What’s In A Name?


Starting a publishing company is super overwhelming. And it’s even more overwhelming if you don’t know the name of the company yet!

It’s out there, I know. I just have to find it.

I’ve thought of names such as Deep Blue Publishing

Kats and Dogs Publishing (in honor of my daughter Katherine and our two dogs)

Ducks in a Row Publishing (my daughter loves ducks)

Drool Publishing (because my son drools)

CrazyTimes Publishing, Exhausted Publishing, Overwhelmed Publishing, IHatePublishing Publishing…

You get the idea. I even have a notecard set up on my dashboard that says, “Name for company?” Just in case my mind wanders while I’m traveling to or from work and I need to refocus.

But how much thought needs to go into it? Am I overthinking it? Maybe.

After all, when you compare Pixar’s logo/name to Dreamworks’, it kind of pales in comparison.


But then, we all know which one delivers the better movies.

Of course I want to publish and produce the best books possible, but being a fresh-faced publisher on the scene doesn’t really afford me the opportunity to have a mediocre name.

Hopefully the next time I update you on my business, I’ll have a name to present to you.

Have any ideas? Share them below! If I do happen to choose your idea, I’ll give you the first five books published by me for free.

(And seriously, Alan Rickman died?? Can we take a moment to grieve?)

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About Andrew Toy
I'm in the beginning stages of starting my own publishing company that's unlike anything you've ever heard of in the industry. The direction of AdoptingJames is taking a 90-degree turn and will be more writing/publishing-focused. Stay tuned for huge updates and exciting news!

58 Responses to What’s In A Name?

  1. pinkdogdem says:

    Oh I love to play the name game! Bibliotech or Biblioteq. Alexandria (that’s what I name my kindle). Mind the Gap (I don’t know why). Chocolate Pelican (think of the giveaways). Also I really like Ducks in a Row.

  2. sissybeard says:

    How about “I’ll never get published publishing” It might resonate with some of us 🙂

  3. The perfect name will come to you and you will wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. And yes, it is very sad that we have lost Alan Rickman… have loved so many of his movies and he always made the movie more alive for me….

  4. thewriteedge says:

    I kind of like the iHatePublishing Publishing idea. Reverse psychology, anyone…? :>

    • Lol, I’m tempted, but I don’t think that’s a good business idea 🙂 I’m sure I’ll make enough mistakes…

      • thewriteedge says:

        No, you’re right, don’t want to tempt the fates. Jokes aside, the note card in the car is a good idea. It took me weeks to come up with a company name, and it came to me — wouldn’t you know it — when I was in the car. 😀

        • Beautiful! I’m totally waiting for that lightbulb to go on. Problem is, so far when it has, I find it’s already been taken.

          • thewriteedge says:

            You’re going to run into that a lot. Just think of the sheer number of indie authors out there. When you compare how disproportionate that is to how many words are in the language…well, at some point you’re going to run into similar or even the same names. (The same thing happens with book titles, of course.) If you find a name you really like, that you get excited about, find a way to distinguish it by adding “Publishing” or “Books” or something else story-related. Or change the spelling up a little (hence Krazy Glue.) That will usually fix the problem. Let me know if you want to brainstorm and/or want help narrowing down ideas!

  5. I like the ING-PP personally…

  6. MishaBurnett says:

    Well, as it happens, I own a name, and an LLC, and I’d be happy to get rid of both, since I’m not likely to do anything with them. If you want “Bold Fortune Press, LLC” I’ll give it to you.

  7. bdaiken says:

    I’ve worked freelance for the publishing world for almost 50 years. The name will become whatever you make of it, but something familiar will make it easier to remember.

  8. J says:

    When I was pipe dreaming my future business, the name was so important. It’s so hard to move forward without putting a face to it. It brings it to life. I kept titling all my notes for business ideas “Brain child” because that’s exactly what it was. I struggled so long to find a name I loved until someone said, “I thought you already named it? You’re always saying brain child this and brain child that.” Sometimes the name is right under your nose. You’ll find it 🙂

  9. scarmich says:

    Teacup Publishing (I LOVE drinking tea from teacups while reading. It makes me feel sophisticated)

    But you are also a man and teacup publishing may be a bad name choice. haha! 😀

    I truly think ducks in a row is lovely….

  10. Nom de Plume Publishing?
    Also, I’ve known businesses whose names sound like they’re the last names of two founding partners. In reality, they just happen to be the names of two adjacent avenues/streets, picked at random!

    • That’s interesting! I always assume it’s a last name 🙂 “Toy” somehow doesn’t have a publisher’s ring to it…

      • Ofcourse it does.. What’s writing if not toying with ideas? Writers are always toying with ideas.. It’s only when they have courage to mix imagination with a touch of realism that they publish. Or atleast that’s what I would do when I have the guts to write a book! (I don’t want to be too preposterous, I might start with a collection of short stories!)

      • Ah – also – if you assume always that it’s a last name, then that says more about you than the nom de plume. The nom de plume doesn’t lead you on to assume anything.. Hence a perfect name for a publishing company??

  11. ellenbest24 says:

    Prompt publishing, for obvious reasons, Hello Andrew, by the way nice blog. Prolific Publishing is my favourite.
    Will you be open to all genres? Or specialist in one? These answers can be used to chose a name that reflects what you do. A name should at a glance tell the world what you offer, so as lovely as the family pet and quirky names are, from a professional point of view they may reflect on you as more of a hobbyists than a serious business person. A name should scream “I am a professional and serious about what I provide”. I wish you and your family lots of luck.😇
    Alan Rickman’s passing leaves many stuck for words he is a great loss to all R.I.P.

  12. blg2011motherof2 says:

    I actually adore Deep Blue Publishing. I often find that our first thought is the best one to go with since we choose that with our soul. Anything after that is chosen with our mind. I assume that was your first one since it is spoken about first. If Deep Blue is taken how does the name Cerulean Clouds Publishing sound? Royal Purple Publishing sounds neat too.

  13. mirrorthesky says:

    I like Deep Blue too. And, actually, I like Pixar’s logo better: it’s simpler, and who could forget the lamp stomping down the letter ‘i’. DreamWorks name is good, and their fishing from the moon is captivating, but it’s too long and complicated. I would go for simple for your name and logo.

    Also, have you considered made-up words? ‘Pixar’ is made up, but it brings to mind the real word ‘picture.’ Drug companies do this too for brand names of drugs. They look at the name of the chemical, or certain words that make people think of health or peace (for example), and alter it to make a new ‘nonsense’ word that evokes a certain feeling or is similar to the real word. There are actually people whose job it is to make up words for brand names in this manner. This type of name might be harder than real words to choose well, but it’s another idea.

    Good luck! Brainstorming names sounds like a fun endeavor!

    • You have inspired me in more ways than you know. I played with this idea and I have landed on a name. I’m going to play around with it over the weekend and see if I still love it by Monday. Thank you so, so much!

  14. ameliemurphy says:

    Post it note publishings? Lol . Good luck. It will come to you when you least expect it.

  15. Raphaelle says:

    Check out the Igor Naming Guide.

    But honestly the name is the last thing to worry about … get going with a business plan and the name will come.

  16. melimeli says:

    I like ‘Ducks in a row’ and with your daughter as inspiration it will have a happy connotation every time you write it. It sounds both fun and trustworthy.

  17. Grace Grogan says:

    I like Ducks in a Row

  18. Sandymae says:

    Reader’s Choice Publishing – it would make me think that you will always have books that I want to read. Probably already taken, right? I like “5-Star Publishing” and you could use the logo ***** and, of course, you will want writers and readers to expect that the books you will be publishing will be 5* quality.

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