A Letter to Christians

Dear Christian,

I came across many of your kind in my life. Many of you were kind and gentle, you offered words of encouragement and inspiration. You lifted me up when I felt down. You were the nicest people I worked with, but the dorkiest people to hang around. But still, somehow you seemed happier than I felt. I guess I just assumed you were pretending just like I was.

But still, some of you were jerks. You were bigoted, and forceful and condescending. You lied like the rest of us, you sometimes cursed, and you treated your spouses rudely. I’m sure you know by now that you were wrong, and judging by your life-pattern, I’m sure you are sorry. But I was just as much at fault for expecting you to be perfect. One of you said to me once, “We’re not perfect, we just follow a perfect Leader.” I thought that was so cheesy.

I didn’t know it, but I was following a perfect leader too. He was perfect in his cunningness, never missing an opportunity to darken my blindfold, or trip me up. He was perfect at lying to me, at tempting me into trouble, and accusing me for the crimes he presented to me to commit. And I was perfect at following him every step of the way.

I was great at winning arguments with you guys. I would bring up scientific facts to stump you (though I see those were just lies too… you didn’t know it, but science was your biggest ally), or cause you to trip over you tongue when I asked meaningless questions like “Can your God create a rock so big…?” I can see now that that was my way of sneaking out of the debate. And every time I used a lie as my backdoor exit. Every. Single. Time.

And your Perfect Leader – your God – let me. Because He is perfect. He is perfectly just and perfectly fair and perfectly willing to grant me freedom whenever I want it. I know you would hate for me to victimize you, but really, you were caught in the middle. You were commanded by your God to tell me the truth. But you also didn’t want to offend me – another stupid barrier we put up against you. And I don’t know about anyone else, and I wouldn’t have admitted it, but I kind of wanted you to offend me – after all, who’s not up for a hearty debate?

But a lot of you refused to. A lot of you kept silent. A lot of you knew you had to tell me about your God, but you refused. You would have rather talked about TV shows, or the latest movies, or argue politics. And honestly, I appreciated that. But now I hate you for that. That was the biggest, most unforgiving offense of all – keeping silent.

I’m not saying I would have accepted your God as my God – I’m not. I’m just saying, at least you would have been loving me the way you were supposed to. And at least I would have had more to ponder on those many nights I laid awake tossing and turning in bed, wondering if putting all my stock in multiple gods and flawed prophets is the wisest choice.

But here I am – you know where. You can tell, because of how old and charred and illegible this paper is. I’ve been here for decades, and I’ll be here for trillions of centuries and more. Every now and then I take a peak upward and see miniscule shafts of light pouring in from your World and I cry out to your God to save me – SAVE ME! – but He has trapped His echo in this furnace with me for all eternity: “You had your chance. I did My part. I offered My gift, but you refused it every single time.”

To those of you who spoke of your God to me: Thank you. To those of you who didn’t: Shape up and open your mouths, and ask your God to prevent more cages from filling up down here.

– Eternally Lost

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17 Responses to A Letter to Christians

  1. R W says:

    I’m curious… who is the intended audience here? Also, may I reblog this? (Before you answer, you should know that I’d like to use it as an example of completely missing the point.)

  2. janmetra says:

    Very good points made!

  3. musesofmark says:

    So true!!!! I really appreciated this post and the feelings and thoughts behind it! Just so you know, I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I believe in Jesus, but I know I’m not perfect, not by along shot! (Just check out my blog to know how earnestly that is true). Thanks for the follow sir!!! I hope my words (like your words) spur you towards thoughts and realizations and forgiveness for those of us that really miss the point of life and not actually living what we believe. Also, know, salvation can always come, it’s not a one-time gift that is offered then taken away (example, the one of the sinners on the side of Christ at the cross, lived his life in sin but repented and was saved, even there at his end). Look forward to talking with you and again, thanks for the follow 🙂

  4. joyofdawn says:

    Wow… I’ll end there.

  5. I loved it. As you point out Christians have varying levels of skill in communicating and commitment. This post causes one to examine him/herself against the concepts presented here. All learning or exposure to thought is for the individual to gain from because we can’t control anyone but ourselves. None of us agree with each other most of the time. Christians are only required to examine themselves. We cannot judge each other as there is one who will do that. But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways. We refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God’s word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God. This shows the the transcendent powers belong to God and not to us. Thanks for taking the time to compose the post. I wish I were that creative.

    • You got it. Your description couldn’t be any more on target. This post is for the unbeliever as a warning, and for believers as a reminder that we need to be constantly checking ourselves and observing how we look to the watching world. The rest, as you pointed out, belongs to God.

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  7. LifeDelicacy says:

    Mr. Toy I presume? I hope so because that’s the first one top row for the contest! If not let me know.

  8. Maggie says:

    When I was a Christian, this post would have made me feel guilty about all the times I kept silent. Fortunately for me, I am no longer a Christian so I am glad I kept my mouth shut most of the time. Good post, though.

  9. kenstewart says:

    Great letter. The only thing I would do different is reverse the order of the last 2 sentences, simply for the purpose of ending on a thankful note…

  10. bijindigoth says:

    for me—i think this is just so encouraging—this is actually an awakening for those sleeping Christians…I mean there’s a lot of souls out there that are needed to be harvested…but then, where are we—Christians? and why are we just compromising?

  11. bijindigoth says:

    hi i’m back…i just want to say i would really love to share this on facebook….after you read this message..i already did… =)

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