BIG Changes Ahead for Adopting James


Adopting James will be changing ownership soon. I don’t know to whom yet.

You’ll notice that I’ve been writing more about writing than about foster care and adoption lately. That’s because, even though I’m still an advocate for adoption and foster care, I am setting my social media laser more on my new publishing company and getting it off the ground.

(You’ve submitted your short story for a chance to win $150, right???)

Here’s the rub.

Just several hours ago I opened up a new blog, Endeverblog, that will feature more in-depth, practical writing advice, as well as video blogs (as soon as I learn how to develop a smooth video presence) and updates about Endever Publishing Studios.

So follow it. Watch three nearly-nobodies build a revolutionary publishing company from the ground up.

The analogy I used for my team was this: Right now, we’re on a rickety wooden boat, just barely able to get to the first port. When we get there, we’ll buy the tools to fix the boat and make it a little bigger. After so many ports, I hope to expand our boat that is Endever Publishing Studios, into a super tanker.

So join our blog, submit your short story, and root us on. We’ll need all the support and encouragement we can get. (Besides, you may end up working for us if you’re passionate about seeing a change in the publishing industry.)

Adopting James, meanwhile, will still go strong for several more weeks, but eventually I am going to transfer ownership and hand the reins over to someone who can redirect it back to focussing on adoption and foster care. This will free me up to step back and put more energy into Endever. I’ll still be around to post guest blogs, and you can still see my latest posts on Endever, so it’s not such a sad and final parting.

Nothing’s happening with Adopting James just yet. We’re still in talks concerning its future. So keep stopping by and don’t miss a single post. We’ll be in touch.

Click here to submit!

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Any questions, please email me at

About Andrew Toy
Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

9 Responses to BIG Changes Ahead for Adopting James

  1. Thank you for following me! I wish you all the best, (all three of you), with the publishing studio! I liked your page on Facebook and I’m excited to see you all grow. The best of luck to you all!

  2. You go, Guy! You got this! Good luck in your new adventures! Thanks for checking us out and following along with ours. The Adventures of Roz’s Lunchbox gang!

  3. lindagossblog says:

    Admire your enthusiasm and forward thinking. Your analogies are on point..small publishing businesses are at risk, but there is an even greater need Now to allow our voice to be heard. I walked that walked with Maya Publucations (5 poor teachers who wanted to write books to supplement missing cultural information from curriculum on history of Africa) and we are still going strong-despite the ‘muck and the mire’! Kudos to you.

  4. Arlene says:

    The Best of Luck to you in your new adventure into publishing. I have gone over to the new site and clicked the follow button. I also liked you on FB. I like your logo too. 🙂

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