Charles Colson Taught Me How to Think and Write

By now you’ve heard the sad news of Charles Colson’s passing. It seems almost every Christmas since we’ve been married, Sarabeth has been consistent in getting me three things: some sort of Toy Story paraphernalia to put around my writing desk, a John Steinbeck novel, and a Charles Colson book. This week we are going to honor the life of Mr. Colson and look back at some of my favorite works by him. And let me just stress that this is not an inclusive list.

How Now Shall We Live

This was my first introduction to Mr. Colson, and is one of my favorite books by him. We had to read it for our Christian Worldview class at the Focus Leadership Institute several years back. It’s a thick book that walks through many current issues about how Christians should view (and respond to) the world. One of my closest friends was so influenced by it, he changed his political views. And it’s fun because it’s centered around a trip he took with his granddaughter where they visited Epoct at Disneyworld. Always a plus!

The Faith

What do Christians believe and why do we believe it? This is a good book for skeptics and new believers. It walks through the basics of the Christian faith, and how we should live it out in a world that is becoming more and more intolerant against it. Here is another recommendation for readers of the same groups, not by Mr. Colson.



God and Government

Colson’s discussion about our religious beliefs found in this book are solid and well argued. But I warn you – he makes it clear that even if you are not a part of the political sphere, you still have a duty – and right (for now) – to speak up on tough issues and defend what is honorable. Throughout the book is the reminder that our authority does not rest in the governing powers on Capital Hill alone, but in Christ, whom is our ultimate ruler. A great book if you’re into politics, religious rights and how the two can indeed coexist. This is an especially good time to read it in light of our current issues taking place in Washington.

Born Again

This book deserves special attention. You may read my thoughts on it here.

Additional resources: What is a Christian to think and to do? Charles Colson’s Break Point. A valuable website for believers living in a world of skeptics and cynicism.

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7 Responses to Charles Colson Taught Me How to Think and Write

  1. stewkebar says:

    Thanks for the post. Colson will be remembered as a man driven for God, country, and for standing for truth in Christ. He was very influencial to my return from the dead. I feel a void with his passing, but God will raise people such as yourself to fill the emptiness. Keep up the good work!


    Thanks for sharing your thought of Charles Colson. I have read his books also. Peace and blessings be with you.

  3. sherbertpunt says:

    Hey they, i read about him today excuse the ignorance i am very tempted to get Born again

  4. gadlage says:

    …a fitting tribute to a changed man!

  5. janet says:

    Watergate was the best thing that happened to Chuck Colson and thus, to us. He was a Christian among Christians and is certainly hearing the Lord say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” (Maybe these days, He just says, “Yeah” and high-fives; who knows? 🙂

  6. How Now Shall We Live was one of the most eye opening studies for me. I’m sad he was called home. Others must now pick up the torch! I wish I had the time to become a Centurion through Colson’s ministry. Maybe one day.

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