Standing Guard


Can we talk about bugs for a minute? Sarabeth and I have this bug infestation outside our front door. They’re literally called stink bugs, brought to us by the Asians however many years ago. I put the picture of them at the bottom of the post out of sensitivity for my squeamish readers.

It’s supposed to be a blessing to come home, right? But not if you know you’re going to find several of these bugs loitering all over your front porch. They’re trying to get inside the house to evade the oncoming winter. And I think they’re getting smarter everyday.

They’ve been darting at Sarabeth, and yesterday when I killed one with my sandal, another one flew right into my cheek. I’m sure I had just squashed its lover, because it was angry! (Don’t worry – they’re reunited, thanks to me.) They see how resistant we are to allowing them to fly into the open door, so now they land on our clothes in hopes of coming in as a stowaway.

And when you kill them, not only are their guts splattered, but they stink, as well. Hence, their name stink bugs. And sometimes our puppy will pick up a dead one I failed to sweep off the porch and bring it inside.

These things are despicable.

But they get me thinking. According to Dorothy, or Alice, or someone (I forget who), home is where the heart is. And these little dementors are trying to break in. So when I swat them with the broom or my shoes, I think of them as representing lust, or greed, or slothfulness, or anger, or pride.

All those things and more are daily vying for a place in our hearts so they can take root and grow. Are you standing guard outside your heart, watching what goes in? As the steward of your heart, you have the responsibility to give and withhold permission of access into your heart.

“Above everything else, guard your heart, because from it flows the spring of life.” -Proverbs 4:23

We come home to dozens of these things each day on our front porch:


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18 Responses to Standing Guard

  1. It’s one of the things I pray for. I ask God to give me AWARENESS. To wake up my spirit each day and actually see what is going on inside and around me.

  2. Wow!!! Excellent post, great analogy at the end…. I will think of that when I see bugs gathering in the front of my house.

  3. Well there looking for a place to cuddle up, there going to die….

  4. bringing bread says:

    Great Post! I love it when God speaks to us through the everyday things in life. Thank you!

  5. djdfr says:

    And it stinks when we let those things in our heart.

  6. I pray everyday for the Lord to help me be more aware of what is inside my heart. I pray that HE will remove this wicked heart and replace it with HIS heart. I want to have a heart of Love a heart that the Lord would want me to have. Sometimes the Lord reveals to me something that stinks within myself that I must let go and allow HIM to chisel away until it is gone and replace it with more of HIMSELF those things hurt. But I praise the Lord when it is finished for it makes me a better person.

  7. I just read about them moving indoors 2 (?) days ago, and sure enough later that day I saw one inside, like clockwork.

  8. I would be going nuts buying tons of raid to try and kill them! Sorry little creepy things but I just can’t stand them! Great analogy! 🙂

  9. Sayan says:

    Wonderful post!! I have become a fan. Thanks for encouraging me by following my blog.

  10. alida5477 says:

    What a beautiful post! other then the stink bugs I mean. 🙂 and you are so right!!! “Harden not your heart. . . ” beautiful!

  11. chialphagirl says:

    I killed one of those in my basement the other day not knowing what it was. They do stink.

  12. Patty B says:

    “ick” on the bug – put I love your article, it is so true how we let those things that “stink” come into our lives…

  13. denib14 says:

    LOL – I come from South Africa where stink bugs are plentiful. My brother refuses to eat Dhania (Coriander leaves) because he insists that they smell like stink bugs.
    So here are some stinky bug tips:
    They love the colour yellow – try yellow fly paper to trap them
    They hate – peppermint, garlic, catnip (This will deter, but not kill them) Add the pils to water and spray where they play or sprinkle catnip powder. (The only problem with ‘deterrents’ is they find a way around them)
    They die – if you sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on them or where they gather. And mild dish detergent will kill them too. Apparently this is the most ‘humane’ way to kill them. (Not sure who figured that out)

  14. Love this post and your analogy! Great great writing…

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