What’s the Big Deal About Truth?

In an age of apathy, a book with this title might go unnoticed for several reasons. First, it’s claiming to know the truth – “as if there is such a thing.” And second, very few people even acknowledge that there’s a war going on at all. Even the best of us would rather live naively, feigning ignorance to the spiritual war happening all around us, even here on our beloved American soil. I think we sometimes forget that the spirits of the cosmos pay no heed to national borders or earned independence. You see, it is those of us who are free that might be in the most danger of being overcome by the evil forces that are out to keep souls captive. We take pride in, and hoard our liberties, and we even claim liberation from the war erupting around us. John

MacArthur’s book does a fine job reminding us of what’s at stake in this war, and why we must daily take up our cross and fight. When I pass up an opportunity to say a good word about Christ to a lost person, I have just needlessly laid down my arms. If I refuse to invite someone to church in order to uphold some image, then I have just raised my white flag in surrender to the enemy and have given that person over to be held a prisoner. And all the while, God and His army of angels stand behind me and watch. I have disobeyed orders to set the captives free.

So why is “truth” such a big deal? It’s not.

It’s the deal. It’s the only thing in the entire history of the world that matters. It surpasses the invention of electricity and the liberation from tyranny. Truth is much more important than the Beatles and debate over Obamacare. Truth is deeper than the darkest ocean and more unattainable than the furthest star – yet it is closer than the atoms that make up the skin on your fingers. Truth is more tragic than slavery, and more triumphant than prevailing justice. Nothing in the history of the world is more important than truth. And truth is heavily under attack.

So what is truth? In a word, it’s life. In a name, it’s Jesus.

Jesus Christ created life. He actually formed oxygen out of nothing and infused it into our lungs. But even if He did create us, that still doesn’t explain why He is so important today. Let the Creator be, and the creations do as they please, right? Well, as nice as that would be, that’s not what the Creator intended. He created us for fellowship with Him. But because of sin, many people are going to reject that fellowship until the day they die and they will never have another chance at it. This is what’s at stake. This is why truth is so important to fight for.

The world is filled with people – and I might be describing you – who say that there is no truth, and we can all do and believe anything we want.  Folks, as much as I would love for that to be true, that is a lie from the pit of Hell, and those who utter such claims and hold to those falsities to their death will be at home with those lies for he rest of eternity. Maintaining the truth of the Gospel of Christ is of utmost importance because people’s souls – your created, eternal soul – is at stake, balancing between life and death, Heaven and Hell. It doesn’t matter what team you root for at your next sporting event. It doesn’t matter if you win the argument with your spouse or how much is sitting in your savings account. In the grand scheme of things, it’s of little consequence who shot Kennedy or who will be elected this year as the U.S. president. The only thing that matters is what you choose to believe about Jesus Christ, the truth, and whether you will accept Him as the only Lord and Savior of the universe or not.

Many people struggle with MacArthur because he tends to be too forceful and in your face. I don’t necessarily mind that, especially concerning the topic matter at hand. The Truth War is a great book for believers and nonbelievers alike, because MacArthur paints a very clear and concise picture of what really is at stake here, and why this whole war of religions exploding around the world is of such massive importance.

In it, MacArthur tackles issues such as living in a postmodern society, being on guard against apostasy and why heresy must be banished. These are all things I would imagine a nonbeliever to wonder why they’re such a big deal. I can imagine it would be like a salesperson at a pet store shoving boxes of cat food in my face, trying to get me to buy it. I have no need for cat food and even if the price was knocked down 99%, I still wouldn’t buy it. But to those of you who feel that way about religion or Christianity, think of it this way: As much as I don’t need that cat food, what if what the guy was trying to sell it to me because he knew that if I bought it, I would be the millionth customer and would win a big cash prize? That changes things, doesn’t it? Suddenly the cat food doesn’t seem so useless anymore.

The Truth War is like that. It may not be something you think is important, but it is. Because the outcome of the real truth war is going to make all the difference in the world to you, one way or another.

Also recommended: The Faith by Charles Colson

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8 Responses to What’s the Big Deal About Truth?

  1. linneann says:

    I fear the church has to take a lot of responsibility for the non-believers’ unwillingness to take a closer look at who Jesus really was, at least in America. When people can tell us apart from others and desire to be around us as a result, then they might be able to believe we hold the truth. There’s a lot of work to be one.
    Very strong and courageous post.

  2. Oh it’s so easy to forget these principles, isn’t it? Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Noel Williams (prhayz) www.prhayz.com says:


  4. I don’t always agree with John MacArthur but I respect him greatly. He is a man firmly convicted in his beliefs when other’s might waffle. I particularly enjoyed his sermon podcasts called ‘Reasons to Forgive’ … his no non-sense way of preaching was great. Another that I like is Charles Stanley, and though they’re a bit different I like what one or the other of them said, “Some people are going to tell you that’s legalism. It’s not, it’s Biblical” … and I think the truth in love, coupled with the throne of Christ’s grace is the message we all need. As MacArthur challenges us “What on earth makes you so ashamed of the gospel?”

    Thanks for this post.

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  6. Morgan says:

    I completely agree with you. I’ve often thought about this life and compared it to what it actually means to live for Christ. It *is* a little radical to this slumbering world. I love how you said, “set the captives free”. That’s what I do. I don’t hear that phrase often. Thanks for sharing this! It’s so nice to hear someone confess the truth so confidently. I just had to say something, because I stand for the same thing in my heart!

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