“Fight for Her”

pic1Here is a beautiful blog post from a family attempting to adopt their daughter from Uganda. This is a true story of a family living in and through the Holy Spirit. May we all take our queue from Smooth and Kelly’s example of living in accordance with God’s calling. Also, here is a wonderful opportunity for you to offer help, be that prayer or money, to a family raising funds to save their little girl from poverty.

In December of 2010 my wife Kelly and I began the process of adopting a little girl from the babies home that Journey sponsors in Uganda, Africa.

Our first Ugandan court date was scheduled for November of 2011. It was subsequently cancelled and rescheduled for April 2012. After our court date in April, we were awarded guardianship of Chloe and immediately began the process of immigrating her to the US.

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9 Responses to “Fight for Her”

  1. Pingback: Every once in awhile, a beautful story comes along that helps offset all the negativity…many thanks to “Adopting James” for a wonderful post…:) « Thomas Rydder

  2. What is the thought process of adopting a child from overseas? aren’t there 1000’s of little ones in dire need at home?

    • Yes, there are. Adopting from overseas or here in America does not make a married couple more or less nobel or “more Christian” one way or the other. This is why we must learn to lean on the Holy Spirit for guidance when weeding through the myriad of adoption options. Some may be called to adopt from foreign countries, and some may be called to adopt from here at home in America. The Lord will match each couple up with the child or children He intended from the beginning… no matter their background or origin.

  3. Thank you for sharing. We believe that much of what God is doing through us is telling a story about something much bigger. Thanks for helping us tell that story.

  4. dkorthbooks says:

    I applaud you! My step-son and his wife are starting adoption paperwork…

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