Life After Abortion

Due to a high volume of interest (both favorable and adverse) in my past post, “Here’s the Great Thing About Abortion”, I have asked blogger Kristy Mapp to giver her first-hand account on the subject. You can see more of her writing on her blog,


I considered myself an average girl as far as promiscuity and drugs were concerned.  I never really thought that consequences would happen.  I just wanted to live life for me, my way, and for my benefit.  When I found myself pregnant at 19 I was shocked.  My boyfriend and I decided the best thing to do would be to have an abortion, because we didn’t want to deal with a child – nor have one out of wedlock, and we certainly were not ready for marriage.

I remember coming out of the Planned Parenthood feeling good about my decision, but also feeling sorry for all those women who were there for their 2nd, 3rd, or even 12th abortion.  I thought, ‘How selfish of them.  There was nothing wrong with them that they should be throwing their children away like that.’  My boyfriend picked me up and we went and had lunch and then went about our lives – we never talked about it – didn’t even think about it really.

At 24 I had a self induced miscarriage, and then just 5 months later another abortion. This time I didn’t think twice about what I was doing.  All I knew was that I was basically ‘good’ for not bringing a child into the world that would be fatherless.  I even coerced a friend to have an abortion, telling her that having a child would ruin her and her boyfriend’s lives.  This was the reality of my situation, of mynature.  I cared for myself, and told others to care only for themselves.  It’s a ‘me’ kind of world we live in.

I was always thinking of me… caught up in the politics that said I needed to have a stance on something like abortion.  When I met Christ my life changed.  I do indeed have a stance now, but it is not based on what I want.  It is based on what God says is truth.  He is the one that gives life, and He is the one who takes it away.  What matters in life is not our feelings or stances on political or even moral issues.  What matters is what we do with the truth God gives us.

What good does it do to wonder about the past – if things had been different – or even to wonder about the future – what kind of life could this child have?  Are we the ones who plot the course of life?  How can we say that by deleting a person from our wombs we are doing them a service?  Each life is a miracle.  Science cannot re-create it without stealing parts from that which already has life.  There is no such thing as a man-made, self-replicating machine.  Each cell contains information that was put there by …. well, what do you think?  Does it really matter what you think?

While I killed my children God was watching.  He knows what it is like to lose a child.  His son made a decision to die – to be made a part of this wretched world – hated and shamed, to take my place in punishment for all my sin.  Jesus, who committed no sin, died and took upon Him the wrath of God for the evils I committed.  He died.  He was buried.  He rose from the dead – defeating death and now sits at the right hand of God making intercession for those who He died to save.  How can I sit by and watch as people who say they know my creator fight for the allowance of sin?  I cannot.

The word Christian means ‘follower of Christ’.  How can we follow Him if we are not doing what He commanded or said to do?  Arguments will get us no where.  Truth is all that matters.  Pick up your cross – your life – and follow Him.  Read His words.  Be like Christ.  Share the Gospel.  We cannot change the minds of people who are lost.  But we can share the words of Christ, who is the only way to salvation.  Our stories may be starting points, but His words are what change lives.


For Further Reading: Please Don’t Kill the Child

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19 Responses to Life After Abortion

  1. After all those abortions can you even carry a baby to term? I’m happy you found your faith.

  2. MR USJ says:

    Very inspiring.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. We cannot change our pasts, but God can use it to change us and reach out to others and bring glory to His name through the transformation we receive.

  4. kaulyjo says:

    Will you also be offering a pro-choice woman the opportunity to express her opinion in a post? If, along the line of your previous post where you made an attempt to think pro-choice, it seems only appropriate that you give equal opportunity to state her beliefs? I would be willing to write that response.

    • kristy mapp says:

      Just to clarify, I was pro-choice. I chose. This article was more about what Christian women should be representing than about being pro-life. It is our duty as people who have been given truth to share the truth, and not argue or talk down to people. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, just share what God has put on my heart because of what Christ has done.

      • And I just want to tag on to this that it’s not about views or opinions or even debating – either of those approaches rarely change people’s minds if ever. It’s about how being changed by God is the only way to have your heart and mind changed, or rather, to have your (the general your) eyes opened to the truth behind this sensitive topic.

  5. pcesofme says:

    Your honesty is admirable. Thank you.

  6. rowdyroid says:

    i mean no disrespect towards her honesty but get some responsibilty i got of the drugs joined the Marines and went overseas im home now and a changed man

    • kristy mapp says:

      My life is way different now than it was then. I am married, and have a 6 year old. The thing is, I didn’t change me, Christ did. I was selfish and only cared about myself. Even after I got off drugs, got married and had a child I still only cared about me. It was only after I met Christ that things changed inwardly.

  7. Kelly Grace says:

    I had a child 16 days before my 16th birthday. Abortion was illegal in 1969. I wasn’t a Christian, but I don’t think I could have had one anyway.

    As a Christian I don’t see the logic of expecting non-Christians to adhere to a standard of belief or conduct prescribed by my faith. It’s a struggle for me and I have the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit and the “living and active” word of God—-and I believe it’s worth the effort. But how and why would someone who doesn’t believe even try? Christ was counter-culture when He walked the earth. Why are believers so surprised that America doesn’t embrace our views? And why do some Christians presume to speak for all Christians?

    Years ago when abortion was first being discussed I remember a wise pastor saying, if you want to oppose this you can, but as a Christian you must ask yourself if you are willing to take this girl in when her family expels her? Are you willing to pay her expenses and give her a safe place to raise her child? Are you willing to take this child and give it a home if she doesn’t feel she can?
    In other words, are you willing to go beyond the vote and be part of the solution?

    What if that was the question we debated?

  8. Catholic girl with a serious question….do you think birth control is ok? Because as you know, my church is against abortion and birth control, which is pretty ok here, where we have resources to either A. Have and keep an unexpected pregnancy or B. Give a child up for adoption. But then there’s the Phillipines, where, because of church influence, birth control is not available and adoption is not widely feasible, and so parents living in cardboard boxes are having baby after baby after baby. What do we do with that?

    • kristy mapp says:

      We can’t do anything except share the Gospel with them. These people are not children, they understand where babies come from. They are responsible for what happens. If they have a child then that child was supposed to be born. There is nothing that escapes God. If they are married then there is no problem. Who’s to say that a child born in poverty cannot survive to do something amazing later in life? If they are unmarried then only God can change their hearts, but that can’t happen if we aren’t sharing the truth with them about Christ. It is not our job as humans to control the overall population. Our only job is to seek Christ and share Him, then let Him do the work that He has planned.

  9. sarsrose says:

    True and powerful words. Thanks for this:)

  10. Please unfollow my blog. I don’t need trolls.

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