Inside Out Early Reviews!


If you know me, you know I’m freakishly, uncontrollably, unfathomably, impossibly, unquestionably, super excited about Pixar’s newest movie coming out this summer! (Let’s add a few more exclamation points for emphasis… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Especially after coming out of the Dark Age of 2014, being completely absent of any movie from the greatest movie studio in the history of the universe.

Inside Out is the story of a little girl named Riley and the emotions that live inside her head. Thinking through what the movie could be about, I deducted that this could quite possibly be the saddest movie Pixar has come out with since the heart-breaking Up.

I mean, one of the emotions is Sadness, and she’s bound to get her fair share of screen time, and the trailer suggests that the family is not as close as it could be…

Well, I’ve been digging around lately for some early reviews, and so far, the consensus is not just that it could be the saddest movie since Up, but it also has the potential to be the greatest movie Pixar has ever made. And let’s face it, they have their work cut out for them to reach that status!

For those of you a little skeptical after the deplorable Cars 2 and the mediocre Brave and Monsters University (two movies that I actually really enjoyed), put your anxieties and fears to rest.

I read a book written by Pixar’s president and co-founder stating that the studio is serious about getting back to their roots, and with what they have planned and the radical changes they’ve made inside the studio, I have no doubt that they will succeed and they’re about to enter into their second Golden Era just as Disney had (their third) with the release of The Princess and the Frog several years ago.

Read the review for Inside Out by CinemaBlend and let your emotions celebrate and anticipate!

Share with us below what movies Inside Out has to beat in order to be the best Pixar movie ever.

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9 Responses to Inside Out Early Reviews!

  1. amo says:

    I saw the trailers, and I’m reserving judgement. I think the movie has not only potential to be sad, but to be really preachy (in the pop-psychology kind of sense). But yes, it could also be really, really awesome. Let’s hope for the latter!
    Incidentally, I thought Brave was fabulous in so many ways. I’m not sure where the “mediocre” label is coming from here…

    • It’s like the third lowest rated Pixar movie according to Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t get why, our family loves Brave. The most listened to soundtrack in our house as well.

      • amo says:

        I wonder how much of the low reviews have to do with the fact that Brave is not a run-of-the-mill story, and that its chief conflict is between a mother and daughter – *without a love interest in sight*. Merida never does get a boyfriend, but she reconciles with Mum. It’s a character-driven story rather than a plot-driven one – and that’s not something a lot of critics will get. To each their own, I suppose…

  2. busy lady says:

    Thanks for the review. I will look forward to it.

  3. I’m cautiously optimistic…but mostly optimistic!!
    LOOK AT THE CAST! At it’s worst, it’ll be painfully hilarious.

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