Addicting Apps

The big things nowadays are ipads, droids, and all other sorts of electronic devises. And with those have sprung a new type of phenomenon – apps. And if you’re like Sarabeth and me, you like the games.

So, with Thanksgiving being in just one week, and families preparing to visit each other, I want to open up the floor to you, my readers, to share your favorite apps so others can check them out. I figure some aunts and uncles can stand to stay on good terms with their sibling’s kids, and what better way than to show them cool new games?

Try, as best you can to share the free apps, but if they’re not, please list the price. Happy apping!

Oh, and just a reminder, you’ve got just 5 days left to enter The Man in the Box Contest. Click here for details: The Man in the Box Contest

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4 Responses to Addicting Apps

  1. For the whole family there’s one me and Sarabeth are very addicted to called Hay Day. It’s free, and it’s basically an interactive farming game where you buy food from neighboring farmers, grow your own crops and keep your animals well fed. And this morning, they just upgraded it to be all Christmas-y! Highly recommended. But very, VERY addicting.

    For preschoolers, I cannot recommend this coloring app highly enough. It’s like Paint from Microsoft back in the day, but way, way cooler. It’s called PaintSparkles.

    And for kids, download one called Jetpack. It’s like Helicopter but this guy is on a jet pack and he has to dodge all the all obstacles. Lots of fun, and it’s also free.

  2. all these new apps and my kids are still stuck on Angry Birds Rio (free)… I am more a brains app person… I’m addicted to Sudoku.

  3. Benedicte says:

    Zoodles is one I’ve just discovered and is amazing for younger kids. It provides them with a locked playground, where they have access to games, a drawing app and video mail to send to people you have approved. It’s really lovely, and the basic app is free. If you upgrade, you as a parent have more detailed overview of what the child has been playing and you can add/remove things as you want. I’m really impressed with it so far!… oh, and this for my two kids aged 11 and 9, both with very different special needs and bright minds.

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