Born Again… Now What?

I don’t give many books a perfect score, but this one sure comes close. What is there not to like in this autobiography by Nixon’s former hatchet man? Part history, part court-room thriller (yes, Grisham fans, you will love this), part Christian/inspiration – Colson’s Born Again has it all. Forget what you know about the infamous Watergate Scandal and read the first-hand account of what really went on. I have to admit, it was chilling reading a personalized account of President Nixon. Reading this book made me feel like I was sitting across the desk from the former President, a place frankly, I wouldn’t really care to be. The movie Frost/Nixon, one of my favorites, did a marvelous job recreating Nixon, by the way.

I could not, for hardly more than a minute, put this book down (just ask my wife). Whether you’re a born again Christian or not, I implore you to pick this up if you have an empty spot on your reading list (or replace it with one of your vampire books, for goodness sake!). There is nothing like witnessing history through the eyes of someone who not only lived it, but was an influential part of it. The thoughts, the decisions, the ego. And once he converts, you really get a sense of the struggle for sanctification that we all ought to be feeling every day. Colson is a man who took his conversion seriously, and is always focused on sanctification, and I’m not sure I can say that about myself.

Born Again has convicted me for the better. I didn’t have a major tear-jerking conversion when I was little. It’s always wonderful and miraculous when someone converts, no matter what age, but the downside to converting young like myself is that I didn’t have a very defined life to turn from. My list of sins went only as far as the cookie jar and the pride inside that I felt I deserved each one of those cookies for myself, with an occasional bad word thrown in. But Colson’s conversion fell on the heels of a life of pride, falsehoods, and a myriad of other sinful habits that he was able to deduce and logically recognize at the time of his conversion. On the flip side, the downside to converting at a mature age is the lifetime of sin that must be repented of, restorations made, and the Holy Spirit will not always (if ever), remove those thorns. Again, any conversion at anytime is an absolute miracle by the work of God, but we still have to deal with the ramifications of our sins and constantly be on guard from future sins as a dreadful result of the Fall.

I converted when I was young, but rarely have I established habits and mindsets to focus steadily on my sanctification. I’ve fallen into the trap and set up camp, thinking hey, I’m saved. Good to go! Colson rarely rested after his conversion. Like Paul in the Bible, he worked out his salvation and in his book, he testifies to the many ways God revealed Himself more and more to him through his sanctification. Born Again made me hungry for that kind of lifestyle. I say this to myself as well as to you: Are you daily working out your salvation, allowing – no, begging – the Holy Spirit to sanctify you, to make you more holy and more like Him?

If you’re not a believer, please don’t be turned off by the religious parts of this book. Though it consists of about half of it, I am certain you will be glued to it, regardless. If anything, read it for the fascinating testimony of what really happened with Watergate.

This is already shaping up to be a fun blogging week for me. Today I got to ramble on about one of my favorite books, and tomorrow I get to share my thoughts about one of my all time favorite movies, and how it’s such a wonderful picture of parenthood the way God intended – and the way God does it.

You can order his book on the right side of this page.

Also visit BreakPoint for updates on Mr. Colson’s recovery from his surgery a couple weeks ago and keep him and his family in your prayers.

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6 Responses to Born Again… Now What?

  1. wordsfromww says:

    Awesome book! It still sits prominently on my book shelf a “few decades” since I initially read it. I’ve referred to it in a number of sermons over the years.

  2. terry1954 says:

    i lived in germany as a military wife during the mess with nixon. every day i listened to the american station to each event that was happening, and formed my own opinions from this. i am thinking of buying this book, and let my mind open up to see other possibilites. thanks for sharing

  3. stewkebar says:

    I read the book years ago, Colson has a daily blog I receive called “breakpoint,” along with many books he has written since, he is used to call Christians to what they believe, why they believe, and why it is important. His book “The Faith” is very educational. Thanks for the post, and pray for Chuck Colson, he had emergency heart surgery recently. Blessings!

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