Birthdays, Caves, and Books

10635732_10205390547547352_5749980751263200357_nFirst off, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!

Once again, thanks to my wife, I had an awesome birthday.

Sarabeth took me and our little girl (9 months old) to Mammoth Caves about 90 minutes out of Louisville. I’ve never been in a cave that I can recall, so I was quite blown away by how awesome it was. If you’re ever in these neck of the woods, I’d highly recommend it.


I learned three things on our expedition:

1) I’m most definitely not claustrophobic, which works out because

2) Next year I want to go deeper and farther into the cave, possibly as far down as we can go. And

3) My wife is a total trouper as she scaled damp, slippery trails and steep stairs in a dark cave, holding a sleeping baby, with a broken toe (her toe, not the baby’s). And so, like always, I have more reason to love and admire her.

She got me a couple of books. One by one of the Pixar greats, Ed Catmull and one about the impact a father had on his daughter by reading with her:













One book to help boost my career as a writer and the other to inspire me to be the best father I can be for our little girl. Both of which I will be writing reviews for in some posts down the road.

But speaking of books, I’d like to remind you that my book, I Am the Lion becomes available on Amazon Kindle Direct today! So I’d really love to see at least a couple of sales so I can be inspired to keep writing.


I Am the Lion is a book I am very proud of, about a young girl who struggles to have a normal relationship with her widowed, bipolar father. It’s a short book, perfect to usher in the holiday season, so be sure to download your copy today. I’d really think you’re awesome for it. Get it for your Kindle here.


About Andrew Toy
I'm in the beginning stages of starting my own publishing company that's unlike anything you've ever heard of in the industry. The direction of AdoptingJames is taking a 90-degree turn and will be more writing/publishing-focused. Stay tuned for huge updates and exciting news!

24 Responses to Birthdays, Caves, and Books

  1. grannyK says:

    I love caves! It’s been over 30 years since I’ve been in one. My brother and I used to explore the caves at Craters of the Moon in Idaho. Grats on the book!

  2. Thank you! And if you do ever get a chance to be in Louisville, I cannot recommend Mammoth Caves enough 🙂

  3. lisajsmi says:

    A Happy Belated Birthday. The cake looks so yummy. So happy that you had an awesome day!

  4. S.J. Takeshi says:

    Belated Happy Birthday James! Here’s a toast to never getting old. Haha. 😀

  5. Well, DAD, hope your new book breaks a leg!

  6. I’m a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope your new year is awesome! 🙂

  7. Darcel says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  8. ljaylj says:

    I’m sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. Happy belated birthday. I’m extra sorry I missed that cake. I’ve been to a few caverns across the US and enjoy the sites and the atmosphere–but I only do tours, I do not explore.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! Wishing you a phenomenal 365 days ahead until your next birthday. Sounds like you had an awesome time. Your wife was spot on with giving you those books, and that cake looks yummilicious! Continue to have a fantastic week.

  10. Patty B says:

    Happy be-lated birthday ~ blessings for many more happy years

  11. hbsuefred says:

    As a mom who has visited way too many national parks, at least according to my now grown children who we dragged along to most of them, I can say with some authority that, if you’ve seen one cave, you’ve seen them all. Of course, Mammoth Cave is, well, mammoth. I have been there since it’s not too far from where I now live in TN. If you’re ever down here, I can recommend you visit the Underground Sea, which I found to be a little different from most caves since there are actually a few fish in it and the people who work there get to swim in it. PS If I ever get a Kindle or any kind of similar e-reader tablet thing, I’ll try to remember to purchase your new book. The size and subject interest me very much.

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