        • Ya, we have lots of fun over here ducking bullets and listening to the BBC news on NPR! We hope you all can uphold the free world if the U. S. goes South! My buddy is Willie Shakespeare, from over on the Arden River, but my ancestors were Lords of the Isles over there between Scotland and Ireland.

          • claire says:

            The Isles between Scotland and Ireland might be a good place to be if either of them get in power lol!
            I was encouraged that the UK voted for Brexit (primarily us oldsters it seems) but it was like a kid sticking his tongue out at the school bully (the bully being the powers that tend to manipulate politics and social media). I was encouraged there’s still a bit of fighting spirit left somewhere under the TV and mobile phone subterfuge. We are not quite dead yet lol!
            Wouldn’t it be great if the USA could pull a stunt like that with an overwhelming vote for a third party! OK I’m know I’m a dreamer lol!

            • Avon river, Arden forest- (Alzheimered it!) We think Britain can better stay free alone, but can bring more liberty and guidance to Europe in the EU. The trouble with third parties here is that they take votes from the party to whom they are closest. But that discouragement is cancelled for this election, as sane Republicans know the Trumpster is like the wizard in Wizard of Oz, a shyster not able to be president.

              • claire says:

                Agreed! The problem is unfortunately most follow the media lead instead of thinking outside the box, but I have my fingers crossed and have thrown in a few prayers since reading a few articles on Putin’s position should Clinton get in!!! (definitely sabre rattling going on)

  5. I have always been a third party voter as I’m a registered Independent Party voter. Since 1975, when I turned 18 and registered to vote, I have been ridiculed by many people because I’m neither Republican nor Democrat. And I have been told that I’m wasting my vote by not voting for either of the two major parties. It has been long overdue that we Americans realize there are more (and often better) choices than what the mainstream media feeds us when it’s time to elect a president for our country. I have told my children this ever since they were youngsters, and now I’m telling my grandchildren the same thing. Maybe enough people will eventually change the status quo. I only hope I live long enough to see it happen.

  6. I hear your frustration, but putting the word out a month before the election isn’t going to accomplish much. You’re never wasting your vote, but this time around you may want to reconsider for the sake of reasonable doubt.

    This is clearly a matter of ‘lesser evils’ and in this case, a reasonably bipartisan candidate with lots of experience is going up against a misogynistic, openly xenophobic T.V. celebrity. You’re more likely to ‘steal votes’ from Hillary than Trump.

    I consider myself a moderate liberal and I consider myself rather proud of being an American… a relatively young (36) African American male. I have Republican friends that I genuinely feel sorry for, their candidate–the first in a long time– simply doesn’t recognize the keynotes of the conservative viewpoint. Despite being a Democrat, I agree with certain aspects of the right, and conservatives often do a good job of keeping the ‘crazy liberals’ in check. 😉 Balance is the beauty of our nation.

    Point blank: throwing a political hissy fit right now isn’t accomplishing anything. A strong independent candidate is a wonderful pipedream — one that would take large-scale reform and massive failures on both sides of the political zoo.

    Consider your fellow Americans and how they would be affected by someone like Donald Trump being citizen number one. Make sure you aren’t just saying “Oh, it won’t effect ME that much… so I’m abstaining.” (or in this case voting for someone with zero chance of winning the 2016 election).

    I hate pulling this card, but the only people that can afford to ‘throw away their votes’ are the politically invisible. IE. Caucasians. There are people voting in this election with genuine (and open) hostile intent.

    Please, consider the timing of your suggestion to vote independent. Many moderates feel the way you do, and for good reason, but such apathy (because that’s what it is when we’re weeks away from the election) really stands to screw us.

    Due process can protect us from political corruption from within… but putting a loudmouth as our representative on the world stage (even if you do it on accident) will only succeed in making us lose what little credibility we have left.

  7. That video was very enlightening and quite shocking, to be honest. Definitely makes you rethink your decision. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey Andrew, nice penny video! 191 million American non-voters can’t be wrong! But seiously, we tried to start a third party in the center, and Evan McMullin is running as an independent. It does seem right that some third group needs to get off the couch. But now for the nation we need to not have the Trumpster, due to the danger of civil and foreign war. Obama endorsed Hillary, and Wild Bill brings eight years of steady hand on the foreign and domestic executive, which is sort of important in this rather politically complicated world. The Republicans seem to have embarrassed if not ruined their party, demonstrating that they do not care for the public good, and showing the dangerous limitations of the oligarchic image of a man who knows how and is able to govern.

    • Andrew Toy says:

      I still cannot get onboard with Hillary’s policies and ideologies. I’m 100% a McMullin fan all the way.

      • I just head about McMullin the other day, and thought he spoke vey inspiring on the principles of the Declaration. We worry too about Hillary, but at least she has read the law and the orders! And a lifetime of service, and she knows the names of the other leaders, and has fewer negatives than Wild Bill! really, we just want to see her (Italics) bimbo be first lady! But McMullin could seriously win, by preventing a majority in the Electoral College and throwing the top three candidates into the House, where the sane Republicans could elect him.

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