The Great Extermination – And How it Affects YOU

You may or may not remember the 2005 movie War of the Worlds, which happens to be one of my favorite disaster movies. There’s a scene in that movie that could be  true if placed in the correct context.

Ogilvy, the madman in the cellar, says, “Think about it. They [the aliens] defeated the greatest power in the world in a couple of days. Walked right over us. And these were only the first. They’ll keep coming. This is not a war anymore than there’s a war between men and maggots… This is an extermination.”

An extermination. There’s an extermination going on right now all around us as we speak. And I guarantee you’ve been a casualty of this great attack. You don’t have to watch the news for too long or flip through many channels to see that Satan and his minions are wreaking havoc on our world. But don’t think you’re too safe in your comfy little abode traveling on your safe little commute, working at your cozy little job. Satan has polluted all of that with his venomous stench as well – you’re just immune to it.

To often we think, “Oh, well Satan’s busy corrupting the guys over in Washington, or he’s just torturing inmates, or he’s a routine visitor of the Red Light district.” But he’s released his millions, maybe trillions of demons on the entire planet, and they live right here among us, breathing down our necks, wrapping their filthy claws around our wrists, pulling us in directions we either never thought we’d go or settling us in some predictable little lifestyle where we don’t give them a second thought.

“Why would they not want us to think of them?” you may ask. Because if we don’t think of the evil spirits swarming the very grounds we walk on, then we don’t think of God. If we don’t think of the Heaven’s ghouls we don’t think to stand on guard against them. If we don’t remember that our atmosphere is rank with Hell’s pollution, then we’re more prone to developing  immunity to it quicker than anyone, and we fall astray, or get waylaid from the helping hand of God.

Let’s go back to this idea of an extermination for a minute. Satan’s isn’t like some villain out of a Disney movie (though he can be compared to some of them) -he isn’t restrained, though his goal is singular: to stop the advancement of the Gospel of Christ. Think about it. Look around you and see how far Satan is willing to go to stop the Gospel from spreading.

Satan inspires men to rape women. He lures children to scream at their parents. He entices world leaders to spread genocide, and train up child soldiers. He caresses the cheek of the doctor who mauls babies with tubes and needles. The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on. All of this for what?

To prohibit the Gospel from spreading.

That is his one, singular, primary, ultimate goal. And you have been and will be time and time again a casualty of his great Gospel extermination. Not one person is untouched by the war he has waged against Christ. No one person, ever, in the history of the world.

Now let’s flip the coin over. If Satan, who saw the dawn of Creation, who has entered the throne room of God most high, spoken directly to the Creator of the Universe and Giver of Life, was there during the crucifixion of Christ, and likely witnessed His great resurrection is willing to take on the entire world to obliterate God’s testimony, then just how great is the Gospel that we take advantage of and pass off as no big deal?

If God Himself is willing to have casualties – mind you, the one Being who really truly knows just how precious life is – in this great war over His testimony, then how much more ought we to think of this Gospel He has entrusted us with? We should be guarding it with our lives, preserving it for every person we come in contact with and shamelessly exploiting it to every person we talk with. Because while the fumes of the demons are like the pollution of Hell, the fragrance of the Gospel of Christ we carry with us ought to be like a rich balm, or sweet lotion of Heaven to help wipe away the stench of sin.

Most people would say, at this point, “I’m not trying to scare you…” But I’m not going to say that. This stuff ought to scare the lights out of us. But we don’t have to remain fearful, because we know that Satan’s extermination of all those who carry Christ’s Word with them, and who has the potential to hear it, will fail. It will fail hard and miserably. And though he may have the ground now, and is today victorious in more ways than we can imagine, D-Day is coming and God and His angels will annihilate the evil spirits that have been choking us all our lives and the smog of sin will clear and we will see clearer than we’d ever thought possible, and then we will understand the power and the significance and sanctity of the Gospel our Lord has fought so hard to preserve.

So I ask you, will you be used by God to spread His Good Word or will you just continue to be effected by the deadly, spirit-numbing fumes of sin and Hell, and stay silent in your comfy little life?

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About Andrew Toy
I'm in the beginning stages of starting my own publishing company that's unlike anything you've ever heard of in the industry. The direction of AdoptingJames is taking a 90-degree turn and will be more writing/publishing-focused. Stay tuned for huge updates and exciting news!

13 Responses to The Great Extermination – And How it Affects YOU

  1. Cindy French says:

    THANK YOU FOR WRITING A STAND UP AND BE COUNTED POST! Hopefully you read some of mine from the other night. I have also said the same thing in secular posts of groups I’m in on LinkedIn and a Christian group. In the secular group, of course, had an atheist try her hand at getting me into an argument. I said I am not here to argue. I am here by my current right as an American citizen to state what I believe, just as you do. But I could not be silent anymore. so thank you. it is good when others are out there saying the same.

  2. kenstewart says:

    Glad you presented both sides of the greatness of the struggle, and the willingness of each leader to go all out. Thought of something funny: Maybe it should scare the LIGHT INTO US! T.S. Eliot said, “I had far rather walk, as I do, in daily terror of eternity, than feel taht this was only a children’s game in which all the contestants would get equally worthless prized in the end.” And Teresa of Avila, a 16th-century Carmelite nun, expressed similar ideas. Both these quotes are in Randy Alcorn’s book HEAVEN, one of the most comprehensive books on the subject.
    Having just turned 60, and having a 14-month-old grandson (and other grandkids ranging to a 17-year-old granddaughter), I find myself looking more seriously at concepts like legacy and inheritance, especially on the spiritual end. Thus, I just read 2 other books on the same subject (Erwin W. Lutzer’s ONE MINUTE AFTER YOU DIE and Don Piper’s 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN), and am considering others such as 23 MINUTES IN HELL, etc.Our culture places far too much emphasis on instanteous gratification and far too little on eternity–the attitudes go hand-in-hand.
    One word of encouragement: Satan and God are not equals. God has the final say, and in His scope of things, neither are heaven and hell are not comparable in the scope of eternity–those in heaven will forget hell, and those individuals in hell will most probably not even be aware of each other’s torment–it will be far more like solitary confinement. In heaven everyone will enjoy everyone else’s enjoyment, but in hell no one will “enjoy” anyone else’s torment!

    • Cindy French says:

      Ken, you might read HEAVEN IS FOR REAL while you are reading. I will check out Randy’s book
      Having just turned 61 and having 3 grandchildren the oldest of which is 10 and a new believer herself-the youngest is 3-my most immed concern is will there be persecution in America like there is in the 3rd world countries where we will live and die for our faith. It’s hard to believe that America would escape. I had always hoped for the rapture before any of that started but now I don’t think so –very much nor do most people I speak with. So I think the key here is preparation-especially of food and water. I think a lot of parents are going to take that mark rather than see their children starve. And more’s the pity that they do not understand the seriousness-the finality of doing that as far as their own eternity is concerned.
      Thank Goodness we know who wins in the End! Hallelujah! Come, Lord Jesus!

  3. mamanne says:

    I’ve been thinking about all of this a lot, lately. I know what I should do… it shouldn’t be a hard as it seems… but I guess those minions are pretty powerful. We’ve been working on a deliverance ministry… interesting stuff.

  4. Oddly enough, in the novel by HG Wells from which the film is freely adapted, there is a clergyman who has gone mad, and imagines the Martians are demons.

    I would ask your biblical authority. Where in the Bible does it say that Satan is as powerful as your post implies? Remember the power of God, as stated in Job: God allows Satan to do his worst, and then simply grants Job all Satan had taken away, and much more. And God says: I am God. Do not question Me.

    • Satan is highly constrained, no doubt. I’m merely pointing out the similarities in intentions. Peter talks about Satan roaming around like a lion seeking to devour people. Lions were the fiercest predators people knew of back then. So I think it is fair for us to compare Satan with the fiercest things we can conjure as well. Understand me. We don’t want to undermine Satan, but at the same time, we don’t want to forget that God, who created Satan and will destroy him, is much, much bigger. But if we don’t have God’s protection in our daily lives, then we are as good as dead, spiritually speaking.

  5. cindy french says:

    just to add one comment: if it were
    not imp to the Lord that we protect ourselves then I don ‘t believe that Paul would have given us the instructions on how to arm ourselves
    in Ephesians 6:10-18 This passage talks about
    putting on the full armor if God.

    feet shod w/the gospel of peace, belt of truth buckled around your waist,the breast-plate of
    righteousness in place. In addition to all


    • But think about what the Gospel is… essentially it’s Jesus. He is the Gospel. God is truth. God is righteousness. A quick glance at John 1 states that Jesus is the Word. In essence, it comes down to us clothing ourselves in God’s presence. Arming ourselves with the presence of God. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” We can get our strength – lasting strength – from nothing outside of Christ.

    • cindy french says:

      to finish what I was saying-In addition to all this -Take up yourshield of faith with which you can extinguish all flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation a.d the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. And pray in tbe spirit on all occasions.

  6. kleggott says:

    Thank you for a forthright post on a topic most Christians don’t want to even acknowledge. I’ve been saying this for years, but most people just continue to stick their heads in the sand, refusing to believe that demons are real and Satan has an implacable agenda. Well thought out and well said! You are to be commended for this excellent trumpet call to the church!

    • Thank you. If we all just knew how real and close evil is to each one of us, we might live a little differently for Christ. Sadly, I’m still not there yet, but getting closer every day.

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