The Best Post on SSM

red-equal-symbolWith all the commotion and argument exploding around the country, and specifically in our nation’s capitol, over same-sex marriage, it’s difficult for either side to get a word in edge-wise.

(I appreciate you O’Riley, but just shush for a moment.)

And honestly, I’ve been scare to even speak up myself. For two reasons (and I’m being very vulnerable here):

1. I feel like it’s a lost cause.

2. I feel like we Christians have no other leg to stand on other than “God says so.” (Though my wife provided many other facts and statistics against SSM, thus proving that my little fear in null.)

In this long debate, feathers have been ruffled, feelings have been hurt, and neither side, as a general rule, can really claim that they’ve shut up and let the other side talk.

I ran across this blog post by a woman, Lindy Keffer, my wife and I highly respect from our days at the Focus on the Family Leadership Institute where we met.

I’m humbled that I didn’t write this post myself, but thankful that I found it. Lindy sums up everything I just couldn’t – or wouldn’t – write down and publicize myself. It’s a tad lengthy, but very much worth the read, no matter which “side” you’re on.

I’ve spent the past week thinking that social media is not the place to discuss the issue of same-sex marriage (SSM) because it perpetuates one of my biggest pet peeves: civil discourse being reduced to two opposing sides lobbing soundbites (or red equal signs, as the case may be) at each other, without actually havingany productive discussion.

I appreciated one friend who used her Facebook status to encourage folks to talk about these important issues face-to-face instead. That was going to be my sole approach, except tonight I’ve got some things weighing on my mind so heavily that I feel compelled to post them. Compelled, but nervous. Hence the title:

Hurt people hurt people…

click here to read the rest


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3 Responses to The Best Post on SSM

  1. dan4kent says:

    Dear Andrew and Sarabeth — Coming from a long line of born-again evangelicals, I value your honest thoughts re: feeling compelled, but nervous in sharing Lindy’s post. I also share your lack of excitement for opposing sides lobbing grenades at the others camp. Writing in the same spirit of fostering a more authentic understanding, permit me to share a link to something I shared on the scriptural element. With zero desire to overwhelm anyone with links to any number of posts speaking to my journey, permit me to share just one (
    In closing, thank you for permitting me the opportunity to lower the volume being generated from so many different quarters. Thanks for letting me share some of the spirit fire I carry with you. I’m glad you’re both on the walk you’re on. I truly believe the Golden Rule has never been more relevant. Humbly offered. Dan

  2. oneintercessor says:

    Sin is sin-absolutely, and this world is so full of very hurting people. Sadly, some sin causes nations to crumble, as we can see from history. Some sin carries with it repercussions to children, so we must act upon it. Some sin, we think mirrors what is OK in God’s eyes, but it actually leads to far worse down spiraling. I used to think people were either pro life or pro abortion in the womb, until I did more research and realized the subjective nature of the argument left the door open for people who actively believe we should be allowed to kill babies up to one year old, since some medical problems don’t present themselves until then. I used to think homosexual relationships were very much like married people’s, until I did more research and found there are men who actively support man/boy relationships, not just adult to adult. We can’t ever legislate people’s hearts, but sadly, we have to think about where certain sin leads and is leading. When there is no right and wrong according to God, everything is a matter of opinion and is thus subject to our highly fallible logic. If we pretend all ways of living are equal, that all cultures are equal, we are ignoring what the facts are. Some cultures kill their women for ridiculous reasons, for example. The difference is the Bible, which is God’s holy word and standard. We can have medical, moral, cultural arguments against something, but God’s word still trumps and is enough, because at the end of the day, these arguments aren’t against flesh and blood, but the spiritual forces of darkness. We are the one and only light of the world if we belong to Christ, there is no other light, just waywardness and darkness. Just wanted to share my opinion.

  3. Thanks for this link! It certainly is thought-provoking … on both sides of the issue.

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