Joyfully Ruined

Sometimes you just can’t help but thank God for social networking. You know how you have more friends on your facebook page than the number of people you see in a given day? Well, I didn’t even know I was friends with my youth group worship leader until I saw that he had been posting more statuses than others a few months back.

We didn’t have much in common back then. He was cool, knew how to dress like a true Californian and could jam like the Rolling Stones, and I was …not, and couldn’t, and still can’t. We’ll leave it at that. But the great thing about being brothers in Christ is that even though we may be as different as salt and sugar, common themes unite us. One such theme being adoption.

I was so glad to see that Todd, now a youth pastor at Christ Community Church in Idaho Falls, and his wife Summer were in their own adoption process and it’s been fun to watch their facebook statuses keep everyone updated on their story. They’re adopting two young boys from Africa, and aren’t quite there yet, so please, keep them in your prayers. And follow Summer’s blog, Joyfully Ruined. Here’s an excerpt from her latest post:

today was a joyful time in our house.
it was a time to look & say…
we see God’s goodness.

we have fervently claimed it all along.
i have tried to remember it when i forgot it.
we shared it with others.
knew it would continue to bless our family.
we were waiting for this moment.

tuesday at 11:28 am an email entered into my inbox without my knowledge.  & there it sat.  i was trying to clean my basement.  {it has been a while.}  after straighten up my desk i sat down really quick to check my facebook.  interrupted by an intense scene on REVENGE (a guilty pleasure), i refocused & opened my computer.  in my inbox was a message from an ALBB family.  it simply asked if i had heard anything yet.  a quick response to “not yet”, then spurred me on to quickly check my email…

To finish, check out her blog here and find out more about their story and how you can pray for the Roughtons. It really is a beautiful blog. Joyfully Ruined.

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