Book Trailer!

It’s not a video, but I’ve taken parts of my book and compiled them into movie trailer format. Enjoy the “trailer” to my book, like it on Facebook, and buy it when the new and improved edition is released!

“Look out your window. Is that a dinosaur, Jeremy?” Robbie asks his son in the back seat, who stays glued to the game on his iPad. “You know, stomping around. Eating things?” Robbie’s wife, Rosalynn, looks at him with a smirk from the passenger seat.


Gothic_Boy_Small_crop_large“Who’s this?” asks Robbie, interrupting his daughter’s kiss with the creepy-looking college kid. “This is Dwayne. Dwayne, my dad.”

“Good to meet you, kiddo,” says Robbie, shaking his hand. “Derek, was it?”


“While your blood sugar and heart level are fine, there seems to be a blockage which is just a bit concerning to me,” says the doctor from across the desk.

“How concerning?” asks Rosalynn, reaching for Robbie’s hand.

“Concerning enough that we’re going to have to keep you overnight.”


“Toy’s debut novel will leave readers talking and will make them instant fans of his storytelling abilities.” -Nicole McManus, reviewer and blogger


“I’m sure you know we’re letting people go.” says Robbie’s boss.fired

“Don’t do this to me, Kurt.”

“I’ll give you a good reference. I’m sorry, Robbie. We’re only keeping a small handful of people, if it makes you feel better.”

Oh yes. Much, thinks Robbie.


“I’ve got something big,” says Robbie’s coworker. “You won’t believe what I found. We have access to his clients. We use these leads, we’ll have jobs again in no time!”

“What do we have to do?” Robbie asks.

“We sneak in, pull up the information, print it out, and leave.”


Robbie is in an empty warehouse, tapping his foot anxiously, waiting for the age-old man-peeking-out-of-moving-boxprinter to print the documents. He hears the bar on the door move. Panicking, he jumps inside a nearby cardboard box, just big enough to fit him if he scrunches. He closes his eyes

and all goes black.

When he opens his eyes he sees that he is crouching in a giant puddle of crystal-blue phosphorescent water. The water glows brightly enough to reveal a vast cavern surrounding him.


Robbie, still dressed in his suit, is in the jungle talking to a little girl.

The girl takes a step toward him and lifts his tie from his chest. “This looks stupid. Do you use it to swat at flies or something?”

“No. It’s just for looks. It makes me look powerful and in control,” answers Robbie.


jungle“I’m so glad you’re finally with us,” a beautiful young woman says to Robbie. She opens her arms and asks, “May I?”

Only for the rest of our lives, thinks Robbie, looking nervous.

“You don’t look powerful and in control to me,” observes the little girl nearby.


“It’s getting dark,” says the young woman. “We need to go underground now.”

“Why?” asks Robbie.zombies

“Because they’ll be here soon.”



Chills go down Robbie’s spine at the thought of supernatural beings reaping havoc mere feet above his head, and all because they are looking for him.


“This was a heart-stopping suspense adventure like I haven’t read in a long time.” -Cherese Vines, author and blogger


The little girl bites down hard on Robbie’s hand underwater. He screams.


“What happened to your hand?” asks Rosalynn, in their kitchen. Robbie is back home now.

“I had the most incredible dream ever!” Robbie explains. “I was on this island and this little girl was chasing me through some caves and she tried to drown me. That’s when she bit me. Then we saw a dinosaur—an actual, real dinosaur, Rosalynn! Isn’t that insane?”

He uses the word “insane” the same way one might use the word “cool” or “unbelievable”. But Rosalynn obviously takes it for its literal meaning.

“Yes, it is. Honey, I think you need to relax for a bit.”


centipedesRobbie, back in the jungle is pinned to the tree by a giant centipede, while dozens of little ones scurry up his legs into his pants.


“What are we hiding from every night?” Robbie asks the beautiful woman.


“What are they?”


A prufla is breathing heavily on the woman’s neck in a dimly-lit space. It has the form of a corpse with blotchy skin like vegetable bruises. Its eyes are rolled into the back of its head and two slits are where its nose should be.


“Why not just fight them?” asks Robbie. “Declare war.”

An old man shakes his head. “They don’t live. So they can’t be killed. Victory would be impossible.”


“I’m finding centipedes everywhere,” says Rosalynn. “I must’ve killed three of them today.”


Taylor comes running downstairs, screaming, and shaking centipedes out of her hair.


Robbie is in his backyard and slowly backs away as small dinosaurs come crawling out of Eoraptor1the box toward him.


“Get back in the box, Robbie,” says an old man in his house.


“Get back in the box or I’ll kill your family off one by one.”


Robbie is frantically ushering his family in the car. Once they’re all in, he peers in the window at Rosalynn and says, “You guys need to get out of here. Drive anywhere; I don’t care. Just get away from here!”


Jeremy is in the back seat of the car sitting next to the box. “Mom. There’s something moving in this box back here.”

“It’s probably just the bumps in the road, sweetheart,” assures Rosalynn.

man in boxSECOND EDITION – SPRING 2014


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I'm in the beginning stages of starting my own publishing company that's unlike anything you've ever heard of in the industry. The direction of AdoptingJames is taking a 90-degree turn and will be more writing/publishing-focused. Stay tuned for huge updates and exciting news!

24 Responses to Book Trailer!

  1. Great job!!!! Very intriguing.

  2. raylitt says:

    great idea for a book. I’d read it.

  3. raylitt says:

    and I adore the cover

  4. ADEWUYI OKE says:

    Looking forward to the release

  5. Fantastic! Thanks everyone! Spread the word!

  6. Genevieve says:

    I really enjoyed the trailer, totally made me want to buy the book. My husband and I like to read while he is driving. I know this will be on our “to read” list.

  7. Super cool, lovely & very creative. Well done, great Job! Wink*

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  10. I only skimmed through, but it reads more like the outline and not the finished book.

  11. Looks interesting! I’ve heard good things about this book… I’d like to read it if Mom gets it on her Kindle, if there is a Kindle edition… I don’t know if it would be okay to just order it in book form though I really prefer material books to electronic ones.:-)

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