“A Grey Faith” by Andrew Heard


I had the privilege of editing a biography a few months back about by a man named Andrew Heard. He is 30 years old, married, with a little girl, and dying of cancer.

As I write this he is in the hospital fighting the tumors that cover his liver (too many to count, according to his wife). The day his book came to the Heards by mail, he took to pneumonia. It seems every victory is followed by a defeat. But his and his wife’s Facebook messages continue to bear light and are pregnant with hope that there very well could still be a miracle from God – and if there’s not, Andrew’s family will find contentment and rest in time.

Andrew’s book, A Grey Faith chronicles his life with stage IV lung cancer, and the thing about it is – it’s not pretty. He doesn’t paint rosy pictures around his tragedy, he doesn’t pretend he’s “okay” with his condition – he’s honest. He’s honest about his anger that he likely can’t live to walk his little girl down the aisle, or retire with his wife to the beach, or even just have the strength today to push his daughter on the swing.

A lot of us feel like we’ve got it pretty bad living our lives the same way day in and day out. I am sure Andrew and his wife wish they were in our shoes, carrying out the mundane tasks of work and school and just plain living.

I would recommend Andrew’s book to anyone who needs a kick-start on their faith. Anyone who’s been angry at God recently for whatever reason. Anyone who wants a glimpse into the life of the suffering. Anyone who has suffered or is suffering and just needs to know that they’re not alone.

Pray for the Heards during this dark and difficult time. I have pasted links to their blogs below. Leave them messages of encouragement and just let them know that they’re being prayed for.

Here is the link to order your copy of A Grey Faith: Click here to order

I would also recommend going to the home page and reading some of his posts: Andrewbheard.com

His wife also has a blog which you can see here: baileyheard.com

Also, here is an article about Andrew’s cancer on Cancerwise.

Pass this story around to all the believers and prayer-warriors.

About Andrew Toy
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5 Responses to “A Grey Faith” by Andrew Heard

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the Heards.

  2. cindyhfrench says:

    to the Heards: I don’t understand the Lord’s ways either! We may never understand, even when we are with Him someday. I think I have so many questions to ask Him about my own losses, but will I even think of them in the glory of His Presence? This is not in any way to diminish what you are going through physically or spiritually, but only to ask and support you to KEEP your eyes on HIM. There honestly is no other way through ANY valley we go through.

  3. Praying for the family for your peace in the days ahead.

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