A Reminder From the Queen



kneelQueen Elizabeth showed her devotion by kneeling to pray each night, a practice her daughter was said to continue. “She comes from a generation in which kneeling by the side of the bed is quite natural,” said Carey. “Attitude helps you to pray, and if you are on your knees it creates a mood of submission before the Almighty.”


So says Sally Bedell Smith in her 2012 New York Times Bestseller, Elizabeth the Queen. I’m one chapter into this wonderful biography, and you can expect a positive review on its entirety within the next several weeks.


But as I read the above passage in bed this morning, it got me thinking that I rarely – if ever – kneel in prayer. I’ve knelt in times of desperation, as though God would hear me more clearly. But my prayers are usually half-heartedly said while I’m washing dishes (that is, if I’m not singing Fun. songs at the top of my lungs or thinking up plots for my next book).


My mind being drawn back to the primal act of kneeling during prayer and Lord Carey’s remark that, “…if you are on your knees it creates a mood of submission,” I thought about how other acts affect what we’re doing.


Drawing your eyes across the pages of a book insinuates reading.


Stroking your arms and kicking your feet to any degree enables you to swim.


Staring at the TV communicates that you are engaged with it.

Similarly, what must it look like to God when we show Him a physical form of communicating with Him? After all, we can’t look into His eyes, or we would die. So it makes sense to fit our knees into the hollowed out dents made by our patriarchs, and begin to reevaluate our form (and attitude) of prayer.

I can’t promise that kneeling in private for prayer is going to enhance your prayer life, since I haven’t made it a practice yet myself. But I’m willing to give it a try. And I hope you are too.

After all, God lifts high the humble, and how much more can we put feet to our humility than to bow down out of reverence before the Supreme Being who gave us breath?

I admire the Queen for her continued discipline, and others who do this as well. I want to join the ranks of those on their knees if not just for one more act of obedience and submission to my Lord. Don’t you?

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3 Responses to A Reminder From the Queen

  1. Times of true desperation call not for kneeling, but for flat-out on your face praying.

  2. Beth says:

    I look forward to reading your review…the Queen is one of my heroes in life. It’s always inspiring to learn of others’ devotion. I was taught to speak with God like a friend, so I rarely kneel…we do that at our communion church service. But I do remember a few times of absolute pain where I fell to my knees and it did help with release and reception of His Word!

  3. I agree Michael! When I’m in desperation I fall flat on my face. I do think kneeling is a good practice out of reverence. However I agree with Beth that we should speak to God like a friend. When I grew up I thought He was so out of touch because I had to go into this “mode of prayer” to reach Him. I don’t want to pass that idea to my children. However if we lose reverence for God then we lose fear and respect. I think there can be a healthy balance!

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