A Very Good Date Movie

“Chick flicks” are like nails on a chalkboard to me. Not only because of the goofball characters, shallow dialogue and lack of substance, but because everyone assumes that the couple lives happily ever after just because the girl finally agrees to go on a date with the guy who’d been begging for the past 90 minutes. I think it can only be considered a true happy ending if the couple actually seals their vows under the alter at the end of the movie. I used to call that a complete love story.

And then I got married.

Now I know that wooing the beautiful girl was just the easy part – the prologue, if you will. But it’s marriage that really bears the weight of true “happily ever” love. And most of the time, it doesn’t hold it. I’m sure there are plenty of readers who are wanting out of their marriage, or are doubting the stability of their love for one another. Our pastor preached a wonderful sermon on marriage last Sunday at Ninth and O Church, and you can listen to it here, called, “When Marital Dreams Turn to Matrimonial Nightmares.”

I consider the movie Sweet Home Alabama one of the best love stories to come out of the recent Hollywood vault. (The biggest reason is because there’s no sexuality. Some dialogue and projected world views might be unsuitable for children.) I’m sure there are others out there that are better, but like I mentioned, I don’t go out hunting for these types of movies. I consider it one of the best because it’s a movie about a fight for a broken marriage hanging on the balance between a second chance and divorce. What’s wonderful about it, is that the featured couple really never work things out between themselves, but they still give their marriage another go – they don’t wait till everything’s “perfect.” There are a couple of silly scenes, but all in all, I recommend it for spouses who need a boost of marital inspiration.

We live in a society that proclaims, if you’re not happy, then you’re free to go. That is the biggest piece of garbage that this country has swallowed. You divorce your spouse to hunt for another escapade, repeat the honeymoon, get married, have a bunch of fights … then what? You will never be fully happy with the person (or people) you married, but you will find the most joy in looking back at a lifelong commitment, unbroken by temptations and strife from within and outside the marriage. (Check out the movie Up for the best picture of marriage I’ve ever seen outside of real life). There’s joy. There’s happiness. Looking at your partner of so many years knowing that nothing has torn you two apart, as wild as a roller coaster you’ve been on, even when all things seemed hopeless.

If you’re stuck in a rut in your marriage, or if you just want out, or if you can’t stand just one more fight, I challenge you to get on your knees this very moment and beg the Creator of marriage to give you just a little bit more strength, a little bit more wisdom. Women and sisters in Christ, ask for a gentle and quite spirit which can prove to be more seductive than lipstick and perfume. Men and brothers, ask for the desire for integrity and dignity to stick with your marriage, through thick and thin, spurring every outside lust and temptation, and focus your attention back on your wife.

Couples, listen to the sermon, send the kids to bed early and have a date night and watch Sweet Home Alabama, and enjoy this excerpt from my upcoming novel The Man in the BoxRobbie Lake has been wanting out of his marriage due to the mundane nature of family life. So he finds a secret world hidden in a cardboard box which he returns to over and over again, fighting monsters and being hailed as a god – the complete opposite of home life. And one day his dad, noticing his family suffering the consequences of his absence, confronts him:

“I know I didn’t teach you much even when your mom was alive. But I had always hoped that you’d learned at least a little something from us while you could. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my marriage and I’m sure you have too, but the important thing is that you still get through them all. I don’t care if your kids rebel and run out on you, I don’t care if you lose all your money and you end up on the street, just as long as you end up on the street together. I pulled a lot of crap with your mother, but I never walked out on her.”

“You were let off easy because she died.”

“No. I still think about her. I still miss her. I wish we had more time together. Her dying only proved that had I left her when I wanted, it would have been the biggest mistake of my life. But you and your issues that you’ve got with someone else or your work or whatever… you’ve got to deal with it if you’re at all serious about staying with Rosalynn to the end. The world’s out to tear you apart. Are you going to let it?”

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8 Responses to A Very Good Date Movie

  1. Couldn’t stand that movie. 🙂

  2. smbcpastor says:

    Simple truth with profound outcome. I love your blog. My heart as a man of God and a pastor is for the family. God ordained family first. We must focus our value on a solid marriage before becoming a good mother or father or co-worker.. That only begins with a love that is driven for a love for God. It must be an unconditional love. We have to endure to the end together. Thanks for the challenge and God bless.

  3. asterisk * photography says:

    Brilliant! Can’t wait to read the book and you’re spot-on about marriage. God bless. Kim*


  4. btg5885 says:

    Good post. Having been married for almost 27 years with all of my faults still amazes me. My wife has a good sense of humor and is my friend. I think all ministers counseling young people getting married need to say – things will not be perfect, in fact they will be more like a roller coaster of emotions. But, if you like each other and learn to laugh at what life throws at you, you can weather the ups and downs much better. Jesus was the only perfect being to walk the planet, so do not expect your spouse to be perfect.

  5. Kim says:

    Great posts–thank you! I look forward to following your journey and continuing to read your smart, well thought out and witty entries! Joyfully, Kim

  6. phillatimer says:

    I love that movie, great soundtrack! I didn’t actually notice the lack of sexuality used in the film, which makes it even better! What amuses me is the last two films about relationships just based on sex should really tell non-christians something “friends with benefits” or “No strings Attached” showed that both couples were better off being in a proper relationship, but I am guessing the wider world won’t accept that.

  7. plasticpatrick says:

    My wife loves this movie. I would rather have an endoscopy than sit through it again. How many times can you legitimately inject the song that the movie is named after into a movie? I don’t know but they beat it to death in this one. One time would have convinced me that they didn’t accidentally name the movie the same title as the song and fulfill my ten year quota for this song. Do they honestly play Sweet Home Alabama every ten minutes in Alabama?

    • I only remember it being played at the very end. But it’s very possible that they opened up with a softer version of it. I liked the endoscopy comment – that’s how I feel about 98% of the movies of the same genre.

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