“Please Don’t Kill the Child”

Abortion ChairForty-one years ago today, on January 22, 1973, two historical events took place during the drafting of the Paris Peace Accords and negotiations of the release of Vietnam POW’s.

The country would mourn one event, while it would be torn apart because of the other, more crucial event.

The first was that the thirty-sixth president of the United States died of a heart attack in Texas. This may have overshadowed the even more dreadful event of January 22 – the U.S. Supreme Court’s 7-2 ruling in Roe v. Wade.

Regardless of your beliefs, this was a dark day in American history. The ruling struck down any abortion law that had been in place. It allowed abortion for any reason for the first three months of pregnancy.

Cold-blooded murder was permitted on U.S. soil 41 years ago.

And the blood of the unborn continues to flow freely today, for the most part, without resistance.

Why are people so base as to actively terrorize the lives of unborn babies? I’ve mentioned it in a previous post that those who murder or support the murder of unborn babies are no better than the despicable acts of  people like Andrew Lanza.

And now I ask a question to those who oppose abortion: Why? Why aren’t we fighting to defend the fatherless, the motherless, the unborn orphans? Why have we let America fall so short of this basic God-given right to life?

A lot of times we might just ask ourselves, what can we do?

I love the words of Mother Teresa, who puts it so plainly:

We are fighting abortion by adoption – by care of the mother and adoption for her baby. We have saved thousands of lives. We have sent word to the clinics, to the hospitals and police stations: “Please don’t destroy the child; we will take the child.” Please don’t kill the child. I want the child. Please give me that child. I am willing to accepet any child who would be aborted and to give that child to a married couple who will love the child and be loved by the child. From our children’s home in Calcutta alone, we have saved over 3,000 children from abortion. These children have brought such love and joy to their adopting parents and have grown up so full of love and joy. 

So I ask, what’s stopping us, any of us, to do the same?

If you know of anyone who is planning on having an abortion, offer to take that child. Find a family who will take that child. Save that child. If you are considering an abortion, there are plenty of families who are desperate to have your baby, and will take great care of him or her and you would not be condemned by giving him up.

Let us not forget the tragedy of this day, 41 years ago – America’s return to depravity that is as dark, and even worse, than slavery itself.

Mourn for the deceased unborn, and seek out and fight for those who may yet still have a chance.

About Andrew Toy
I'm in the beginning stages of starting my own publishing company that's unlike anything you've ever heard of in the industry. The direction of AdoptingJames is taking a 90-degree turn and will be more writing/publishing-focused. Stay tuned for huge updates and exciting news!

23 Responses to “Please Don’t Kill the Child”

  1. Thank you for this very important post. We have been deceived for over 40 years, but it’s important to continue to the fight to save the unborn. You are right to remind us that it is up to individuals, not the government, to offer an alternative.

  2. Well written post. I am a sidewalk counselor and unfortunately most of the women don’t see their child as ‘a life’ yet. They have not been raised with the guidance and love necessary to make the right decision for their child. I wish somehow we could reach them before that drive to the abortion clinic.

  3. Allison Jakes says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Although I am an Andrew Lanza in your eyes, I can still appreciate your opinions. I really like your support for adoption. I agree that adoption is a better option than abortion and it is too bad that more people aren’t adopting simply because they can have kids the “natural” way. I like how even though you and I are on opposite sides of the issue, yet, we can still agree on the alternative solution of adoption.

    I do have a few questions, if you don’t mind, just for curiosity’s sake. Do you think that abortion is wrong if either the child or mother’s life is in danger? Do you think that abortion is wrong if the child was conceived from rape? Do you think that abortion is wrong if the child was conceived of incestual rape?

    Again, thank you for sharing!

    • Allison, I love meeting fellow bloggers who have different opinions and that we can discuss our opinions with each other (and I’m not just saying that because it’s protocol, and I truly think you’re the same).

      While these cloudy situations have my full sympathy, I do think abortion is wrong in any situation. It’s a “greater good” scenario in which I do not condone. It’s more about the “first evil,” I believe. If the mother’s life is in danger, there’s no telling that she’ll come out of the pregnancy alive – but if you kill the baby, then one life was lost, no matter what.

      In the instance of any type of rape, as despicable as that is, I still think it is the right thing to do to carry that baby into full term – and I realize how terribly hard that would be for anyone to do. But it’s the right thing, I believe, because that baby is now a human being, regardless of how he or she came to be.

      I hope this helps.

      • Allison Jakes says:

        I definitely see your point. I, personally, wouldn’t want an abortion for my potential children no matter the situation. So I can sympathize with your opinions.

        I suppose that seems contradictory, then, that I am pro-choice… My stance (on almost all issues) is that each person has their own right to choose for themselves, for better or for worse. So even though I am morally uncomfortable with abortion, I am equally if not more uncomfortable with telling other people what they can and cannot do. That isn’t to say that I think people who are strong advocates either way are bad people, it’s just a personal preference.

        On a slightly different note, I wanted to tell you that after reading your blog, I have begun to consider adoption for when I am ready to have children. It had never occurred to me before how rewarding adoption can be, even if I can have children of my own. Thank you for expanding my horizons!

      • We need to as a society condition people to understand the value of life. Innocent life which has done nothing to deserve a death sentence needs to be protected. What I can say we need even more education about is the aftermath. Let me explain.

        Those who follow my blog know of my rape, very brutal and nearly killed me. They know I got pregnant and decided to carry the baby. I gave him up but my parents quickly stepped up and adopted him. From day one I recieved near constant pressure to abort. Clergy, doctors and all suggested I abort.

        After standing strong the worst was yet to come. After having the baby the teen mother then faces more of societies ilk. Worse then the pressure, worse than the hard choice was the kids at school who called you a slut, whore, cheap and other names because you are a teen with a baby. Parents wouldn’t let their kids associate with “that kind of person”. No one bothered to ask who or why.

        So the corageous and right thng to do becomes the source of more trama for the young victim of rape. If you truly support the position that abortion is wrong even under the conditions of rape then you should also support any effort to educate people in general of the hurtful nature of their judement. I can say for my high school years I didn’t feel like i did the right thing.

        I wasn’t the hero who saved a baby I was that slut who was obviously of loose morals who must have screwed arround to get pregnant. Society is sad considering many of those who threw the stones at a hero mom were Christian and Pro-Life. That fact makes it even sadder. Some chirches even turned me away because I wouldn’t “admit” to my sin with my son.

        That is one reason I haven’t nor will I ever go to a class reunion. I know where I am not welcomed. Just seems sometimes the victim is revictimized by the same people who would force her to have the baby.

        /shrug Just a sad fact of life I guess. But maybe your readers will stop next time they see a young single or teen mom with a baby and think before they judge. Maybe that slut is actually the kind of hero they should be standing behind (or in front of to protect) rather than beating her down for doing the right thing.

        Your friend Michelle

        • Thank you for sharing this, Michelle.

        • Tori says:

          Wow Michelle. What a fierce young woman you were. Share your story as often as you can. I was 17 when I became pregnant and can relate to the church turning away from me. My father was the youth minister. What shame I had brought on my family. Indeed, yet I was ignorant of the truth that made me want to confess my sin. They also, like you, wanted me to confess it before the church. I couldn’t bare the thought of me being the only one to publicly confess my sin while the other youth sat on the back row snickering. I knew what each of them were doing in their spare time too.
          I am determined not to be what I saw in most other Christians that day. I will be the hands and feet of Jesus. I will show forgiveness and grace. He who has received much grace can extend much grace. God bless you for your fierce act of courage.

  4. I wrote about this indepth in my post: http://aghostdancer.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/inside-me-deeply-part-4/ I can say as one who did not murder her baby I am so very glad I didn’t. He now lives with my parents because being just 15 I wasn’t ready for a baby. Being he was the product of a rape I wasn’t ready for a baby. But god gave me a little life to protect and to this day I would be lost without the child some call a choice.

    The woman they used for this case is also now a Christian and fights against murder of children. She had that baby because it took 3 years to get the case heard. She is so pleased today abortion wasn’t an option for her.

    Abortion is murder simple as that. Some say I would agree with abortion for rape victims or incest. While I couldn’t fault a woman for doing it during those times I personally would ask them so soul search. Deep searching and make a decision they can live with because it’s one they certainly will have to live with.

    Well written, well said my friend.

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  6. I reposted this! thanks- My bio did not have the choice (legally) 50 years ago, and she thanks God today– I do too!!!

  7. I told my 10-yr.-old daughter about Roe vs. Wade. She didn’t understand until I showed her a picture of an aborted baby, then she was livid. She’s like her Mom.

  8. nfh763 says:

    Hi there James,
    I completely understand where you are coming from with reagards to this point. however, what if that baby was conceived without love, through abusiveness? Would you want a child brought up in the world, therefore facing the fact that you would be somehow linked to that person for life.
    I am against abortions, don’t get me wrong. I disagree that people who are just stupid and immature conceive without the right understanding or meaning of bringing up a life. Then them having the willingness to just give it up or “get rid of it” because it’s an option.
    People are careless in the world.
    There are many views that you can approach: Not giving the child what you would want to give a child, financial problems, abusive partnerships etc.
    All I say is that maybe there are exceptions. I know for a fact, from personal experiences, that I do not regret what I did. To be faced with the thought I am somehow connected to my abuser, no thank you.
    Be careful who you demoralize and sometimes that child is better off not knowing their father. Even if they were brought up into the world, either by the mother or another, they will want to find out who their parents are. Guarenteed.
    Unless you have been in a situation where you can firmly say I did it and regretted it. Your views will merely remain as your views.
    Please do not think I am arguing all of your article, I just read it and had to put a point from someone who has been in the position.

    • I understand your points.

      No I would prefer every baby is loved. But they have adoption for a reason. Give the baby up. If you truly want no connections go to court and have it totally sealed. I could have when I gave my child up. Except my parents took him and adopted him. He has been brought up with love I couldn’t give him.

      Check out my previous posting. I couldn’t murder the innocent child. He didn’t rape me. He did nothing wrong. I had a hard time for a while looking at him, I cried a lot because of my choice. But all those tear of pain have long since been buried by joy.

      So from someone who made the other choice. And I do not fault you for yours. The argument can easily be made either way.

      Rather than ask shouldn’t that child know love. Ask shouldn’t the child be given a chance to know love and life? Shouldn’t the child be allowed to live. Not many have been through the things I have and though I did try to end my life and there has been much pain. I wouldn’t choose to have been aborted to have avoided it. Nor would I choose to not have had my son in exchange for my rape.

      There was a time I would have but it was the briefest of times. The world is a better place with him in it.

      I can tell you about him. He is 14. Blessed with an identic memory (he remembers everything he hears, sees, read, and does and can catalog it for future extraction). He is studying to be a neurologist (part time in college) and a mechanical engineer. He wants to help the crippled walk. He has a magnificent heart of gold, a will to live and all the joys of life. He has become my own salvation. In him I see all I lost, innocence, love, joy. In his eyes I am reborn to live and I’ve learned to love again.

      So there are two sides to the coin. Either side is valid. I prefer the one giving life a chance but not all share that opinion.

      /hugs because you need one

    • Yes, there are terribly sad situations where children are brought into a loveless, careless life. But I’d rather that child have a chance to grow out of that than no chance at all. Antwone Fisher, and “A Child Called It” are examples of men who grew into love from highly abusive families. A redemption story is better than no story at all. So for people to support abortion means that they have no hope for second chances and redemption, and I feel so sad about that. I hope this answers your question.

  9. mangoesntangoes says:

    Great article. As difficult as it is to give up a child, I am grateful for my parents who had to make that tough decision. I know it could not have been easy on them. But also being an adoptive child, even though I am appreciative for my adoptive family, the innate desire to know my biological parents are immense. The curiousity of my DNA roots never ends. And on that same token, there is nothing greater in me that pushes me to have my own biological family. So that journey in itself has been a painful path. But I am grateful for life and grateful for people who have enough love to take in a complete stranger into their home and raise the child as theirs. That is a wonderful gift to give to any child who has no family or a future.

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