Attention Writers, Bloggers and Artists

Greetings friends and fellow writers!

As treasurers of the written word we know that you are just itching for opportunities to write inspirational stories and share lessons with others from your own lives. Many of us want to extend our hand through the powerful voice of a pen (or computer) and touch those lives that are hurting, questioning, and seeking. Now is your opportunity to do so. Or maybe you paint, or write songs, or draw. We’d love to include you as well.

Kelly Thornberry, editor of, and I have partnered together to develop a website that will offer hope and encouragement to people from all walks of life – and those words will come from you! The launch date is TBD, but we want to be able to have ample material to post on our site when it’s up and ready to publish, and we need your help.

What are the perks for writing for our site? We will promote your blog, website and a short bio of you when we decide to publish your article.

If you are interested in contributing an article to our site, please write to with your name, your city and state, and choose a topic of interest (up to 3) from the list bellow to write about. Also, if you know of any fellow writers or people who are wanting to break into writing, please pass this message on to them so we can build a large portfolio of talented people like yourself. We would love to hear from them as well.

Please choose up to three from the follow list of topics we will cover on our website:


Adoption resources

Adoption stories

Why adopt?

Art that inspires

Art stories


Books that inspire





Stories for kids


Church resources





Pastoral resources






Fiction that inspires





Support missionaries

Missionary testimonies

Prayer requests from over seas


Movies for the family

Movies for kids

Movies for men


Inspiration for young parents

Advice from grown parents

All the stuff in between


Inspiration for seniors

What now?

Resources for seniors

What is Christianity?



Jesus Christ


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About adoptingjames
My lovely wife and I are foster parents, dog owners, and home owners. I am a blogger, book editor, and author. On my blog you'll read about adoption, book recommendations, inspirational thoughts, and a whole lotta Disney/Pixar lovin'! For updates on my upcoming books, join my author page on Facebook:

22 Responses to Attention Writers, Bloggers and Artists

  1. Paul Pilgrim says:

    I’d be up for it, if you’re willing to concede that Catholics are Christians. ;-)

  2. johnedoe says:

    do you have a specific target audience??? or,….a specific audience that you want to introduce yourselves to and through??? and do you know know yet how the writings will be posted??? will they be “sectioned”,…or will they be “intermingled?”

    please share more,….especially concerning specifics,…if you are able to do so at this point??? thanks much!

  3. johnedoe says:

    and to paul pilgrim,…i’d like to hear some of your writings! if you can,…link to me if you would, please……..

  4. boomiebol says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow

  5. johnedoe says:

    and, ya know,….i don’t think that anyone would be opposed to you sweetening the pot by offering add space as a type of prize in the kentucky christian magazine as well as website space??? of course,…that is, since “one” is to be a compliment to the “other?” jus sayin… horses just love dangled carrots!!! especially when we know that we get to “eat the carrot” as well………

  6. Jim Williams says:

    This sounds like a great idea … I’ll be thinking about this and following with interest!

  7. Paulina Czarnecki says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I am interested and have sent an email.

  8. From the written above I’m assuming this is for US citizens only? It’s a pity if so, I would have been interested in applying.

  9. linneann says:

    This is exciting! I will send something tomorrow. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I would love to be apart of this. Let me know what it would look like as an artist.

  11. jymiely says:

    this is interesting,will send some poems if time permits :)

  12. mgmcdaniel says:

    Just sent you an email! Thanks for following my blog today!

  13. alslaff says:

    Thank you for your recent follow on “Shift Key.” Most of my posts consist of a poem followed by commentary. The commentary is grounded in the Word of God digging into the issues of the poem and life in greater detail. Anything on Shift Key is at your service. Please let me know how I can assist you and your friend in this effort. (Served as a small unit tactics (cavalry) instructor at Ft. Knox many years ago… ah, not horses, tanks… so I qualify for Kentucky, right?)

  14. shalimamma says:

    Hi there… I would be honored to write to your blog. I have stories on many topics on my own blog You are welcome to use any of them as long as you mention where you got it or who wrote it! I am writing another post this morning as well… please let me know if there is anything specific you would like! You articles are wonderful and as soon as I get my act together I will add you to my blogroll and advertise for you ;) Would you like me to send a personal email? Your mission is very in line with some of my deepest sentiments…

    Many blessings,
    shalimamma at

  15. Amber says:

    Will be following this with interest. Thank you for following my blog!

  16. Scott says:

    I’m kind of curious about hiw many folks you got to submit samples to you for this. Dozens? More?

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