A Call to Resurgence

1037I find many contemporary Christian books lacking in either sound theology or cunning intrigue. When it comes to Christian books I tend to stick with the classics like R.C. Sproul and C.S. Lewis.

A friend of mine suggested I read Mark Driscoll’s new book, A Call to Resurgence, and he asks the question: “Will Christianity have a funeral or a future?”

I’m not going to lie. I like Driscoll. I agree with about 97% of his teachings about the Chruch, the Bible, God, and the people of God. And I believe he’s got a good handle on what’s in store for Christianity in the very near future.

As citizens of the 21st century are drowning in the rapid currents of the new “tolerance” movement, Driscoll makes the point that we Christians need to know where we stand on issues such as gay marriage, abortion, and basic theological truths that many of us may have forgotten.

I loved this book. Not only because I agree with most of his statements and predictions, but because he explains this “brave new world” we’re living in crystal clear, and reminds Christians that we can no longer sit on our butts and watch the world spiral out of control.

We’ve got to join in the chaos, because, really, it’s not chaos at all. The world is heading in the direction God has planned – bad as it may seem now.

We just have to know how to live in it and stand strong.


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10 Responses to A Call to Resurgence

  1. djdfr says:

    I do not believe that the world is at the present time heading in the direction God planned. He planned the garden of Eden. We humans have chosen otherwise. Unless we change, it will keep getting worse, to the point that we risk losing His Image and Likeness. This is why He spoke directly to a man in Arès, France, reminding us of His Will which is that we be and do Good. Why don’t we try it?

    • Well, I think the point is really that we have to trust that God has a plan, or give in to despair, which is a sin against the virtue of hope. There really isn’t any middle ground. On the other hand, we can’t just give up. That’s presumption, the other sin against hope. We have to keep on fighting in small ways. That’s the key: faithful in small things. 🙂

      • djdfr says:

        God has a plan but will we follow it? He has given us freedom. Yes, it is in our everyday life, by changing how we are, that we can change the world. That is the core of the message He gave in Arès.

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  3. aj,
    I often get into discussions with other Christians who are angry at our country n our President and have to remind them that no matter what, no matter if we can’t always see it, God’s plan is in motion, and that all that is happening is simply part of that plan.
    Most of them won’t talk to me again lol.
    As in djdfr’s comment above…if I accept that God knew/knows everything since the beginning, then he knew we would take the “apple”, knew what we would choose, yet He set the whole plan in motion anyway.
    If we believe. then we have to have faith that His plan is going according to plan.

    • That’s ridiculous that some people have stopped talking to you. Here’s something my friend posted on Facebook recently: “Mind blowing: The moment God cursed Adam and Eve in Gen 3 yet included the reality that they would have offspring, he sealed the destiny of Jesus to die on the cross.” So yes, there was a plan from the beginning.

  4. oneintercessor says:

    Have you read The Truth War by John MacArthur? It is terrific and sounds like you’d agree with it based on the first part of this post.

  5. Freedom From Within Professional Life Coaching says:

    Reblogged this on Bonus Moms & Dads.

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