Of Zoos and Books About Zoos

WeBoughtZooMeeSarabeth and I just read We Bought a Zoo together, after being intrigued by the movie. Written by Benjamin Mee, it wasn’t at all like the movie. The movie was more personable, funny, touching, and… interesting.

We felt that oftentimes in Mee’s autobiography, he was more suited to write articles on the subject of zoology and evolutionary sciences – which was clearly one of his passions. The few interesting anecdotes there were in the book were rather – anticlimactic.

After discussion, we agreed that I liked the movie better because it told more of a story. Sarabeth didn’t quite care for the book, but it made her dislike the movie for straying so far from the facts of real life.

Anyway, check out a post I did a while ago about the movie, and how the Christian life is indeeed, like buying a zoo:

Becoming a Christian is like buying a zoo. It is counter-intuitive, counter-cultural and counter-intelligent. Yes, becoming a Christian is absurd. You’re investing your life to a cause that will require your faith, devotion, finances, choices, soul and maybe even your life. Let’s look at some other absurd decisions made in history:

Read the rest here.

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One Response to Of Zoos and Books About Zoos

  1. I may get this book now…as a zoologist it sounds like something I might find interesting. I’ve yet to see the film though.

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