Where Did All My Bloggers Go?


The marketing leader for Endever Publishing Studios, Jaime Dill, wrote an exceptionally great article about generating, fostering, and retaining blog growth. This is the first in a series of posts she plans on writing, so if you want some blogging tips, I’d highly recommend jumping over to Endever’s blog to check it out. Her tips are valuable and timely, especially if you’re serious about becoming a successful blogger. Enjoy!

Scoring the Last 10 Years of Disney Magic (and tricks)

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This is an interesting article. It runs through the last decade (literally since 2007) of Disney’s theatrical releases – and scores them by everyone’s favorite movie gauge: Rotten Tomatoes!

As flawless as Disney movies seem to be now, you’ll be surprised to see that it wasn’t that long ago that the Walt Disney Studios was still trying to regain its footing in the world of Hollywood favorites in the midst and wake of Michael Eisner’s long overdue ousting.

Oh, and the article was written by yours truly. Seriously, it took me a long time, so jump over and take a gander: Electric Beach Entertainment


The Leia Theory!!!!

Fan theories are the rage lately, and while a lot of them hold up, most don’t. Well, I actually think this one has quite a bit of meat to it. I’m proud to call the mastermind behind this genius Star Wars theory my friend. 


Star Wars fans everywhere are speculating whether its latest episode, The Last Jedi, will live up to the shock-factor of its predecessor, The Empire Strikes Back.  This debate took the main stage when the Japanese Star Wars poster surfaced, claiming that episode VIII will reveal the most shocking truth ever in Star Wars history!  What truth will be revealed and how will its shock level surpass the I am your father moment that changed the history of film forever?  We have a theory that seems so plausible that it should require a spoiler alert.  Readers: consider yourselves warned!

To set up the theory, first ask yourselves Truly why did Luke seclude himself on the island planet?  Is it hard to believe that there is more than guilt over Kylo Ren going to the dark side, after Luke trained him in the Jedi ways?


Want Some Free Chapters?


Did you know my publishing company has a Facebook page? Bet you didn’t because I looked, and I’ve failed to post it on my blog. So! Time to jump over to Facebook and like Endever Publishing Studios.

By the way, we’re offering the first chapters of each of our books for you to read for free. Enjoy and you’re welcome!

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Best Resume Ever? You Decide.

I’m for sale!

When you’re not satisfied with where you’re at, you’ve got to go out and do the unthinkable, the weird, the outrageous.

The whole concept of job searching is as screwed up as healthcare, but instead of bemoan the issues I decided to offer a sample of how it could be different.

My biggest question is, why aren’t companies accepting video resumes now, with the abundance of technology? Why is that not the standard? A lot of time would be saved for both parties, I’m certain.

Well, I created a video resume of my own, so if you know anyone cool and groovy who’s hiring, let me know! (Just scroll down a tad bit more and enjoy.)


Foster Care Reform


I know it’s been a while since I’ve spoken about foster care or adoption on this blog. There are some sensitive issues Sarabeth and I are battling with the system, and we’re longing for change.

I know I bemoan politicians and warn us against putting our hope and faith in them, but I’m proud to say that I stand behind our state of Kentucky’s governor Matt Bevin (@MattBevin). Even if you’re not in Kentucky, I have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot from him in the coming years.

He and his wife attempted to adopt years ago, and after going through the tedious and long process of classes and paperwork and on and on and on, they were eventually denied a placement because they had too many kids already (five). So the 8,000 kids in foster care did not drop down to 7,999 that day.

Governor Bevin, in a recent interview, has not only vowed to reform foster care in the state of Kentucky, but to set the model for the rest of the country to follow. I can honestly say that his views and options are my own.

Everything from the system needs a complete makeover. From race being no issue, money being spent in the wrong places, the slow and torture of leaving kids in limbo in the system, to the damaging effects reunification can cause.

The system is broken, and because of that, we have a lot of people who want to foster-to-adopt but are afraid to try. I don’t blame them. But the problem that causes is that more kids end up growing up without a safe childhood with a good family, and I blame the court, I blame the government, and ultimately, I blame us.

We see these problems such as the broken foster care system, the insurance industry robbing us blind, animal abuse, and on and on, but WE THE PEOPLE just leave it to the government to fix.

Even Bevin says that’s a bad idea and nothing will get fixed this way.

We consider our heavy lifting going to the polls every 2-4 years and punching a hole in a ballot.

Yay. We contributed.

And most of the time we don’t even know who or what we’re voting for. We just vote according to our affiliated party, which is like getting bad pizza at a place closer to home rather than driving the extra ten minutes for better pizza.

I’d take the long drive and the good pizza any day.

What are you passionate about? What would you like to see change? And finally, what are you doing about it?

Here’s the interview. I loved every minute of it. #FosterCareReform

And if Matt Bevin ever wanted me to come work for him, I’d do it in a heartbeat.


What “Friends” Would Survive “The Walking Dead?”


We had so much fund deciding who from The Office would survive The Walking Dead that we decided to give it another go.

The beloved characters from our favorite 90’s show grew up in the same world we occupy. It was safe, a little spunky, and somewhat predictable. No one gave death a second thought, and certainly no one had to plan an evacuation route in case of some sort of apocalypse, namely a zombie apocalypse. But, in the case of Friends, how would the characters reacted to the threat of a zombie invasion such as in The Walking Dead? Read on to find out.

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