Our Jurassic Curiosity

JurassicWorld.posterIt’s true. I fell captive to commercial marketing.

I willingly subjected my wife and myself to 2,000 extra calories from a DQ blizzard just because it came in a Jurassic World cup (a picture of the giant mosasaurus opening its jaws to swallow a great white). My monthly DQ update in my email inbox had me at the words “Jurassic Crunch.”

I will be lining up to see this movie early next week as I’ve been waiting forever to see it.

What is it that drives us toward dinosaurs (or monsters in general)? Why are we so compelled to run to the theaters when we know we’re going to see people eaten and torn apart by ferocious prehistoric beasts?

Personally I think it’s more our desire to see how people would respond in alternate universes or in fantastic scenarios that the adventurer in us kind of wishes would actually happen. I often find myself daydreaming about what plan of action we would have to take as a family if we were faced with some sort of apocalyptic disaster.

At any rate, I’m super excited to see how this Jurassic installment holds up in the franchise. Word on the street is it’s almost as good as the first one. That’s saying something.

Oh, and the Jurassic Crunch from Dairy Queen is awesome (if you like cookie dough).


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41 Responses to Our Jurassic Curiosity

  1. I can’t wait to see it either. I’m hoping it’s half as good as the first.

  2. Vicky Louise says:

    I loved it! I could not blink I was that drawn in!

  3. I am so excited about Team Velociraptor I can’t even tell you about it. Just booked my tickets, and now I have to wait until it’s time to go… the suspense is killing me!

  4. Jean Page says:

    Headed to the Drive-in to see it here tonight. I think my 8 yr old’s head might explode from excitement before we make it though.

  5. Dandy! says:

    A friend of mine called me up for the sole purpose of telling me just how damn good this film is and that I should drop whatever plans I had for that night to go see it. Might take him up on the offer now.

  6. Daisy9979 says:

    I’m so excited to see this movie! I planned to see it this weekend but stuff came up so I have to wait until next weekend, which makes me sad 😦

  7. Ray Dawson says:

    I have a friend who has seen this movie and they have been bouncing off the wall with happiness. I am extremely excited about seeing it. I was to young to see the first movie in theaters so I’ll be eating as much popcorn as I can while watching this one three or four times.

  8. JM Stories says:

    Oh yeah, baby, on both counts!

  9. Tina Bina of WTTV! says:

    We just watched this movie last night & will be doing a review on our blog!

  10. Mmm, Blizzards! We used to be able to get those delivered to our dorm in college, if we all ordered enough of them …

  11. offl1n3 says:

    I have high hopes for Jurassic World as I loved the first movie and am hoping it’s somewhat similar (not quite as much fan of the other two movies they made, I read the Jurassic Park books too but the only one I liked was the original by Crichton).

  12. jimbelton says:

    Saw it last night (review here: https://jimbelton.wordpress.com). **** A. IMO, better than any of the sequels. See it!

  13. I still imagine what I would do if I came in contact with a raptor. Usually, it’s “Don’t count on doors keeping them out” and “run for the commercial kitchen”!

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