Happy Earth Day

As we celebrate Earth day this week, let us keep a few things in mind.

Let’s be thankful to the One who provided the earth for us to enjoy – do not thank the earth itself, for it is a creation just like us.

Let’s focus on cleaning up the real pollution in this world – sin.

Be it melting ice caps or a clogged ozone, the world will end in God’s timing, just as He conducts it. We can try all we want, but we can’t stop it.

As honorable as it is to save the whales and the trees, it’s even more honorable to save unborn children, and open our homes to those who are hungry and alone.

Care for and tend to the earth just as God commands. But don’t try to save it. One day the earth will see its last sunrise, then in the twinkling of an eye, it will awaken as a new creation. For on that day Christ will reveal the new Heaven and the new Earth, preserved for those who love Him. Celebrate Earth Day as you would Easter – in anticipation of the day when Christ returns, making all things new once and for all.

“In the wilderness, prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” Isaiah 40:3

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About Andrew Toy
I'm in the beginning stages of starting my own publishing company that's unlike anything you've ever heard of in the industry. The direction of AdoptingJames is taking a 90-degree turn and will be more writing/publishing-focused. Stay tuned for huge updates and exciting news!

9 Responses to Happy Earth Day

  1. Earth is a awesome place, but mostly we are not appreciate God who created the earth

  2. Amen, well said 🙂

  3. Jim Cantwell says:

    Shouldn’t every day be Earth day? We need to change the way we use what God has entrusted us with before it is too late.

  4. I so LOVED this…… Thank you for sharing…..

    It took me back mentally to one of my grad classes talking about Global Warming …pollution… going green and I was thinking to myself – all of this is GOD people! We have to re evaluate what we do here ON EARTH so we can make it into Heaven.

    • This is a wonderful thought. To take it a step further… we need to re-evaluate what we do in our hearts (salvation wise) so that the fruits of that will affect what we do here on earth and actually matter for eternity.

  5. --Rick says:

    Because Earth Day is intended to further the cause of environmentalism—and because environmentalism is an anti-human ideology—on April 22, those who care about human life should not celebrate Earth Day; they should celebrate Exploit-the-Earth Day.

    Exploiting the Earth—using the raw materials of nature for one’s life-serving purposes—is a basic requirement of human life. Either man takes the Earth’s raw materials—such as trees, petroleum, aluminum, and atoms—and transforms them into the requirements of his life, or he dies. If we weren’t meant to use them to our advantage then why were we given the intelligence to transform raw materials of all sorts into existential products?

  6. bwebbjr says:

    Loved the way you put Earth Day into a divine perspective …

  7. mgsong says:

    And the LORD God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground. Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.” Gen1:2-3] What more proof do we need?
    I do agree with your post, whole-heartedly. I believe God does, too.

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